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Shifted Reality

Posted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2016 @ 1:12pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters:: Labs
Timeline: Late August 2392


“All hands. Emergency evacuation, get to the escape pods immediately! Repeat, emergency evacuation, get to the escape pods!”

“Hawkins, I’m launching the escape pods,” M’Gann said through her own comm badge. There was a hint of confidence in her voice, but where it came from was beyond her. “The saucer section has taken heavy damage, and this way there’s a chance some will make it.”

“We are on our way to cover your escape,” David’s voice called out over an explosion behind him through her combadge.


The klaxons disappeared, and in its place the sound of children laughing echoed through the air. M'Gann spun, trying to find the source of the sound. "Where are you!" she called out.

"He never helped you..." the children taunted in song.

Suddenly, an image of the Academy flashed into view. The blonde blinked against the sudden light, only to have people and faces take up her vision. Faces she knew. They were not happy, and no matter where she turned the faces would follow.

"You knew that plan wouldn't work..."

"You killed them all!"

"Hawkins would be disappointed in you."

"You led them to their deaths!"

Clenching her eyes shut, M'Gann clasped her hands over her ears. "Stop it stop it stop it!" she ordered. The voices got louder, pressing against her and eventually pushing her downward back into the darkness...

M’Gann audibly gasped as she shot upright, her heart pounding in her chest, and it took her a moment to realize that it had been a dream, which made her put her head in her hands as she forced deep breaths to try and calm herself down.

Arvix tipped his head a little as he handed a padd over to an aide. “That is the 3rd night mare this week my dear.” he said with a kind voice. “Lauren is quite concerned.” he said moving closer and touching his hand on top of her head, touching her blonde hair. “She’s sweet isn’t she?” he cooed, “I would say the sleep study was a success though. Tell me what you saw.” he ordered firmly removing his hand from her head.

M’Gann moved her head away from his hand, slightly trembling from the dream. She had had that one for a while now, her mind filling in for the lack of visual memory by making it up, and each time it was different. Sometimes there were faces she knew, other times it was those of the guards or disapproving faces. “You keep Lauren out of this,” she growled at him. It was no surprise to her that the Order had picked up on the connection the two had -considering how closely they were watching her, she was expecting it to happen- but she tried as best as she could not to let them use her to their advantage.

What was surprising to her was that she wasn’t restrained for whatever the hell Arvix was up to now. They were in the office-converted-cell, now converted into a makeshift hotel room wannabe. That way, she was still contained, but had a little freedom. It took a bit of conditioning, but eventually it had been drilled into her that if she tried to attack him or run she would get zapped by the calling band. Crossing her arms, she added, “you’re the one with the fancy tech, so you tell me what I saw.”

He gave her a look, “Tsk tsk” Arvix said as he looked her over. “I told you to tell me.” he said. “You heard Hawkins voice….” he lead her on. Getting a recording from the General hadn’t been easy, but once the General understood Arvix goals he had lent his voice to help the experiment.

Her expression softened at the mention of Hawkins’ name, and remembering what he had told her in the dream, she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around herself as she looked away. “He never came to help…” she practically whispered, remembering Hawkins state that he would come to help the saucer section escape. It felt like a promise, one that had been broken. There was a feeling that she couldn’t place, but it was if she knew the plan to get the crew to safety wouldn’t work. “It... it was a hopeless plan...” As her brain struggled to discern the truth from what Arvix was doing, she hugged herself a little tighter.

Arvix looked at the woman. "Or it is most likely that he never intended to help, and that he told you that to keep your position to save his own skin. He left you to die." he told her.

The blonde shook her head in denial. "No... he wouldn’t do that..." doubt laced her words and she kept her gaze fixated on the ground. Would Hawkins do something like that? Her lips silently repeated Arvix’s words: he left you to die. A knot settled in her stomach as the words dug themselves into her mind, and she buried her face in her hands. "He... if he didn't intend to help... but, I thought I knew him... he-it's not something he would do..." She barely heard the beep of a scanner behind her as a nurse recorded her vitals. M’Gann then looked up at Arvix, "but the others... they're still alive, they have to be!"

He chuckled in a manor that patronizing. "Oh sweet girl." he said. "They're all dead, all of them." he said. "Hawkins lied to you, and you failed them all. You weren't good enough to save their lives, and how could you be? You're a halfling who was blind!"

