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Monsters Under the Bed

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Quarters/Sickbay
Timeline: October 2392


It was the middle of the night when Lauren woke up. It had been a little over a month since Arvix had tried messing with M'Gann's head, and after keeping her for three days they finally released her back to Lauren. By then, the blonde was nearly broken; all she did was sit silently on the couch for hours, refusing to eat or even engage in small talk with the brunette. It bothered her when it started happening a week ago, and it bothered her now. Turning over in the bed, she watched M'Gann sleep for a moment before standing to go get some water. Her bare feet padded softly on the carpet as she walked to the little kitchen and asked for a cup of water from the replicator. She absentmindedly stared as the glass materialized, and took it from the replicator before bringing it to her lips and taking a slow sip. A sigh escaped her as she felt the refreshing liquid soothe her throat, and within a couple minutes she finished the glass and discarded it.

When she returned, she noticed that M'Gann wasn't moving. Normally she wouldn't bother and assume that she was sleeping, but it was the lack of movements in the sheets that bothered her. There wasn't even the slight rise and fall of her breathing. "Oh god..." Lauren rushed to M'Gann's side of the bed and shook her, feeling panic starting to rise in her chest when she didn't wake up. "M'Gann!" Running to the other side of the bed, Lauren slapped her comm badge that was resting on the nightstand. "West to Sickbay! Medical emergency! Two to beam directly to sickbay, now!"

A moment later, the darkness of the bedroom was replaced by blinding white light, and Lauren helped the other nurses pick up the blonde and carry her to a biobed. "I tried waking her up and she's unresponsive," she told them, grabbing a tricorder.

One of the nurses noticed this and took it from her. "We can handle this, Miss West. Can you please wait in the waiting room?"

Lauren gave the man an incredulous stare before replying, "I am a nurse and her girlfriend!"

"Lauren we know." Doctor Indrani said walking up behind the distressed woman, taking the heat off her nurse. Placing a hand gently on Lauren's shoulder, Samantha guided her away from the bed a few paces so the nurses could start assessing their patient. "But look at the state you're in, you know as well as I do the risk of letting someone so emotionally invested work on a patient. Would you let me work if it was Helena on that table?"

Lauren glanced at Sam and took a breath. She had a point, Lauren was too emotionally attached to work. Inside, she didn't even know if she could do it, work with her girlfriend on the table. "No, I wouldn't let you if it were Helena," the brunette finally replied, "you’re right, I am too emotionally attached. I apologize, Doctor."

"It's alright Lauren," Sam said with a slight smile rubbing her hands up and down the woman's biceps trying to give her some bit of comfort. "Look you don't need to go to the waiting room, as long as you let us do our work you can stay here."

By this time, Arvix had gotten the news, and he stormed into sickbay, sleep still evident in his ruffled hair. One look at the blue specimen on the biobed and he turned toward Lauren, anger on his face. "What did you do to her???" he demanded, taking a couple menacing steps toward her.

The brunette turned and backed away from Walters, bumping a nurse in the process. "I didn't do anything," she growled back at him, "it's your experiments that did this to her!"

"Your interference messes with my work!" Walters stopped when he was inches from her. They were about the same height, but his dark glare and his stance suggested that he was trying to pull the Alpha card. "If you wouldn't care for her so much-"

"If I didn't care for her, then she would be dead by now!" Lauren snapped back. Her hands were balled up into fists at her sides as she did her best to match Arvix's glare. Her hair was a tad unkempt as well from the sleep, but at the moment she didn't care. It was hard to act intimidating, however, in pajama shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. "At least I keep to my Oath, unlike you, you sick monster!"

Arvix then scoffed and gestured to her. "See, this is why I shouldn't have let her stay with someone like you. Petty insults, sleeping around with the specimen and leaving your filthy fingerprints all over her skin... do you realize that this specimen is the only one we have??"

Lauren crossed her arms and leaned back a little as she took in his demeanor. "Someone like me? I do a better job of caring for her and making sure she is alive, thank you very much! You are the one who's creating the problem, not me!"

"Oh, don't patronize me!" Arvix hissed, taking another step toward her to make her step back, then took another to keep her backing up. His dark eyes bore into hers with anger. "Without the generosity of the Order you would've been dead months ago when you first disrupted my research!"

Lauren took a couple steps back, then laughed at his words. "Generosity??? What goddamn generosity?? Is making her suffer day and night this so called generosity?? Cause I sure as hell don't see it!" She then took both hands and shoved him away from her. "The Order won't let me actually tend to her injuries because you have them on a leash and apparently your word must be the Gospel! Do you have a separate bedroom for that-" she stepped up to him and poked him in the chest with her index finger, "-goddamn ego of yours?!"

Arvix growled and raised his hand, his eyes narrowed.

