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... Love That's Gone

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Timeline: March 2393; Prior to 'Impossible Astronaut'


"What??" Arvix growled, slamming his fist onto the desk. He was clearly not pleased with the news Markinson was telling him, in case his red face and angered expression didn't give it away. "What do you mean, she's gone??"

Markinson looked calmly at the man throwing a fit. He had been awoken to the alarm system, and got the news that the specimen had escaped, so called the doctor up to give his report. "She took the prototype and is on the run."

"Well, no shit!" The dark haired man replied. He leaned against the desk with one hand and pointed the other at the round man, "if you and the bloody Great Leader hadn't granted her access to the things she would need to build the prototype, then we wouldn't have had this issue! Hell, this should've been something to run by me, the specimen's Overseer, before deciding to cut her leash!"

"Sit down," Markinson ordered, still calm but his voice threatening. His lips pursed into a frown when the man before him started to call out specific people. How dare he insult someone as powerful as the Great Leader! The man could have this pathetic scientist obliterated with a snap of his fingers.

Arvix stared at the man for a moment before gritting his teeth and sitting in the chair opposite the desk. "Please tell me you have a good reason for this," he grumbled.

That was when the round man's expression evened out, and he tilted his head slightly. "Of course. The Order doesn't foolishly plan, unlike its predecessor. Doctor Walters, there is a reason why we allowed her to work on this prototype. Granted, we had not anticipated it working, but now that we have confirmation it does, we are going to execute our plans." Part of why he had been chosen for this specific position as right-hand consultant was because he had a knack for planning, as well as a talent for the art of persuasion. He knew what this man wanted, and he knew how to take care of it.

"And what plans are those?" Arvix countered, crossing his arms.

Markinson merely smiled at the man in response. "You will be notified. In fact, the Great leader recommended you to work with General Hawkins to formulate a plan for when we make the jump. See," he paused to take a sip of his brandy, which was resting in a rounded square glass on top of his desk, "when the Order agreed to let her do her research, we were able to obtain a copy of the blueprints. You have the most knowledge regarding this specimen, so you are deemed a very valuable member of this project. I say this," the round man leaned forward, "because if you help the General formulate a plan to establish the Order in the new universe, then you will be allowed to go with the ship when she makes the jump and go fetch your runaway specimen."

Arvix mulled it over for a long moment, contemplating the pros and cons. Finally, he gave a firm nod, "when do I start?"


“Keep the prototype intact,” M’Gann replied, holding on to her seat for a moment. Leaning forward, she took over weapons and started firing back at the base. “You keep going, I’ll cover.” The boost that Lauren gave her sure worked quickly. It felt like her heart was racing, yet everything seemed to happen in slow motion, like one of those dreams where victory is just out of reach.

Lauren nodded as she focused, the shuttle darting back and forth as it traveled further and further from the base. It went on for a couple minutes before Lauren suggested, “we should test the prototype before it’s too late.”

“Agreed,” M’Gann replied. “Powering up the Trans Verse Bridge.” She started up the device, and a moment later the screen told her that the device was ready to go. Now was the moment that would determine if the prototype was a success or a failure. It made her nervous to think that this was going to be a life or death outcome, but anything was better than Arvix. Anything was better than the Order. With that, the blonde's hesitant finger pressed onto the console, generating a hum as the prototype activated. “Here goes nothing…" Looking out the window, she could see the prototype start to glow with a brilliant green light before she looked down at the screen. "Locking target coordinates, bearing 405 mark 319. Interdimensional rift will open in ten… nine… eight…”

The shuttle jolted as a weapon’s blast hit it, and M’Gann looked at the alert that came up to the side of the countdown. “Shields are holding, but we can’t take another hit like that!”

Lauren glanced at the screen, and saw something that only fed the concern that had been sitting in her stomach. Biting her lip, she watched out the shuttle's window as a green line snaked across space before widening into a rough oval shape. Knowing there was only seconds left, she turned to M’Gann, taking a moment to simply look at her and reach over to squeeze her hand before she quietly said, “I love you.”

The shuttle entered the rift, the opening zipping shut behind them with a pop, and a moment later another rift opened. The green anomaly mimicked a swirling lightning storm as it spat out the shuttle before collapsing in on itself and disappearing. The Songbird jolted to a drift, M’Gann catching herself on the console before looking down at the readings. She stared at it with disbelief, and she ran the scan twice, three times before stammering, “it… it worked." Excitement took over her, "Lauren, it worked! We made it!” She turned her head to see her love’s reaction to the news.

Only to have her heart shattered.

In the other seat, the brunette’s form lay still, her arms dangling over the arms and her head tilted to one side. M’Gann stumbled to her feet and grasped her shoulders. “No… Lauren, no...” She shook Lauren’s shoulders, tears welling up in her eyes when she didn’t respond. “LAUREN!” Shakily telling the computer to give off an SOS signal, M’Gann put her Lauren on the ground before running to get the med kit. “Come on, Lauren…”

Her fingers fumbled with the kit, and when she hit the release latch with her thumb the contents of it exploded onto the floor. She grabbed the tricorder and opened it, her trembling hands holding the tricorder near her still form. Her breath caught in her throat, the monotone note nothing but background noise as her eyes stared at the small screen in her hands. It can’t be. Denial coursing through her, M’Gann moved back to her love and pressed her lips against the brunette’s, filling her lungs with air. She then put her hands on the woman’s chest and began doing compressions, tears betraying her and sliding down her cheeks. “Please… Lauren...” She paused for a moment to push another breath of air into her lungs before continuing the compressions, hoping for her to wake up and for help to arrive. It could’ve been minutes, or it could’ve been an hour or more, but eventually M’Gann gave up and collapsed onto her love’s still form, shoulders shaking as she sobbed.


~And this concludes Divided and Conquered!~


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