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Good Surprises...

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Quarters
Timeline: March 2393


Lauren tiptoed into M’Gann’s room, a smirk on her face, before taking a leap onto the bed and tackling her in a hug. “Surprise!” she squealed, giggling.

M’Gann jumped when something pushed her over, and laughed with Lauren. “Hey, what’s the occasion?” she asked, making room for her to sit.

“What? I can’t surprise the woman I love?” Lauren mockingly pouted, pecking her cheek. When the brunette pulled back, she saw how exhausted and worn out M’Gann looked. “M’Gann…” she began, her eyes concerned. “Have you been getting enough sleep? Or eating for that matter? You’re so...” she paused to find the right words, “... thin, and pale.”

M’Gann noticed Lauren’s concern and looked down. “It’s these tests that they’re running. Sometimes I can’t sleep, and whatever they give me makes me nauseous when I try to eat.”

“Well, why didn’t you say something??” Lauren let her inner nurse show and gently touched the blonde’s cheek. “What they’re doing is not good for you, M’Gann. I can get you something to counter their drugs. You’re clearly dehydrated, and to be honest, you look old.” she said the last bit as an attempt to lighten the mood, but knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. The brunette was aware of the tests that the Order was running on M’Gann, and tried her best to help her through it. She remembered countless nights of caring for her, holding her hair back or wiping sweat from her forehead when she got sick.

“That’s what I want to talk to you about,” M’Gann replied, touching the hand on her cheek. She could feel the exhaustion, but when she slept the memories of the last year came rushing back to her in a tidal wave, sometimes leaving her awake in a cold sweat. “I want you to come with me. If I leave, I’m afraid they’ll come after you and try to find out more about me. If you’re with me, then you’ll be safe.”

Lauren considered the blonde’s words. “What if they do the same thing to me? The tests and the experiments? I would become the outsider in your universe.”

M’Gann shook her head. “I would make sure that didn’t happen. I have friends there, my crew, they can keep you safe. We don’t even have to mention that you’re from here, so they don’t get the urge to pry.” If the blonde had any doubt, she hid it well. She didn’t even know if her crew still thought about her. Maybe they thought she had died, and moved on. She held Lauren’s head in her hands, cupping her cheeks. “Please, Lauren, will you come with me? I don’t want to leave you, but I can’t stay here. Not like this.”

“Then let’s run away,” Lauren countered. “Go find a planet where the Federation Order will never find us, where we can live peacefully.” The look that Lauren got in response made her stomach twist into a knot. She could tell that M’Gann missed her home, her real home. This project meant a lot to her. In addition, they would probably live in fear of being caught, something that wouldn’t happen if she went with her. The two were silent for a moment before Lauren replied, “alright, I’ll go with you. I want to stay with you too, and I think you’re right that the Order may come after me when you’re gone. I checked the progress of the prototype, and it should be ready to test tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to test it. I want to go home,” M’Gann stated flatly, her hands falling into her lap. Normally she wouldn’t say such a thing, as she hated doing things without testing them first, but she was tired of everything. “I know it’ll work, I ran countless simulations and double checked everything. I’ve had enough of this. I want to try it tomorrow night.”

“I think you know what I’m going to say,” Lauren replied. “Simulations don’t necessarily mean that it will work in real life. Murphey’s law, remember?” She then grasped M’Gann’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “But I know how important this is to you, so I’ll back you up in any way I can. Just tell me what we need to do and we’ll get it done.”

“Thank you,” the blonde said, giving a small smile. She then mused before adding, “ok, here’s what we’ll do…”



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