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Is it Really You?

Posted on Mon Jul 11th, 2016 @ 1:23am by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Memphis Island Hospital
Tags: Talking About the Bad Stuff


M'Gann paced around the biobed again, twisting and untwisting her fingers. When she heard that he was still alive she wanted to see him. Now there were butterflies in her stomach; it had been fourteen months, and the only one Arvix wasn't able to manipulate in her head was her blue-skinned friend. But she still hadn’t seen him in so long, and she wanted- no she needed - to make sure he was well. The blonde paced the biobed again, annoying the nurse watching her, and she chewed on her nail as she ignored her and waited for him.

"M'Gann," Lixor said with a slight questioning tone.

The blue man had heard the rumors and if she was listening to the rumors about him it would be easy to conclude he had parishes along with the majority of his crewmates. The Nova class staship he had been stationed on had a bad reputation before he had arrived for thinning out the scientific population though in fact while he was there the record had improved, slightly at least.

"It's so good to see you," he told his blonde haired friend, "and in one piece."

The last words were said with a broad smile and a humor filled lilt. After the events they both had endured it was rather amazing they both had survived.

The blonde turned when her name was called, and she stared at the blue-skinned man who now stood before her. "Lixor..." she breathed. In the next moment she quickly closed the distance between them and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him in a hug. "Oh Lixor, I missed you so much..." Her words were supported by how tightly she was hugging him.

With closed eyes and a broad smile he returned the warm hug. Lixor felt a bit guilty for enjoying it as much as he did but that wasn't going to impede him. "I've missed you too," he offered, "it's been far too long."

M'Gann simply nodded in response as she stayed in his grasp for a moment longer before pulling back. Fourteen months too long. "What they said..." she began, holding one of her arms and looking down a little, more at his chest. "... David, the doctors... was it true? Did they really think I died that day?" If there was someone she could trust that was not part of the Resistance, it was him. Arvix couldn't recreate the image of someone who didn't exist to him, and she held onto her memory of her assistant chief of science like it was a lifeline.

"Many did," he said letting his smile fade some thinking of that awful time, "but you're a survivor and I never gave up hope on you. I need you M'Gann and I couldn't bear that thought."

The blonde swallowed the lump in her throat. She was sure that she still looked like hell, she felt like it, but it didn't seem to bother him that much. "C-can we go somewhere, that isn't here? I've been cooped up here for about a week, and it's bringing back memories I'd rather forget." The biobeds looked too much like the table in the labs, and for the first day she thought she'd see Doctor Walters appear around the corner at any moment. It had been four days since her last moment of panic, which she hoped that the nurses and doctors could see. If they saw that she was being good, then maybe they'd let her go out, assuming someone was watching her. She didn't know how to convince them that she wasn't crazy, despite how backwards her story seemed. After the incident with Hawkins, they have David limited visiting hours so they could keep the blonde calmed, but they didn't know if anyone else would invoke the same response.

"Where to," he said with a broad smile. He had been warned of the woman's condition but after what he had been through an assault by his beloved friend seemed a rather small price to pay if it actually materialized, "want to grab a bite to eat somewhere?"

"If you can get her to eat more than four bites of anything," the nurse chimed in, "it would be of great help. I will let the doctor know that you have her, sir. If she has another hallucinogenic episode be sure to bring her back here immediately."

The blonde cast her eyes downward at that. A side effect of the drugs Arvix had pumped into her made her unable to eat very much, something she learned very quickly early on. She knew her frail body needed the nourishment, but the habit had stuck with her. "Anywhere is fine," she softly replied.

"Ok," Lixor replied,

He was a little puzzled by her response not knowing her total condition, " let's go for a walk in the atrium then, I can tell you about where I've been hiding out." He chuckled at the thought and turned to offer his arm to M'Gann something he had gotten used to when her vision was so badly impaired."

The response was a nod, and out of old habit she reached out to link her arm in his. She also linked arms with him in case she grew weak and needed support while they were out. "Hiding out?" She asked. Looking at the ground as they walked, M’Gann then clarified, "sorry, I'm a bit behind on the events over the past year."

