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Suspect Motives 2391 Late September

Posted on Fri Jun 24th, 2016 @ 11:17am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Shattered
Location: Snow Queens ship - Unknown
Timeline: 2391 Late September

Suspect Motives 2391 Late September

Frost stood behind her desk, a thin cigarette holder between two fingers, with a short cigarette tucked in to the end. Her blond hair was in a short wavy blonde bob, and her cold grey eyes matched the color of her dress. The doors opened and the next interview walked in. “Sit down.” she ordered coldly without even looking up at the man, her eyes locked on to the computer screen in front of her.

“Name.” she demanded to verify who was visiting her now. She finally leaned back in her high back chair and brought her eyes up to look at the man. She’d interviewed six already, someone had to know how her little toy had gotten ahold of the cup, which Mercia then filed down and used to try and kill herself. Someone was going to end up dying over this mistake, she just needed to figure out who.

“Acheron,” he said flatly. The red eyed man sat down in the chair as instructed and stared at the woman. He was pretty certain he knew what this was about, but he also knew how schizophrenic the Queen’s were and this could literally just be a shake up. Still, with what was going on and what he was doing, he was really internally on edge and hoping it was nothing.

Frost let her eyes rove over the man, and landed on his strange eyes. “Acheron.” She repeated. “You have been reported as volunteering for guard and care duties in the prisoner wing.” She said. “I am interested in your interactions with the prisoner in cell D.”

“Basic duties your highness,” he stated, staring ahead at the woman. “Taking food, water, duty watches. All the basic needs for the prisoner. The hired muscle on this ship complains that things like this are beneath them and have, on several occasions, slipped up and either fallen asleep on their watches or have let her sleep during the hours you want her awake for the deprivation.” Acheron scowled a little. “I can’t stand incompetence and people complaining all the damn time. We’re all getting paid and food. Better than others.”

“Certainly better than others.” She grunted. “And how is it that the prisoner managed to get a hold of a cup and hang on to it long enough to try and kill herself?” Frost asked getting the easy questions out of the way first.

“Incompetence,” he said matter of factly. “Some of these men are too lackadaisical and don’t seem to care what goes in and doesn’t. To be fair, I doubt any of them would figure you could even do that with a cup. Then again, most of the men here have never been tortured or taken hostage.”

Frost let out a laugh, “Tortured and taken hostage? No one is being held hostage, why would you think the prisoner is being held hostage? I am torturing her, but that’s all part of the fun.” Frost smirked. She eyed the man, not trusting him in the least, especially with that comment.

“I didn’t say she was being held hostage. But I have been,” he said with a very slight scowl. In his own mind he knew she didn’t like that comment, but he didn’t care. “Most of your other hired muscle don’t know what it’s like to be in that situation, and on both sides of it. If you’ve never been tortured you don’t know what lengths you will go to to end it if you’ve been broken. So they don’t care.”

Frost narrowed her eyes at him, “And you do. So tell me why it is you seem to pop up on the rotation very rarely?” she demanded. “Seems to be about every two months you pop up on the assignment list, and demand to have time alone with the prisoner.” she said dropping a data padd on the desk. She put her cigarette stick down and stood up, slowly walking behind the desk, “See I think it's not my teams laziness, because they have other prisoners they tend to, without such errors. You’re the anomaly.”

Acheron shook his head for a moment, staring straight at the woman. His confidence never wavered. “And you’re grasping at straws trying to find someone to kill over this disaster. Check the books. I’ve done other watches as well. And ask the people I’ve taken watches for. They either wanted, or need, a few hours of a break or they were sick and I was a last resort. You’re very right, we have other prisoners on board, and limited staff. The men are running around on stims to keep themselves going because they’d rather do that then request to not have on watch.” He shifted in his chair. Even if she did believe him, she was certainly not going to be happy about his comments. “And I pop up so rarely because you use me as a gun. I’m a sniper and a killer. That’s what I do best. But even I can stand watches to make sure that the men have some rest.”

Frost glared at the man, “And you are so humble because you are willing to do the grunt work, like bringing water to the prisoner?” she scoffed. “You’re up to something Acheron.” she pointed at him. “The other guards have pointed you out.” she told him. “And I dont believe for a second you are some kind hearted man, friendly to the men, and so willing to give them a break so they dont use up their stim stash.” she laughed. “Oh come on Red eyes, a killer you are… kind hearted, no.” she said.

