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Kill or Confess part 2 - October 2391

Posted on Tue Jun 14th, 2016 @ 7:20am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Shattered
Location: USS Gladiator
Timeline: October 2391

"What do you know?" she finally asked with a trembling voice.

"You aren't Marcia and you aren't a changling. You have no temporal radiation or whatever coming from you and you aren't a clone. So its one hell of a medical accomplishment in getting you and her replaced. All I know is... you aren't our Kavi. So everything leads to you being part of C.O.I.L. in some way fashion or form," the commodore answered as he looked at her calmly as he finally pulled another chair and sat in front of her still holding the pistol in hand but wasn't at her. It didn't matter, but he gripped the pistol cautiously.

She stared at him as she drew in a deep breath and nodded tightly. "I'm Tali Tramar..." she said softly, her fear and anxiety rising by the moment. She was betraying her mission.

"Mercia's master," he replayed slightly surprised to have heard that name. It had been a while since he had heard it.

"Yes... I'm his daughter... well... adopted. Mercia and I are twins... Molly, Mercia's mother was bought because she was pregnant with twins... my father wanted to give my mother, Anica, a choice which of us to adopt." She lifted her chin, "I was the stronger one." she said. Her eyes then turned haunted as she looked down. "Dusali, raised me after he killed my good for nothing father. He works with COIL. And suddenly I had a purpose again..."

"I see," David started off as he leaned back just slightly as he watched her body language as she sat there. "And does Mercia know of you?"

Tali shook her head, "I don't think she ever knew I existed. I didn't know of her until Dusali got me hired with COIL. He was trading weapons with this man called Smoke..." she said wrinkling her nose, not enjoying the disjointed memory of seeing him. Her memories had become jumbled now. Mixed so heavily with Mercia's she hardly was able to keep her own sorted from her sisters.

"So why the change of heart?" He asked as he tried to get some more information from her. He had dug into all he could, but Tali was the most kept secret. He even had Hayter investigate possible infiltrators before his reassignment.

Tali picked her words carefully as she finally looked up at him, "You're not the same kind of monster the Snow Queens taught me to believe you were." she said. "And my orders now are to kill you... so that Mercia is accused, and charged, and discredited. And you... would be dead." she said. "It is my end game. I kill you and die, I try to kill you and die... or I don't, and the Snow Queens kill me." Tali licked her lips, she wanted to tell him every thing but if he knew every thing, he might shook her any way. She'd caused losses, she'd caused failed missions, she had caused lives to be lost in her mission to Serve COIL.

There was a brief silence between the two as he scanned her noticing that there was more. Always more... But to be honest, he wasn't about to throw away the only link to getting back the real Marcia. But deep down, he telt that with her being here on board, it may have lead to some horrible choices. But now wasn't the time for revenge. "Well, thanks for not ... TRYING ... to kill me."

"You didn't give me much of a choice now did you?" She said glancing at the gun. "I may have made a different choice other wise. I don't know." She said. "Do.... Do you know how long I've been here? How did you figure it out?"

"Since we dropped off the Kelstar at DS7. Your responses were... off," he stated as he looked at his gun before he looked up at her. "And if you were as good as Mercia, a gun to your head wouldn't have stopped ya."

Her shoulders slumped slightly. That stung, even though he was right. "Why did not stop me before?" She asked him. "That was seven months ago! You knew I wasn't her and yet you allowed me to be me... I mean her?" Tali frowned at her misstep remembering herself was getting so much harder, everything was getting jumbled up

"Because I was hoping I was wrong. I never had solid evidence. It was all just bits and pieces. Until the Tayla and Hayter brought me information about four months ago that proved you to be a replacement," he explained as he rubbed his neck. "From then on out, you have been under constant surveillance. It was better to watch you and your motives under a controlled environment versus capture and torture you. I did notice the well skilled programing get in place to give you access as needed and the medical document of the other broken bones you had versus Mercia. I'm assuming C.O.I.L. and their people gave ya the program?"

"I am rather educated on my own." Tali snipped at him. She didn't like the fact she was just a pawn and had been discovered four months ago. "Hacking her medical files to ensure they matched mine in case of a full bio scan was something I did, I didn't need COIL for that. I am not useless I'm smarter than Mercia ever was." She bit out. "She might fight herself to death, but I use my mind and her memories, I've had almost everyone tricked!"

A whistle came from his lips as he faunted the gun still being trained on her for a way to tell her to calm down. "Temper temper. I assumed. I apologize. Seems like I figured your trigger. Tired of being a tool for them huh?"

"Damn right I am" she said her eyes widened at his shifting of his gun. "I was excited to work with them at first. Spying against evil, experimental technology, stealing the memories of the sister my father actually loved... Now I'm sentenced to death, who I am is already gone. I am more Mercia now than ever. And they will kill me when I don't kill you." She confessed.



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