Lixor smiled at her comment, "I'm the same way M'Gann, been living under a rock you might say." He chuckled at his comment, "I better start at the beginning or you won't believe a word of what I say."

M'Gann gave a small chuckle at that, although to her it felt half-hearted. "That makes two of us... although I bet your story will make more sense than mine." She then gestured with her hand for him to go ahead and tell his adventures, whatever they may be. As she did, she glanced up at him, her eyes softening as she remembered how much she missed him while she was gone. There wasn't even a Trill version of him she could talk to in the parallel universe. She couldn’t help but wonder if he would've joined the Resistance.

Realizing that she had been staring at him, she blinked a couple times and aimed her gaze back at the ground.

Lixor smiled though he wasn't exactly sure why the blonde seemed so nervous around him, "well M'Gann at first I was assigned to a really small ship called the USS Hedgehog." He chuckled, "I wish I was joking and for a while I thought it was a punishment seeing I was assigned to watch the mold growing in the cargo bay." He chuckled, "that didn't last more than a few weeks thought."

The blonde chuckled at the name. It was so nice to be able to laugh again. She couldn’t remember the last time she did, but she knew it was years ago, probably around the time she went blind. "Oh, growing mold can be exciting," she attempted to joke. She glanced at him again and asked, "why did you think it was a punishment?"

"Because the captain," Lixor began taking on a pompous air, "thought having a scientist on board was, as he put it, a waist of space and resources." He chuckled, "that's ok I though he was the waist of space and resources."

M'Gann adjusted her arm so it was linked more comfortably in his. It was helping calm her nerves. "Did you tell him that?" she asked curiously.

Lixor chuckled, "after the last bout of insubordination I had, I felt it best to hold my tongue." He smiled at M'Gann as they approached the entrance the officers mess, "let's have a seat at least and I'll tell you how I met two species, one relatively new to the Federation."

The blonde nodded in response as she followed him into the mess hall. As they entered, her eyes did a quick scan around the room and mentally took note of the occupants before looking for a table. "How about that one, by the window?" she suggested, pointing at one that overlooked the island and had a nice view of the ocean as well. It was nice to get away from the sterile environment of the medical wing for once, and even though they were still pretty close to the hospital she would take any opportunity she could get to get away from it. As they moved through the tables, she asked, "new as in, First Contact and all the agreement stuff?" It made her glad to hear the word Federation come out of his mouth; it only helped solidify her thoughts that she actually did make it home.

"Yep and all the agreement stuff," he reached over to pull out the seat for the Commander, "they call themselves the Havatian and from what I understand are quite the research scientists."

Taking the seat and nodding her thanks, she watched Lixor as he moved around the table. A light frown crossed her face when his arm unlinked from hers, and she crossed her hands in her lap and fiddled with her fingers. When she looked up at him again she put on a small smile. "Interesting... well, I'm jealous, congrats. What are they like?"

Lixor sat down tilted his head, "the truth, "arrogant, egotistical and treated us like we were a bunch of children." He shook head and chuckled, "lets's just say that the only reason we encountered them is because someone activated an alarm they came out of the wood work, not a good way to start a relationship."

"Ah." M'Gann simply replied, her smile falling a little. "Well, it's not the first time things have gotten off to a bumpy start between the Federation and a new species. I'm sure it won't be the last, either."

"Actially," Lixor replied letting his own smile face too, "we deserved much of it from what I learned." He tilted his head a little and continued, "you see before I arrived the research team had already lost four scientist due their not following the advice from the Havatians or what the Kobinar said." he shook his head, "we were supposed to be researching the ruins of a Kobinar burial ground and colony, only we were supposed to leave alone some of the monuments until the Kobinar had examined them first. That didn't happen."

M'Gann frowned at the losses. "Who told the research team to go and ignore the advice of the Havatians or the Kobinar? Did the monuments collapse on them, or explode...?"