“I’m here like everyone else. I have no where else to go with my set of skills, and I need food and money too,” he commented. “But please don’t for a moment think that you know how kind hearted I am or am not. You may not have to be standing watches because you run this thing, but it sucks on this end. So yes, I can and will take watches to help them get some rest because no one else will.” Acheron crossed his arms. “And the reason the other men point me out is because I’m quick to help and quick to call them on their shit. I don’t put up with it. Not from anyone. In a place like this, we can’t have people falling asleep on their watches when we have high value prisoners here. Wouldn’t you agree, Ma’am?” He added a bit of a flair with the last word.

Frost pursed her lips for a moment. “No, that can not happen, clearly, consider the most important prisoner I have right now nearly killed herself.” she said. “I will be personally watching a sweep of her cell once a week, I will be signing on on any guard rotations, so if you want to be kind hearted help your fellow men out that has to go through me.” she said tightly. “I do not expect to see your name cross that list again, without my express permission. Is that clear?” she demanded suspiciously. She disliked he was so reasonable, and she had no proof, but he still made her put her guard up. Something was wrong, and it wasn’t just his eyes.

Acheron nodded, staring ahead. He hated her. He hated her sisters. He hated this entire fucking place, but at the start, it was to get the information he needed. Acheron only found partly what that information was and has been looking for a way out. Problem is, the Snow Queen’s are a paranoid group of women, and it’s hard to steal a ship past them. But hopefully, what he was playing at, would eventually pay off. “Understood your Highness,” he stated.

“Good,” she paused and a curiosity came over her. Maybe she could get a reaction out of him. “In three days i'll be bringing that Prisoner back to interrogation, you will be assigned the internal guard station.” She instructed. “You can handle that right? Give the normal guy a break from helping me with my work?” She added with sarcasm.

Acheron shrugged, no emotion showing on his face. Internally, he hated it, but he also knew that if he didn’t stay stoic, and let this all happen, his head would be on a pike. “Fine with me. Maybe I’ll learn some new interrogation techniques from you. I’ve been a little rusty lately. Plus,” he added as a matter of fact. “I’m better at the brute force aspect than the psychological aspect.”

Frost nodded, “I’m observing the level of remembering she can take. She endured training as a black widow, which I find very fascinating, her memories of the training rival the torture I’ve put some of my subjects through.” she commented with pride. “I’ve enjoyed pulling them out of her and seeing her reaction to reliving them. I’ve been able to see how she was indifferent at first, but the more I made her see them again, the more she became emotionally connected, especially when I was able to narrow down what nerve clusters felt different things during those experiences… every time she was struck or touched, I’ve figured out what nerve clusters to activate and to what intensity....” Frost said wistfully. “Fascinating, just fascinating…” she shook her head in awe. “Any way, you should be prepared, because you will see her memories as you stand guard. I will be interested to see what you think.” Frost said, she offered a sickening smile, “I like to show off a little.”

Acheron nodded with a slight grin of his own. “I don’t mind a little show off your Highness. And besides, I’d like to see how you do things.” He paused for a moment and thought then tilted his head. “How are you getting her to relive her memories? Is it along the same lines as the Shark guy?” he asked curiously.

“Shark was the recipient of Memories, they were not his own. This woman is the source. What I do is ask questions to trigger memories, sometimes I need to put her into a more lucid state, and there are several ways to do that ” Frost said, “Sometimes I have to resort to drugs, but I prefer to use a program of lights which relaxes the mind and puts her in a temporary dream like state. I can then question her and the memories start to replay in her mind. They are then reconstructed and transferred to the holographic program and displayed for me. The more we question her, the more clear, and more full the program can reconstruct her memories. Once we have one fairly well captured I then expand upon it, using neural nodes attached to her spinal system to make her feel like she actually there, and playing the scene in front of her. It is a lot of trial and error, but it has been a fascinating experience.” she paused, “Shark was a good test subject, but he managed to get out of the program too fast. It’s a shame really, Ice had more plans for him, and I’d planned on doing more experiments on him when we recovered him. Still we received a lot of data that helped me improve the process.” she gloated.



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