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Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 7:38pm by Commander Mercia Kavi
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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Officer's Lounge

Ash wearily walked into the lounge, exhausted after all that had happened. She just wanted to relax with a Caramel Macchiato and watch the people. She wandered over to the bar and ordered her drink and when it had been delivered, she picked a table near the window and positioned herself so that she could see nearly everyone in the place.

Amity was distracted, she had gotten a call from her mother who was complaining about missing her. She smiled thinking how her Uncle would tease the woman "Always complaining Blondie." he would say, and then normally get punched for it, but that was part of the fun. She glanced up as she pulled her drink from the replicator, her mind closed to the hubbub around her. She frowned when she saw a face, she'd met several times. She hesitated a moment before she approached the table, "Ari?" she asked.

Ash blinked at the redhead standing before her. "What?" she asked. "Who's Ari? I'm Ash. What?"

Amity swept her mind over the womans. "Oh! I'm sorry." she said embarrassed, "Wow, you look exactly like a friend of mine." she said. "It. is. uncanny." she said slowly as she tipped her head back and forth.

"Really?" Ash asked. "I have a doppelganger. Lovely! I think I'd like to meet her."

Amity laughed, "I haven't seen her in years, but if you ever come across an Ari D'Marish, a rare dark haired Alcaren woman. She's nobility, and Starfleet." she said softly.

"Ari D'Marish," repeated Ash. "I'll have to remember that. Maybe I'll look her up. Sit down, if you like. I think I could use company."

Amity smiled and sat down, "Thank you. I apologize, I should have known you weren't Ari, i was just thinking about my family and how i miss being around other Alcaren when I saw your face. It really is quite amazing." she said.

"It's all right, really," said Ash. "But, now I really want to see what she looks like. She must be beautiful," she joked.

"Lovely." Amity said with seriousness. She phished out her personal communication device and tapped the screen for a moment. She pulled up an official family image of the D'Marish, "Shes the one that looks like you." she said turning the device around and sliding it towards her.

"Holy crow, you weren't kidding!" exclaimed Ash, looking at the picture. "The one with lighter hair isn't far off, either. Just skinnier. But, man! Her right eyelid even droops, just like mine! That's- that's phenomenal!"

"Its no wonder I got it mixed up." Amity said taking her phone back. "Although being a telepath I should have known!" she chuckled.

"Our abilities are not infallible," said Ash. "I'm mildly empathic, and yet, I somehow missed that a crew member was entirely in love with me until he'd carried things a bit too far, got charged with sexual harassment AND abuse of power, then was discommendated. I still feel a bit responsible, but everyone's telling me I'm not."

Amity arched her brows, "Jarland right? You're not the first person who has mentioned difficulty with that, but I didn't realize you had been the focus." Amity leaned back in her chair and sipped at her drink. "Do you always feel like others feelings towards you is your responsibility?" she asked. She wasn't going to tell her it wasn't her fault, she already knew that, and it wasn't the point.

"No, it's not..." Ash trailed off. "It's just that, I feel like if I'd have realized how he felt, I'd have been able to discourage him. As it was, he probably thought I was encouraging it because I was being friendly. I thought he needed a friend. I don't know, maybe he thought I was interested. If I'd realized.... I don't know. Maybe it would have happened as it did no matter WHAT I did."

Amity smiled, "It might have." she said. "Some people don't need any sort of encouragement, which considering the fact he took it further than you were willing, I suspect that there wasn't any thing you could have done differently. People like that would actually have pushed harder if discouraged." she said tapping her glass idly. "Discouraging might have made him more of a danger, ever think of that?" she wondered watching the girl. "See its an endless circle blaming yourself... all you're doing is drinking poison and expecting someone else to die." she said as an example.

"An apt analogy," grinned Ash. "I guess what really bothers me is that I lost control and punched him. I might have broken his nose. That's probably where the guilt is, really. My knuckles hurt whenever I think about it," she added, lifting her left hand to examine the knuckles.

Amity laughed, "If I had pain every time I thought about a guy that made a grab at me... well its happened enough my knuckle would always hurt." she said. "Ah the curse the two of us have of being gorgeous." she joked. "Although being a telepath it can be fun to really scare the crap out of the guy. Make him think my hair is flaring up, my eyes turning black with rage. Its not hard to filter a mans vision if he is distracted." she chuckled.

Ash grinned. "I wish I could do that," she admitted. "That's gotta be a lot of fun. Though, I can't say a LOT Of men make grabs at me. In fact, just the one. Well, two, if you count Liam. Well, and just about every old man on Yegorah, but they flirt with ALL the princesses. It's gotta be a law or something."