"ENOUGH!" Samantha yelled over both of them, her voice carrying around the sickbay. Sam might not be the most physically imposing woman but dammit if she couldn't yell when needed. Part of her felt bad for yelling at Lauren, she was just concerned about someone she cared about. Arvix was a mean spirited sadist who couched that in his 'work.' But he was also powerful and could make Sam's life a living hell if he wanted. So being outright against him wasn't a good idea.

"I am trying to work here! Obviously both of you want this woman to pull through. BUT whatever your motives if you keep distracting me and my staff then she's going to die and it will be on your hands! So if you want to stay and continued to hate each other, FINE, but do it quietly or leave."

Arvix’s hand stopped short when the doctor yelled, and he simply let it drop to his side. He narrowed his eyes at the doctor before turning his glare toward Lauren.

Lauren had flinched and was prepared to take the hit, but then stood straight as both of them got chewed out. She glared at Arvix, holding back the foul thing she wanted to call him as they locked eyes. She could tell he was not planning on leaving. "Doctor," she said, not breaking eye contact with Arvix, "I will be in my quarters. Can I please be alerted when she wakes up?"

"Of course, we'll be sure to contact you. And I'll have one of the nurses keep you updated as we learn more." Samantha said, truly sorry that she had been forced to make that call, she'd more been hoping Arvix would leave rather than the worried woman.

With that, Lauren turned on her heel and left the sickbay. Once the doors shut behind her, she leaned against the opposite wall and let out a shaky breath. That was the closest she got to getting into a physical fight against Arvix, and she even doubted that she would win.

"Doctor, her blood pressure has dropped well below normal, and it's inhibiting the flow of oxygen to the brain," a nurse called out from the biobed. She glanced nervously over at Arvix, seeing the seething glare as he watched West leave, before turning back to her readings. "She isn't in a coma yet but if we don't raise her BP and get these drugs out of her system then she will be." As tempting as it was to call Arvix out on his poor treatment of the woman, she knew she was in no position to argue, and if she did then she might as well sign her death warrant.

"Dammit and her pulse is rising too...if we don't get her BP up that's going to plummet and we're looking at cardiac-arrest..." Sam said, her spoken commentary helping to organize her thoughts. "Alright, let's get her on oxygen and fluids right away I also want fifteen milligrams of Mexaborizine. Watch her pulse rate, I don't want to over work her ready with some tri-ox if we can't raise her BP enough." Hopefully the vasoconstrictor would do it's job, but she had no idea how the chemicals in her system would effect the medication.

"Yes'm!" The support frame on the biobed rose up and over the blue being, providing a more thorough scan on the inside, and a mask was placed over her nose and mouth to supply oxygen. The nurse prepared a hypo with the Mexaborizine and pressed it to the blonde’s neck, a light hissing noise filling the air for a moment. Another nurse, a male in his thirties, got the blue woman hooked up to the necessary fluids needed for her survival.

Arvix merely stood in the background, his arms crossed as he watched the doctor. It didn’t need to be said that if she messed up his backlash was going to be severe. His presence made a couple of the medical staff nervous, and he could tell by the way they avoided making eye contact with him.

"Pulse is still high," Austen reported, his eyes on the monitor, "but it's not getting higher. BP is still low."

"Why the hell isn't her BP rising....that should have been more than enough to see at least some kind of change. Give it a minute and push the tri-ox we need to keep as much oxygen going to her brain as possible." Maybe it had something good to do with all the other chemicals in her system...could be delaying the effects. "What the hell is in her system?" Sam asked looking pointedly at Arvix.

"You’re the one with the fancy medical degree, why don't you tell me?" He calmly replied, matching her stare. It must be the terazosin he used on her that was fighting with the new medication they injected.

"It could be one or more of a dozen different things and I don't have time to figure a bunch of blood tests." Sam shot back getting sick of Arvix and his games.

Arvix sighed and shook his head disdainfully, almost looking bored with the conversation. "Oh dear, what does this say about your so called medical skills... if you must know, then terazosin is the primary factor in her system. The others are too low in dosage to be influencing her blood pressure. There is a thing called multitasking, Miss Indrani, I strongly recommend you use it, especially in the medical field."

"As if you have the right to teach anyone about medicine." Samantha shot back, drawing a quiet gasp from one of her nurses. Inwardly Sam was cursing her lack of self control, but cruel men like Arvix just got to her. Still it was stupid to openly challenge someone so connected no matter how much of a waste of space they were. He had power and friends in high places, Sam didn' least not any as powerful as his. Swallowing once to regain herself, Sam refocused on her nurse she could worry about the implications of her lose tongue later.

"Prepare a ten milligram dose of Flourehexidol that should purge enough of the terazosin from her system for the vaso-constrictor to take effect. Let's also get a blood sample and find out exactly what else is floating around in her systems so we're not caught flat footed again."

