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The Broken Stoic part 1

Posted on Mon Mar 31st, 2014 @ 4:34pm by Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Counselor's Office

L'Nivek was -not- looking forward to this. Every psychological evaluator she'd known, and that had spoken to her on a professional/personal level, had tried to 'tweak' her, as was normal. She was a Vulcan; and a fervent pratictioner of their logical philosphy: this seemed almost offensive to most Starfleet counselors, and it was often that they tried to tease some emotion out of her: be it sympathy, pity, or anger; the last of which had come close on more than one occasion.

She'd received the notification to report to the Counselor for her standard evaluation and had laid it aside; there were more important things to be done: the plant that was spreading around the ship and beginning to cause major problems, and the situation with the crew of the Wasp. She'd already begun investigating the aliens who'd arrived on scene, as potential culprits. As it stood, she was outside of the little office, and chimed the door, calm, cool, and totally collected. This counselor wasn't going to get -anything- out of her.

Amity had been plucking at an instrument, she loved to play, She and her best friend Riva spent almost all their spare time learning every instrument they could get their hands on. They did it for the love it, so they declined the many offers to go on tour. The moment it became a job they didn't want to do it, afraid of losing the love for it. She closed her eyes a moment as she put the curved instrument away with its curved bow. It was the nearest thing Alcaren had to a violin, and it had always been Amitys favorite.

The mind outside her office was tight and determined. She let out a breath, "Come on in." she called. her silvery gray eyes looked the woman before her over, unsurprised by her appearance considering her state of mind. Glancing at her tablet off to the side she nodded, "L'Nivek I assume." she said blandly, testing the woman to see if she would be surprised to see such a vibrant counselor act so dull.

L'Nivek's mind was tight, and extremely well-guarded. She wasn't any more telepathic than normal Vulcans (who, as a race, were mildly telepathic to begin with), but she knew well enough. "You presume correctly. I assume we're both busy, given what is going onboard the ship. I don't want this to be wasting any more of our time than we have to. shall we get this over with?"

Her voice was cold, and she clearly wasn't going to enjoy this...or show any emotion at all, as would be appropriate for a Vulcan.

"I didn't think impatient was a Vulcan trait." Amity countered. She watched the woman carefully before motioning to the chair across from her, forgoing her normal offer of drink and snack. With the Vulcans mental barriers up Amity couldn't sense more than what was on the surface, which wasn't much being as this woman was from the race she was. Amity would not press deeper in to her mind, temping as it was to see what really happened in a Vulcan mind, it was a treacherous breach of telepathic code of conduct.

L'Nivek settled into the designated chair, giving Hemlorac her coldest, strongest glare of contempt. She wasn't just emotionless: she was actively -hostile-. "It normally isn't. But when there are more pressing concerns, such as a species of plant infecting the ship, an alien species, and an ongoing investigation into a crew who have been fatally exsanguinated...there are, if I may be so bold, Counselor, more pressing issues to concern myself with."

Amity kept her face blank as she watched her, she could feel the contempt rolling off of her in waves. "I would be pleased to reschedule, although I do not see how it is in your purview to deal with the plants..." she questioned. "May I ask before you go though, why is such anger and hostility directed towards me? What have I personally done to warrant such emotions from you?" she asked.

L'Nivek would have laughed, had she been another person. Instead, she shook her head. "You misunderstand, counselor." She crossed one leg over the other, watching her. "I am a Vulcan. I do not feel, to the best of my ability. Isn't that what you're attempting to ascertain?"

"No, I know you are Vulcan, I also know that Vulcans don't not feel, they just surpress it. I can sense that you're having a hard time restraining your dislike... for me or my job? I'm not sure. I just wondered what caused it.

"I'm certain that my previous interactions with official counselors are on record. Call it both a dislike of your job and your assignment, involving me. I am perfectly capable of suppressing my emotions with you, Counselor. However, I am well aware that doing so will waste our time. In addition, when interacting with emotional creatures, the correct displays at the correct times often produce the most effective response."

"Ah!" Amity said with a bit of a smirk, "You're putting on a show for me." she made a flourish of notes on her tablet. "Well Next time just show me the real you. I'm not here to try and change you, I'm here to help you with what ever you need help with, and that doesn't mean emotional. I can also help you with advice in relating to other people or even understanding how other people react. I find vulcans tend to have difficulty relating to people until they can understand the driving emotion and reactions. Don't write me off so quickly." she grinned.

L'Nivek eyed her cooly. "A show? If that is what you wish to title pursuing the effective means of interaction, then so be it." She paused. "I understand fully how people react. It is why an important gesture at the proper moment serves best. Wouldn't you agree?"

Amity nodded, "Of course it is." she said. "How about this, I'll go over my notes and your history, and you consider any questions you may have for me, and we'll meet up again in two weeks?" she asked, "And if nothing comes of it, so be it at least we will have completed our assignments."

L'Nivek leaned back, the slightest hint of a frown on her face. Crossing her arms just beneath her chest, she crossed one leg over another and nodded. "Very well. Proceed."

"In two weeks, I want you to think about questions. Could you return with at least three things you do not understand regarding emotions or interactions?" she asked.

"I suppose." She sighs softly. "I do not mean to be offensive, Counselor, but...this type of thing isn't exactly my forte." She looked off to the side. "...and it never has been, frankly: Counselors and I never got along."

Amity smiled, "Well how about we start with trying to change that. Being able to successfully interact with a counselor is a valuable skill." she said. "I take no offence, so do not be concerned of it."

With a soft sigh, the Vulcan eyed her. "Well...alright. I suppose we ought to try." She crossed her arms, again, shifting their positions. "Where to start?"

"As I've said." Amity said taking notes. 'I'd like you to consider three questions for me and return in three weeks to discuss them." she said simply. "Call them curios observations if that helps." she said. "I have no interest in wasting your time Ensign, so I believe we are finished for the day." she said turning off her tablet and setting it aside.

L'Nivek stood, nodding. "Excellent. It seems I can get back to real work rather sooner than I had expected. What are these questions that you're insisting on, then, Counselor?"

Amity frowned, growing concerned. "Three questions, about interaction with or between other members of the crew." she repeated watching her.

"I see. I misunderstood, I thought you were giving me three to answer, as well as giving me three to find on my own. Is that everything?" She was both looking impatient, and trying to imply it with her voice...when in actuality, she was -very- nervous: it would be forefront in her head.

Amity bit her lip and laughed a bit. "Oh I'm sorry. That was a total miscommunication." she said. She stood up and held her hand out to the Vulcan, "Have a good day." she said.

L'Nivek started for the door, but stopped, turning. She eyed the Counselor, apparently mulling something over. "Actually...perhaps, Counselor, you could be of use...I mean, of help, to me." She's trying to be polite, and it shows...sort of.



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