"Same on Alcar, especially once they hear your nobility." Amity chuckled, "Of course I just mention my mother is a drinking, swearing, human and those sorts of people seem to disappear." she said. "Mums not very well loved on my father home world." she giggled.

Ash grinned. "Ah, the trials of inter-species relationships," she said. "I often find that humans are prudes. Except Liam. He doesn't seem to get embarrassed as much as the average human male. And Mercia, but I think she was raised in a different atmosphere."

"Mercia? Oh the xo right? I haven't met her yet. My race temd to be prudes but that is because we bond to our mates for life. I was raised in a rather different environment. My mother is very open, and my father... well from what I hear he is far better than he was when he first left Alcar. I feel I'm a mix of Prude because I need to be but when I find someone of interest I can be very open about the subject, although I must take the utmost care to ensure things don't go all the way." She sighed. "It can make relationships with those who don't know anything about Alcaren challenging." She grinned, "but for some, worth it." She said.

"I'm familiar with your bond," said Ash. "We have a similar one, but it's not as strong. It can be broken, but it takes so much time and willpower that most people don't bother. It's actually easier to work out differences than to break the Connection. Still, if the person turns into a complete jerk, at least we have the option."

Amity nodded gravely, "That can be a challenge among my people." she said. "Although because of the depth of the bond its actually an extreme thing for one to harm the other, even emotionally, because they would feel the echo of it. Who wants to feel hurt they do to themselves?" she said. "It helps, but it can be hard work." she said. She licked her lips, "My cousin, of sorts, bonded to an Alcaren. They are both very intense people, and they just never quite got in sync with each other and had all sorts of problems. They were so mean to each other that one of them tried to kill themselves to escape." she sighed. "Thank Eyeam that didn't happen." she sighed. "They're doing better now because they decided to work it out, and they finally allowed themselves to be exposed to the other." she said. "They're still intense people though." she chuckled.

"It's similar with Telino," said Ash. "Usually, they're not jerks to each other, but to other people, which can be unbearable in it's own way. Cases of abuse are rare, but they DO happen from time to time. There are various reasons that one might seek to break the connection, but out of the 5 billion Telino, there's only about two hundred who have become Disconnected. That's not counting separation by death," she added, thinking of her father.

Amity sighed, "Yeah death is a difficult thing for bonded. The mind gets so used to having a companion it feels empty when its suddenly ripped away. its difficult for any one bonded to an Alcaren when death happens. depressions can last for years, and its surprisingly common for those who have lost their bonded to bond to someone else who also lost their bonded. I suppose it makes sense, they both have the same emotional pain and they can more easily help each other. Its not to say those who lost their bonded can't be happy again, but there is always a bit of a hole. The only sorts of bonds that can break are friendship, family, or what we call first level bonds." she said. "The more time you spend with a friend you will naturally form a mild bond that fades upon separation, Family is the same but often a little deeper and longer lasting, and the first level is formed when a couple is first getting in to each other, usually forms when they start making out." she giggled. First level bonding was fun. "Its like the stepping stone in to full bonding, First levels normally take a few days of separation to fade out." Amity grinned, "I wont lie, I like to first level bond. Its fun." she smirked.

"Death separation is much easier on the Telino," said Ash. "Because, right at the moment of death, there's peace. The person who's left knows that their partner had tremendous peace and that's the last thing they remember of them. From what I've seen, it's easier for Telino to get over the death of their Connected than any other death." She sipped her Macchiato. "Those first level bonds sound like fun," said Ash. "Maybe I'll have to find an Alcaren and give it a go." She grinned, glancing around. "Oh, good," she said, not spotting the person for whom she'd been looking. "I'd hate to have Liam hear that."

Amity chuckled, "Boyfriend I assume?" she asked with a laugh. "No worries, no one suddenly freaked out in their minds when you said that." she chuckled. She sighed off her drink and stared at her empty mug. "I guess that signals the end..."

"Well...." said Ash. "I only met him about a week ago. Still, I like him." She drained her own glass and winced; she hated cold coffee. "Yeah, it's getting late. Well, late for me. I'm a morning person," she explained.

Amity grinned, "Yeah I was up early this morning, so extra sleep would be great." she chuckled. "It was nice meeting you, and very nice talking to someone who understands some of the weirdness of my race." she grinned. "We should meet up for coffee again."

"Definitely," said Ash. "Preferably NOT after a battle next time. Just, you know, randomly sometime. Nothing happened that day and nothing WILL happen. Think we'll ever have a day like that?"

Amity got up as she about snorted, "With this ship? Ran by the zoo? You're dreaming girl!"


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