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Lack of fire part 3 -- March 2393

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 @ 8:43am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Wed Jun 15th, 2016 @ 1:49pm

Mission: Shattered
Location: Mercia's house MIA Island
Timeline: March 2393

Mercia blinked at him, as her face reddened a bit. "Yeah well you haven't had use for me since I was kidnapped and tortured for ten months." she snapped. "If you're not even going to listen to me, I don't even know why I am talking." she growled. "I just finished saying I've been thinking about asking for a reassignment back on a ship." That stung. She already had been dealing with the fact every one who claimed to be family to her had run away when she was trying to recover from her capture. She eyed him a brief curiosity running through her mind if he was just trying to get a rise out of her.

"There is that flame... but you got to want to be back in the XO along with your additional duties as director of the Academy," he countered as he raised his glass just slightly.

She bit out an unkind swear, he had been just trying to get a ride out of her. Why couldn't he have just tried to make her laugh instead? It would have been more of a challenge. "How am I going to direct Mia and be your xo at the same time? I'm not some super hero." She eyed him and leaned forward, grabbing the bottle and refilling her glass.

"I'm no hero as well? But I supervise other ships and stations while commanding the starship. Hell all you have to do is manage things from time to time between XO positions. But like I said, I'm not here to offer you a job. Plus, you have a chance to be promoted in the position you are in, what makes you think I would want to take that from you?" He asked as he simply looked at her.

Mercia eyed him, "You have already told me you filled the position, and that I am of no use to you, so why should I answer that question?" She said. "You don't want me as your xo, but don't give me some speech about it being good for my career. You should know that what is good for ones self is not always what is good for ones career. I don't give a shit about being promoted." She muttered. "I want to be effective and... Not bored, and I Damn well as to stand up to COIL and help destroy them. After what they did to me they deserve to die slow painful deaths." She added, "sometime I wish I'd found a way to run off with Khelev, at least he's been effective against them, he's made more progress is destroying them than Starfleet" Mercia said with a little more passion. "So who did you decide is a better XO then me?" She demanded.

He leaned forward and sat the empty glass on the table. He sighed as he stood up. As he did, Henry looked over and panted as he stood up and moved over to his side. "Well thanks for insulting my capability to keep ch'Koro covered while Starfleet wanted to hunt his ass for his attacks. Hell we all were covering his actions while he was out there doing what we legally couldn't. But if you want to go with him, go for it..." He shook his head as he started for the door but stopped as he took in a deep breath. "... We hunted them down, we got you back and we lost about half the crew of Gladiator and her crew during that battle and other ships and people."

David looked over his shoulder and smirked. "And no one was better for your position. But I won't take you if you can't admit you want to be our side, and want to be better yourself as well as teach those from your own time. You are doing noone any good soaking here. You have a little kid to care for as well, and your sister. I understand that. Just don't think you faking things is going to make yourself happy. Stop holding onto the past. It’s not what the universe throws at you that you are , but it’s what you do with what the universe throws at you to which is who you are. I'll leave you with that."

Mercia scowled and let him leave, she finished off her drink and set the glass aside before she rubbed her hands over her face. She hated how David could do that to her, he was the first CO to ever see behind her masks and she had no idea how he did that. It was annoying as hell. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back feeling like she was torn again. She knew what she wanted, but how to balance her life and what she wanted to do with herself.

She wasn't sure how long it was before another car pulled up, this time the people in it let themselves in. Lyla and Darrin Mesi with nine month old Molli in Lylas arms.

Mercia opened her eyes as their cheery voices filled her living room, her eyes landed on Molli and she swallowed hard and reached for her.

Lyla lowered the baby in to Mercies arms then glanced at the table, "have company?" She asked a bit worried, while Darrin returned Mollis bag to her room.

Mercia stood Molli up on her legs and made faces at her, glad the dark eyed chubby cheeked, curly haired baby started to giggle and push with her legs. She'd be standing soon. "David stopped by."

"David as in David Hawkins?" She asked moving around the table and picking up the alcohol and glasses setting them.on a higher surface out of Mollis reach.

"The one the only." Mercia said between faces.



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