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Movin In

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 7:29am by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: Taylor and Julians's quarters
Timeline: Current

Julian's quarters on the first version of Gladiator had been rather sparse, but hat was to be expected, since he was just a yeoman, well ostensibly a yeoman. Now he was a department head and sharing quarters with a fellow department head.

Even without the fresh off the showroom smell it was an improvement and he loved it. He was just finishing putting some Terran books away, and was going to cook some dinner for he and Taylor when he heard the doors whoosh open.

Almost instinctively he started reaching for a weapon, but stopped himself realizing only one person could activate their door with the security protocols they had set up.

"Hey babe," he called out without looking up.

"I saw that." Taylor teased him. Although Julian hadn't reached for the weapon Taylor saw his whole body tense up and the mental itch to protect himself. He came into the quarters and hugged Julian from behind him. "I'm sorry I had to drop things off and run."

Julian leaned into the hug, welcoming it. "Hey, it's okay, you're the guy in charge now. I understand that. I was just about to play househusband and fix something to eat. Did you want anything special?"

"You're the most amazing house hubby I know of." He said in complete contentment. "I will have what you like. The only thing special I want I've already got."

Julian raised a brow, "Flattery will get you everywhere, but then, you already knew that. How about you whip up a salad, I'll fix us some Chicken Marsala for the main course, and we can have each other for dessert?"

Taylor grinned a mischievous smile, "That definitely sounds appealing." He said heading for bedroom. "I need to get out of uniform first."

"Oh, I'd love to watch that, but I'll make do with the image in my mind for now. I'm going to get dinner started," Julian said as he turned and started walking towards the kitchen.

Taylor chuckled and shook his head as he walked into their bedroom to change. He came back out in civilian clothes a bit later and went to work on the salad. "How was your day so far?"

"Okay, I guess. But I'm not sure how much I like being the guy in charge. All this paperwork and reports, plus my being in charge of keeping the rules might not be the best idea Starfleet ever came up with. How about your day?"

Taylor shrugged, being in charge was only somewhat new to him, it wasn't that bad. "I wanted to ask you about something, though." He admitted. "But it's business and I don't know how willing you are to talk show at home." He added.

"I don't mind talking about work, as long as it doesn't become our focus. What did you want to talk about?"

"How do you feel about joint training between our departments?" He asked. "I'm not talking about merging them but having the security department and the marines get used to each other and work together." he said. This was all stemming from the original Gladiator's destruction. He wanted the departments to be on the same page in emergencies.

"It makes a lot of sense really,"Julian answered, "More often than not, it's a pissing contest between the two departments. Too much competition and not enough cooperation. Of course on most ships, the two department head don't have the kind of working relationship that we do. So we can set up joint training. When did you want to start, and did you have anything specific in mind?"

He smiled at the term working relationship. "Just introductions and trust training first off." He said. "I want to run it up the chain of command, but once we both agree on it and like the lay out, I don't see why would couldn't start as soon as it's okayed."

"Sure, sounds good, I'd like to see us practice taking and defending the bridge. How does that sound?"

Taylor's smile widened, "Holodeck simulations, I like that idea." He came over to steal a kiss. "God I love your mind."

"Actually, I wasn't taking about about the holodeck. I was thinking we could make it more realistic if we tried the real thing."

Taylor's smile dropped slightly, "I... I don't know how Commodore Hawkins' would take that approach." He said. "I think it might be too close to the real thing."

"You may be right," Julian countered, "and if so, the holodeck works fine. We can ask, well, I can ask."

Taylor nodded his head. "At least to start with I think the holodeck will work. Maybe on liberty we can work with the bridge when there is a minimal crew," Taylor added. "God forbid we hurt a member of the command staff by accident." He knew how Marines got when they were in the thrill of combat.

"I can see your point," Julian conceded, "holodeck it is. Won't be as much fun though."

"I'll lower the safety protocols for you."

Julian chuckled, "Oh, trying to seduce me I see. Well it's working. Keep talking dirty to me like that and who knows what might happen tonight."

Taylor blushed slightly as he tried not to enjoy the ideas that were coming to mind already. He loved that Julian appreciated the way his mind worked and that his mind and Julian's usually worked the same way. They saw things tactically, strategically and usually in a combative, over protective sort of way. Taylor had told Julian a number of times he'd have made a great Marine.

Julian looked over at Taylor and took his hand. "You're and am amazing man Taylor and I am happy to have you in my life," he said.

He grinned wider. "Oh yeah, you can hear all that now." He continued to get used to having the bond between them. "That's going to make it really hard to surprise you with things and parties for your birthday in the future you know."

"I know, I'm going to have the same problem you know. You'll pick up on it pretty quickly and I won't be able to keep anything from you. But on the plus side we'll know when the other is in danger. Oh and it makes cheating almost impossible. Not that I ever intend on doing that."

He chuckled. "Cheatin' on someone as amazing as you?" His farm boy twang came out. "please."

Julian moved closer to his lover reached up, took his neck and pulled his face down so he could kiss him deeply.

Taylor wrapped his arms around the other man's waist and kissed him back. It was that kiss that brought his father's communication to the forefront of his mind and he gasped when he realized he'd forgotten. Mid kiss...

Julian took a step back. "Taylor, what's going on. What about your father?"

"He sent a communique to the Gladiator." He admitted. "Said that he was looking forward to seeing me and catching up." Taylor added. "My brother must have told him he saw us."

"So how is he going to react. what should I expect?"

"I don't know." Taylor pointed out. "My brothers were behind Jason's death. My mother said my father disowned me." He shrugged. "He's never reached out until now."

"Well, he's hardly going to try anything on board a starship. And even if he did I can take care of myself. But you know, maybe he's had a change of heart. He may even embrace the situation."

"I know you can take care of yourself." He smiled. "Dad isn't a physical sort." He gestured to his temple. "Dad gets up here and messes with you." Taylor pointed out as he let out a sigh. "It may be nothing, I'm not going to worry too much about it until he shows up. IF he shows up." He hugged Julian.

Julian returned the hug,"Whatever happens," he said, "we'll deal with it together."

Taylor smiled. "Should we finish dinner?"

"Good idea, let's do that." Julian replied.



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