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The Monster

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 9:51am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: S.S Antioch Bridge
Timeline: After current mission

The S.S. Antioch was the flagship of Captain Aden Phyr’s merchant fleet and it was his pride and joy. She was eighty meters tall, four hundred fifty three meters long and two hundred six meters wide. She had twenty four decks with a crew of nearly four hundred and a passenger capacity of about two hundred. The ship held three large cargo bays stacked on top of each other in the bow reaching back nearly three quarters of the ship and two more in the back.

They could move massive amounts of cargo and were often utilized in colony moving missions, moving large amounts of heavy industrial equipment, raw ore or whatever else could be fit in the ships holds. They did very well for themselves and Aden kept them going through thick and thing.

Aden was a fairly tall man, he was strong as an ox and had served a good long time in Starfleet. Now he got to dress how he pleased, considering he owned the ship they were riding in and could do what he wanted. He had soft brown hair and a beard that he was keeping well trimmed, and a set of dark eyes that were always watching. At the moment they were focused on a data padd that had just been handed to him.

Mason, a lighter complected man with bright blonde hair, was standing next to the command chair having just handed Aden the pad. The man had also been in Starfleet and the two of them had served together way back when. Now they worked together as civilians.

“This is everything?” Aden asked, looking up from the pad.

“It is,” Mason nodded gravely. “It’s the third time that symbol has shown up, third crew that’s been found drained of their blood.”

“We found the first,” Aden nodded, watching Mason quietly. “Are we any closer to knowing who they are?”

“No and they’re not attacking in a pattern that I can see yet,” Mason shook his head. “What does this third attack tell us that the other two didn’t? From the Starfleet report, it’s as clean as the first two.”

“It gives us a more likely picture of where they’re operating out of, I’d also be willing to bet this one wasn’t as perfect as the rest,” Aden said. “They’re going to get cocky and sloppy.”

“What are we going to do?” The chief of security asked.

“Keep an eye on Khelev and his brother and keep searching ourselves. Warn as many people as we can,” Aden looked up at Mason. “I want blood as much as those Andorian boys do.”

“I know, I haven’t seen that look in your eyes since Alyssa,” Mason replied. “Why?

“Because they’re picking on ships that they can take over and draining the blood of everyone on board. One of those ships was mine,” Aden replied darkly. “I don’t care if they didn’t know, they came after me and mine. I’m going to find out every one of their secrets and then I’m going to do to them what they do to others. If demons run when a good man goes to war, what do you think they’re going to do when they find out I'm coming for them?”


OOC: For those of you asking lots of questions, they will be answered in time and I'll be sending out more little posties like this. My plan is to involve this group in the end game.


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