Lixor shook his head, "Commodore Vav, a Vulcan who was the commanding officer ordered it. He thought that the Kobinar were hiding something and he wanted to know know what it was." There was a momentary pause then he added, "they were, the fact that these monuments were not Kbinar at all but another species, Azzian." He chucked, seem complicated enough yet?"

"Wait, so if I heard this right," the blonde began, pausing for a moment to think it over before giving a short nod. "... the monuments of one species turned out to be the ruins left over from another species." She blinked, trying to make sense of the story before giggling. "You’re right, that is confusing," she admitted.

Lixor nodded and gave a smirk, "rather embarrassed the Kobinar when the truth came out." He breathed in deeply, "but it seems even more embarrassing is that the Commodore knew this all along and intentionally instructed the scientists to violate all the advice to the contrary."

The blue man's words were not those ye would typaclly choose but for this particularly story they seemed quite appropriate. He tilted his head, "have you heard anything about the Azzians before M'Gann?"

M'Gann thought back for a moment, racking her brain for anything she knew about the Azzians. "Only that they sent an ambassador to the Federation some two years ago. But like I said, I've been very out of the loop on things here."

Lixor smiled broadly, "I'm impressed," he said with a chuckle." The Romulans and the Klingons both believed they were a mythical species until then but they are from what I understand very much alive although I haven't figured out how they survived after their solar system was engulfed by a temporal anomaly." He shrugged and chuckled, "but that's a different story and we really didn't meet them, only some ancient relics of a colony had established on the planet we were researching. It's known as Garvosil."

"To be honest," the blonde replied, "I thought that that was all rumor, but I guess that's all I had to rely on considering, well..." she gestured to her eyes with a waving motion of her hand, reminding them both that she wouldn't have been able to see this new species even if they had encountered them. "If their system was engulfed by a temporal anomaly, then there are all sorts of possibilities as to their whereabouts. Far into the past, perhaps in the future... maybe even in some sort of subspace pocket."

"Sub space pocket," Lixor mulled over the idea and remembered her blindness with a bit of pain. "Well at any rate," he finally added, "neither have I seen them, only a temple of which most of it is still to be explored and a burial ground that has been overgrown over the several thousand years it remained untouched."

He offered a smile and drew in a breath, "I do think you would have found it fascinating M'Gann but it was extremely dangerous both because of the hostile life forms native to the planet and because o the gifts, the Azzians left behind."

"Oh, I bet it was fascinating," she concurred. Feeling a bit thirsty, and knowing that the nurse would get on her case about not staying hydrated, she got a glass of orange juice from the table's miniature replicator. She paused to watch the cup of orange liquid materialize in between them, and when it was done she took the glass and took a small sip. The silence didn't bother her, in fact she actually preferred it. But there was so much she didn't know. "So what else happened in the past year?" she asked.

Lixor let out a sigh and smiled at the woman, "I was awarded a degree in archaeology, was demoted to Ensign they promoted back oh and I missed you terribly." He smiled warmly at the woman, "you're irreplaceable.

M'Gann gave him a smile in return. "You have no idea how much I missed you, Lixor... I bet Miko did too," she replied, giving a small chuckle. She felt much more relaxed talking with him than she did talking with Mercia or David, and she knew she could trust him more than almost anyone else. As her eyes looked over him she noticed that he had grown a little older since she last saw him. His face was less baby-face and more structured, his eyes looked wiser... the blonde could tell that he had definitely grown.

"Would," Lixor began a bit more timidly than usual, "would it be alright if we did this more often, I mean get together and talk, like this?"

"Please?" M'Gann responded, almost too quickly. Realizing how fast her response was, she bit her lip and paused before adding, a little slower, "I mean... the medical wing gets lonely and the doctors put me on edge. If... if you could get me away from that, even for an hour like this, I certainly have no objection."

"Than," the man said with a chuckle, "count on it." He smiled broadly, "give me an excuse to get out of the labs too and besides, I have to admit, I rather enjoy your company."

M'Gann gave him a smile in return. "I enjoy your company too."


Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Crown

Lt. Commander M'Gann Sverch'tel
Memphis Island


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