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Love That's Strong...

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Quarters
Timeline: Late March 2393, 23:46h


As glad as she was to see M’Gann getting some type of rest, Lauren knew she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She also knew it was likely another test induced by another one of those ridiculous sessions that made her so tired. Earlier, she had managed to sneak into the medical base and “borrow Miko for testing,” and now the pup was in her arms, too tired to move. When he saw his owner, Miko perked his head up a little before giving a whine. “M’Gann, wake up,” the brunette cooed, gently shaking her shoulder with a free hand.

M’Gann groggily opened her eyes, blinking several times before turning over to see Lauren and the bundle in her arms before hastily sitting upright. “Lauren… Miko!” She felt a weak feeling of joy from him, but mostly felt pain, and she took him in her arms to hold him close. "I know it hurts, buddy. But we're getting out of here, I'll promise you that."

Lauren let M’Gann hold Miko for a bit before saying in a hushed tone, “It’s nighttime, so if we want to try and make a run for it, it has to be now.” She helped M’Gann get changed into more travel friendly clothes before wrapping Miko in a blanket and picking him up before heading for the door. Poking her head out, she looked around before signalling to M'Gann that it was clear, who took a look herself just to be sure before the two walked down the corridor with haste. As they got to the end of the hall M’Gann paused in her tracks, her expression a clear sign of pain as she put a hand on her stomach. “M'Gann, let me help you-”

“I’m fine,” M’Gann lied through her teeth, wincing as she tried to breathe through it. She took a moment to ride out the wave of pain before nodding to Lauren. “I can manage this. Let’s keep going.”

Fifteen minutes later they arrived in the shuttlebay, where the prototype was taking up residence. The device the blonde had been working on was explained to the Order as a wormhole generator, when in actuality it was a device to create a rift between universes. She had it attached to a shuttle because the rift would be open for only a second, which meant that timing was everything and a shuttle could go fast. It was wired into the shuttle, so the device could be controlled from the cockpit. The device itself looked like a weapon one would see out of a fiction movie. The only thing that made it stand out was the bright blue light it gave off.

Making sure nobody was around, Lauren opened the hatch of the shuttle Songbird and ushered M’Gann inside before following and closing the door. Immediately she went to the replicator and got Miko some food and water before getting him settled in the back. Once she saw that he was comfortable, she turned to M’Gann and rushed to her side, supporting her with one arm around her waist. “I’ll fly the shuttle, you give me the details,” she said, not leaving room for debate.

The blonde glanced up, noting the determination in her voice and merely nodded before taking a seat in one of the chairs. She closed her eyes for a moment, silently cursing how weak she was, only to snap her eyes back open when she felt a hypospray against her neck and a light pinch followed by a hiss. “What did you inject into me?” she asked, slapping a hand over her neck.

“It’s just a painkiller and something to give your energy a boost. We’ll need it as we make our escape,” Lauren replied, putting the hypospray back in the med kit and snapping it closed. Returning it to its spot in the wall panel and securing it, Lauren returned to the cockpit to take the helm and got the Songbird started up. Alarms could be heard in the shuttlebay as they echoed around the rising hum of the shuttle's engines powering up, and the brunette let out a curse as she tapped on the console. "Come on, come on..."

M’Gann turned her head and gave a small grin, despite the pain she felt. “I don’t think I’ve heard you cuss before,” she commented.

Lauren turned for a brief moment to catch the smile and gave a small chuckle herself, but a chirp on the console turned her attention back. "We're being hailed," she said, bringing up the link onto a small rectangle on the console.

This is Captain Levinson, power down the shuttle or we will use force. The Captain’s round face appeared on their little viewscreen, and they could tell that he was pissed. His face was starting to turn red, and his mussed up hair suggested that the alarms woke him up.

Lauren pressed a button long enough to say, “Hey Captain, eat my shorts!” before cutting the link. She gave a nervous chuckle as she admitted, "never imagined myself saying that." The shuttle rose into the air, and she shot phasors at the bay doors to blast them open before commanding the shuttle to go forward at full impulse. Clearing the bay, they barely started their ascent into space when phasor blasts went flying past the shuttle. “Man, these guys aren’t making it easy,” she muttered, doing evasive maneuvers.

“Keep the prototype intact,” M’Gann replied, holding on to her seat for a moment. Leaning forward, she took over weapons and started firing back at the base. “You keep going, I’ll cover.” The boost that Lauren gave her sure worked quickly. It felt like her heart was racing, yet everything seemed to happen in slow motion, like one of those dreams where victory is just out of reach.

Lauren nodded as she focused, the shuttle darting back and forth as it traveled further and further from the base. It went on for a couple minutes before Lauren suggested, “we should test the prototype before it’s too late.”

“Agreed,” M’Gann replied. “Powering up the Trans Verse Bridge.” She started up the device, and a moment later the screen told her that the device was ready to go. Now was the moment that would determine if the prototype was a success or a failure. It made her nervous to think that this was going to be a life or death outcome, but anything was better than Arvix. Anything was better than the Order. With that, the blonde's hesitant finger pressed onto the console, generating a hum as the prototype activated. “Here goes nothing…" Looking out the window, she could see the prototype start to glow with a brilliant green light before she looked down at the screen. "Locking target coordinates, bearing 405 mark 319. Interdimensional rift will open in ten… nine… eight…”

To be Continued...


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