"My genetics have nothing to do with it," she hissed at him. It was likely she'd get shocked by the caller for it, but she didn’t care at this point. It made the knot in her stomach bigger when she was told that it was her fault they were dead. Hawkins' words kept floating around in her head, and as much as she tried to tell herself it wasn't real she couldn’t shake the disappointed glares. "I did everything I could..." she added, narrowing her eyes at him. "The ship... it was surrounded, I... I had no choice. I had to try and save them."

"Oh I highly doubt that." Arvix said, forgoing the shock, the mental game was more important at the moment. "You always have choices, but to think you would make the right ones?" he scoffed. "Aside from the fact your crew abandoned you, you could never have won."

She then shook her head and stood, storming over to him and stopping short as she said, "give me proof that they’re dead. You don’t know what happened, so you don’t know if there were survivors and you have no proof that they were really killed!"

Arvix calmly touched a button sending shocks through M'Gann. As the specimin dropped to the floor he leaned over her. "They're dead you blue skinned freak. The're dead because of you. The ship was destoryed, no survivors except you, because you were sent to us to pay for your misdeeds." he said in a dark, yet calm tone before he let up on the shocking. "I am not the one needing to prove any thing. You are the one who has to answer for getting them all killed." he said.

He tapped another button and a mix of screams began to fill the room, each of them keyed to voices of people she'd named. Getting his hands on recordings of each of these people, and letting the computer simulate their screams had been no easy feat, but he had a feeling it would be worth it. He let the sounds fill the air, louder and louder, more and more voices joining in, some moments one voice being stronger than others, wave after wave.

The blonde cried out when the shock coursed through her, making her fall to her knees in front of the man before dropping to her hands as well as her face scrunched in pain. The physical pain was then replaced by emotional pain, and she dropped her head and tried to shut out the screams. She clasped her hands over her ears, the effort doing little to silence the voices of those she knew. "Stop it!" She pleaded from her kneeling position. Her eyes clamped shut again, yet it failed to hold back the tears that streaked down her face.

Arvix wandered away from her, leaving the noise on. It was disturbing, even to him, but he was enjoying the notes he was gathering on this. Finally after several minuets he turned it off and looked down at the blue puddle on the floor. "Its what you deserve." he said matter of factly. "What did you think that you'd get out of paying for your sins?" he asked. "Hmm I'll have to report THAT to the General, I am certain he will be quite interested to know that is your attitude." he said quickly.

The blonde didn’t realize the screams had stopped until she heard his voice, yet she remained in her curled up position on the ground, slightly shaking as she fought to control her emotions. The screams echoed in her mind, etching themselves further and deeper into her memories. "No... please... not the General..." she choked out, her voice a little raspy. Looking up at the man, she asked, "why are you d-doing this?"

Arvix shrugged, "Because you're a specimin and I want to see how much reality you can take." he said. "And besides the evil in you needs to be extrated before I can see who you really are." he commented.

The blonde pushed herself to her hands and knees, still slightly trembling as she glared at Walters. "There is an evil being in this room, but it sure as hell isn't me. I don't know what you want, but you’re going to have to do more than scare me with nightmares to get me to talk."

"Who said I was trying to get you to talk my dear?" he laughed moving closer. He patted her on the head. "I am successfully getting what I want out of you, and you are an exciting specimen. I've got many great tests I plan to run on you. He gripped her hair and tipped her head back. "We're going to learn a lot from you..." he growled.

M'Gann winced when he pulled her hair to lift her head, the movement making her readjust her position so it didn't hurt her. It annoyed her that despite her efforts, she was still giving him what he wanted. "Go to hell," she spat at him. In her new position, she had just enough wiggle room to move and she did, lashing out with her feet to make Arvix lose his balance.

Arvix crashed on to his back and grunted hard when he landed, his breath taken from him. He turned to get up but saw the specimin had a laser scalpel. He was going to fire whoever left that lying around. He held his hand out, trying to speak but his lungs were fighting to draw air in first.

Once he was down, she scrambled to her feet and grabbed the nearest object, a laser scalpel, and started to try and break the calling band before she held it out as the others in the room started closing in on her. "Back the hell off!" she demanded, turning to aim it at anyone who tried to come near. As she tried to keep them away, she began inching her way toward the door, occasionally aiming the scalpel at the band to try and at least damage it while keeping her eyes on the researchers in the room. Just a little more, and she could escape...

Arvix was finally on his feat, and he held his hand out to her. "You wont get far..." he croaked out.

