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... And Bad Ones

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Quarters
Timeline: March 2393


Shortly after Lauren left to execute her part of the escape plan, M’Gann let herself flop backwards onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. Even though it had been two years ago, she still remembered the explosion like it was yesterday. Her mind’s eye had created an image in her head of what she thought the explosion looked like (something she was glad to not see at the time) but the sounds echoed in her head like it just happened.

She was in the saucer section when it happened, and it was the lack of air that lasted for a fraction of a second that gave it away. The big hint was the feeling of being pushed forward and a lot of heat that probably singed her skin. It definitely burned her hair, which is why it was now as short as it was. But even though she was caught in the explosion, she didn't imagine death to feel like that. She imagined it to feel quick, but instead all she felt was pain from her burns.

During the explosion there was also a strange whispery sound, and when it went quiet again M’Gann found herself lying on a carpeted floor, Miko pushing at her with his nose. For a moment, she thought she was dead. No sound, no anything. Reaching up, she put two fingers on her neck and to her surprise felt a steady pulse. It was confusing for her. She was caught in the explosion but she didn’t die. Was she the only survivor? Somehow she was able to defy the odds, and the thought of someone transporting her out made her start to worry. In any case, she was lost, with no idea where she was or how she got there.

And then she heard the shriek.

The blonde remembered scrambling to her feet as she felt Miko stand in front of her to protect her. A moment later she heard a yelp, and barely asked what happened when she felt herself get knocked back into the wall.

When she had awoken in sickbay, the thing that made her gasp was the bright ceiling lights shining down on her. She could see again. The new sensation, mixed with her confusion and slight fear, made her stomach churn, and she leaned over the bed and hurled up her breakfast.

“Hey, it's alright. Deep breaths,” a voice behind the blonde consoled. The nurse put a comforting hand on her patient’s back as she made a mess on the floor, slightly cringing but waiting patiently.

M’Gann complied, taking deep breaths through her nose and out her mouth as she focused on keeping down the rest of her last meal before turning back onto the biobed with a mix between a gasp and a sigh. When she looked up, she saw the brunette, her shape silhouetted by the lights and giving her an almost angelic glow. “What happened… am I dead…?” she asked.

“We were hoping you could fill us in about what happened to you, miss,” Lauren replied, opening a tricorder. She began to check the blonde’s vitals as she continued, “as for your other question, you have a strong pulse, so not dead.”

“The ‘splosion…” the blonde started to get up, only to lay back down when a wave of dizziness hit her.

“Whoa there,” the woman replied, helping the newcomer back down. “Don’t get up too quickly. You were in a bit of shock when I found you.” Despite the patching up, the woman still looked like she went to hell and back, with her singed hair and dark smudges on her skin.

M’Gann found the hands on her shoulders to be comforting, and took a moment to make sure she wasn't going to either throw up or pass out. When she was sure that she wasn’t going to, she asked, “where am I?”

“Sickbay. You are safe,” Lauren answered, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, “from whatever did this. Now, you need to rest. Your body went through a lot.” She noticed the woman starting to protest and replied, “Please try to relax, or I will either sedate you or get the doctor, and I don’t want to do either.”

M’Gann only opened her mouth to protest, but then shut it and gave it a thought before nodding. At this point she was clearly at a disadvantage and needed her strength, and if she was given the opportunity to rest she should take it.

The blonde was snapped out of her thoughts when her wristband chirped, calling her for testing. They had given her a small white band that the medical team could use to summon her. The excuse was that it was less invasive. She would’ve been fine with it if the mechanism wasn't set to deliver a shock every time she tried to remove it.

As she exited her quarters and headed for the labs, she noticed that these sessions were getting closer and closer together. Instead of every three days it was now every six hours. It seemed like the delays on the prototype and the increased amount of testing were connected somehow, and M’Gann ground her teeth as she entered the lab. If this continued she might never be able to leave.

“Ah, M’Gann!” the lead researcher, Arvix, chirped when he saw the blonde enter.

“That’s Lieutenant Commander Sverch'tel to you,” she grumbled, moving to the table in the middle. The first time she saw the leather straps attached to it she panicked and tried to leave, but they wouldn't let her. She quickly found out that compliance was the best way to get this over with, so she grabbed the paper thin white shirt and shorts and with a sigh changed into them.

Arvix grinned when he watched her go through the motions. It took some conditioning, but they were able to convince her that compliance was the best way to go. “Of course, Lieutenant Commander,” he replied. This pattern had been consistent for the past several months, but as long as he got what he needed then it didn’t bother him. He watched the blonde sit onto the table before lying down, and with a wave of the hand two researchers moved to either side and began strapping her in. “Today is going to be quite interesting,” he admitted.

M’Gann turned her head and glared at the man in the white coat as the two others strapped her in. “what do you mean by interesting?” she demanded.

“Today we are testing your pain tolerance levels with a new device that the Order created, and depending on how much information we gather we may have to extend our normal 90 minute session,” the man replied.

M’Gann’s eyes widened before she tried to get up. It was too late, she was already strapped in and wasn’t going anywhere. She was at the mercy of the researchers. Knowing she'd have to endure it, she put her head back on the brick of a pillow at the top of the table and closed her eyes. She prayed for strength and patience as she felt her shirt rise and something adhesive stick to her chest. A moment later, she clenched her fists as the first of many tests ran, her face scrunched as she tried to not cry out.

When they were finished several hours later, two researchers brought her back to her quarters and set her on the bed to rest before turning out the lights and leaving. M’Gann didn't protest, and she was out before her head hit the pillow. After having to stay awake for the testing, she was too exhausted to complain or even fight back when the researchers changed her clothes and carried her out. But now that she was safe in the confines of her own quarters she let herself succumb to the long needed sleep.



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