"Uh, Doctor," Austen reported after a couple minutes, looking nervously between Sam and Arvix, "her BP is starting to rise into normal levels."

Arvix merely raised an eyebrow as he felt the tension in the room shift. "Don't test me," he warned, his voice low enough to send chills up anyone's spine. "Remember who has your daughter, Doctor."

At the mention of Helena, Sam stopped working glaring at the man standing at the foot of the biobed, her eyes blazing, hands clenched tightly in anger. It was so tempting to reach across the bed and throttle the man, how dare he threaten her child!? But why should she be surprised? Moving Helena and her family to a colony where he had control was the vary way she had been coerced into providing her services in the first place. Letting the anger enough to refocus on her patient, Sam turned back to her nurse.

"Very good, let's hold off on the additional Mexaborizine until we can better asses her oxigyn saturation."

Good, he was getting to her. "Good girl." He saw the look of anger at the mention of Helena, and yet he knew better than to brag about his control over the young woman. If he did it too much then it would make the effect he desired wear off. Instead, he yawned, a nonverbal reminder that he had been awoken for this. "Once she's stable enough for your presence to be taken away from her for a moment, we can discuss the possibility of visitation for you, Miss Indrani. Remind me again, it's been how many months now?"

Patronizing bastard. Not only did he have to treat her like a child but he dangled the one thing she wanted back more than anything right in front of her face. All she cared about was her family they were all she had left, the hope of actually seeing them again were all she had left since the Order took over. "Almost seven months since you took from Deneva Colony."

"I'm hurt. Why are you blaming me?" He cooed, tilting his head. Moving over to the biobed he held out his hand to the nurse, who quickly put a tricorder in it before backing off. As he opened it and ran it down M’Gann’s body he continued, "I am nothing more than a scientist dedicated to the research of a lifetime. It was the Order who moved them, not I. Why would I waste my time with such a thing?"

"Because Lauren's right, you have someone or several someones in the order wrapped around your finger." Samantha said, crossing her arms over her chest scowling at the man now studying her patient. "After all why would anyone care about me, a single Doctor? No you're here running these experiments and I wouldn't be surprised if you had something on most of the people here. And frankly I think you like it, the power over us."

Arvix chuckled, a deep throated sound through closed lips as he finished the scan of his specimen, satisfied with the results. Snapping the tricorder shut, he turned around to face the Doctor. Lauren was the thorn in his side, and there were some days when he wanted to gas her quarters to just end his suffering, but he was intrigued by the interaction between her and M'Gann. Their relationship had definitely taken a turn he wasn't expecting. "Oh it's a wonderful thing to witness power in the eye of the beholder, I will admit that. And you pose an interesting question." He began to pace around her slowly, as if examining her. "Why would anyone care about you when there are plenty of other doctors to choose from? Others who I am sure have more experience and are simply better at their jobs... yet the Order chose you."

Coming to a stop in front of her, Arvix gave an innocent little smirk and reached up to caress her cheek. "Oh, don't be all pouty. It puts wrinkles on that smooth skin of yours." Suddenly his smirk vanished, his dark eyes boring into hers, as if silently daring her to counter him. His hand took a lock of her hair and tucked it behind her ear before putting a finger under her chin. "See, I do have something on most of the people here. The Order itself does too. Think of it as... crowd control. Don't step out of line, and you won't share the same fate as those who tried to defy us. Now you... you’re special, because I have more than just your petty life in my hands." His little smirk returned, and he gently patted her on the cheek.

It took every bit of Samantha's control not to knock the arrogant bastard straight back on to his ass with the first touch along her cheek. Arvix had pushed the boundaries before but never this far and never with so many witnesses. How the order allowed him so much freedom was beyond her, no research was this important. Not for a man like this to be allowed around even the smallest lab mouse. The only thing that held her back was the thought of her daughters, she had to keep them safe but even she had her limits. As Arvix patted her on the cheek, she just reacted grasping the man's wrist and pulling his hand away. Not the punch in the jaw he deserved but at least it was something. "Seems you answered your own question, I'm easier to control." Always taking the easy, lazy option aren't you.

Arvix looked at the hand that was holding his wrist back before returning his dark eyes back to her. He stared at her for a long time, daring her to try and one-up him. With a quick shake of his wrist his hand slipped out of her grasp before it fell to his side. "That you are," he murmured. Without breaking eye contact, he ordered, "when the specimen is fit to be moved, there will be accommodations waiting for her in the lab and she is to be moved there. If she is not brought to me..." Walters' head tilted slightly, "... well, let's hope you have a good memory of that family of yours." With that, he turned on his heel and left the room to return to his quarters. It was too early to be doing any sort of experiments yet... he needed his sleep.


Ooc: Samamtha played by Neydani Edeen


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