THe door behind her opened as guards who had been on alert tried to enter in. "No!" he growled as she took her chance and dove between two of the guards. "Get her!" he growled and lurched for the desk. He flicked on the intercomm and quickly typed at his computer pulling up an audio file. THe sound was shrill cries of a creature, and he had a feeling the blue skin would recognize it. "You run, the other specimine suffers more." he said over the intercom, playing the recording of the cries and yelps again over the speaker, while the guards chased her.

M'Gann started running down the corridor, and came to a halt when she heard the noise. Her heart dropped into her stomach when she heard it. She could recognize that creature from anywhere. "Miko..." she gasped. She then yelled at the top of her lungs, "YOU BASTARD!!!" By then the guards had caught up with her and grabbed either arm, and she wrestled against them while sputtering out every foul thing she could think of to describe Arvix. During the confrontation, the blonde managed to nick the arm of one guard, who retaliated by lashing out with his hand and hitting her across the face. The guards then pushed her into the wall long enough to cuff her to make her easier to handle, and then they grabbed either arm and dragged her back to the labs.

When they finally brought her back to where Walters was waiting, she growled a very colorful string of words at him when the sounds of Miko yelping still rang through the air. "Stop whatever the hell you're doing to him or I swear to Rassilon I will kill you!"

"Interesting." he said looking at his tablet as he cut the sounds. "The creature is effected by your emotions, but you are not effected by his." he said. "Or else you'd have known the creature was in no danger." he said. "Perhaps this bond we discovered isn't as strong as we first believed." he waved his hand to an aide. "Inform the holders of the creature that I'll want some time to run some tests on it." he said.

The blonde tugged against the guards, too angry to feel the bond with Miko and the feeling of comfort he was trying to send to her. "You have no right to run tests on him!" Seeing she was close enough, M'Gann reached out and kicked the tablet out of his hands, sending it clattering to the floor.

Arvix felt a flash of anger at her outburst and grabbed her throat, driving her in to the wall. The guards kept close but released her to his grip. "I have every right. You are a creature to be studied, nothing more. You will obey me or face the consequences." he said gripping her neck and talking slowly. He briefly wondered if she would turn purple or more blue with the choking.

Her eyes widened when his hand went around her throat, barely registering the pain of her head hitting the wall but instead feeling the burning from lack of air. She tried to move her hands or even her body to try and push him away, but he was close enough that she couldn’t. As he spoke she gasped for breath while trying to fight against his hand as best as she could. It was useless, as the hand tightened around her throat, and she winced as she strained to get air. "I... would... rather... die..." she managed to squeak out. Her lungs were now burning and her vision started to blur as her body started weakening. Despite the weak sensation, M'Gann tried as best as she could to stay standing, but she felt her knees starting to grow weak as they threatened to give.

Arvix demeanor changed, but he still crushed her throat. His other hand moved and slowly caressed her face. "Oh dear one. Careful what you wish for. I hold in my hands life or death..." he said as he gripped harder. "You die by my order. and you live by my order." he said slowly. "Lets see how death looks on your lovely blue skin." he said with a sinister sweet voice.

A strained gurgle escaped the blonde's mouth as she struggled to breathe, and M'Gann tried pointlessly to push him away, but he had the upper hand and his body was close enough to hers that her arms became useless because they were pressed into her chest, and she didn't have the room to try and kick him. A small stream of tears streaked down her cheeks as she felt dizzy from the lack of air, and she felt herself starting to slip away. Oh, if her life ended it would be so peaceful... she wouldn't have to deal with Arvix anymore, and she wouldn't be in all this pain. Her struggling became weaker and eventually stopped, and M'Gann's eyes lolled shut as her body fell limp, only being held up by Arvix's hand.

Arvix held her throat longer than needed for her to pass out. "Scan her." he ordered after a few moments.

"No heart rate." the aide reported.

Arvix released her throat and let her body crumble to the floor as worked his fist releasing the tension, going right back in to study mode, with calm efficency. "And how is the creature reacting?"

"The creature is behaving as expected," the researcher replied, handing him a tablet. It showed surveillance of the creature pacing restlessly in its cage, the audio feed picking up whines as the creature tried to find a way out.

Arvix grunted as he looked at the padd, "Interesting." he commented. "Alright revive the subject and send me a report on the process." he ordered. "Good work people, see you in the morning." he said before he casually removed his lab coat and left the room.



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