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Something I ate....

Posted on Fri Sep 9th, 2016 @ 6:48pm by Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Edited on on Mon Oct 3rd, 2016 @ 4:58pm

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 4 1307

The blue man hesitated for a moment at the threshold of sickbay, drew in a deep breath and ventured through the sliding door. He never liked being in this part of the ship. It seemed to indicates something was wrong, primarily with him. That seemed to be a given though if he was someone given to illness he never would have survived the failed colony. This time though he want to ensure that he was actually alright.

Lixor's trip into the unknown had not come without a price, one he wished he had not needed to pay. Though it earned him great praise and he gleaned an enormous amount of knowledge eating a strange concoction designed for the purpose of extracting poison from ones system never sounded like an excellent idea.

He shrugged his shoulders and glanced around before stepping forward to activate the sliding doors. Once inside Lixor let his hazel eyes scope out the place hoping to find someone that could get him looked at and out of there as quick as possible.

"May I help you?" Lydia asked, turning and facing the new arrival upon hearing the sick bay doors open.

The blue man smiled at the woman and nodded, "well for one I've not had my boarding physical, for another I'd like you to check for traces of Aldoricbiarbonic acid." He tilted his head slight, "long story and the treated it with some concoction made from the leaves of the Dalonic tree with boiled Gavis nuts in a paste." he smiled a little broader, taken orally of course."

The mention of a required physical wasn't unexpected, but she sure wasn't expecting the rest of it. She frowned, not familiar with the acid he was referring to. "I can take care of the physical easily enough," Lydia replied, "but I'm afraid you'll have to give me a bit more detail concerning the acid you mentioned." She gestured for him to follow her to a bio bed. "This acid, is it dangerous to you, and what's the relationship between it and the leaves and nuts you mentioned?"

"The acid is rather lethal in large amounts, about three times as strong as stomach acid and derived from a lengthy chemical process, The nuts and leaves are native to Koval, the homeworld of the Havatians," Lixor replied then chuckled.

His cheeks flushed realizing how foreign it all sounded, "Sorry I'm probably not making sense but the Havatians are a species native to the Delta quadrant and are members of the Federation. Got to seem some of them on my last little tour of duty."

In truth, his explanation didn't help her understand much more, but she was comforted that he didn't seem to be in immediate medical distress. When he took his place on the bio bed, she immediately opened her tricorder and began to scan. "I'm afraid I still don't follow you. What is the relationship between this potentially lethal acid and the nuts and leaves you mentioned?"

Lixor chuckled, "it is rather complicated isn't it." He drew in a breath and began again, "my last last assignment put me on a research vessel where we studied an ancient abandoned colony. Our ration packs became poisoned and I ate one, became really sick and was given these leaves and nuts to cure the poison." He smiled and shook his head, "I hope that helps."

"It does," Lydia answered with a smile, inwardly relieved her patient was finally speaking in a straightforward manner. Looking down at her readings, she didn't notice anything particularly alarming off the bat, but asked, "Have you noticed any troubling symptoms since being given the leaves and nuts you spoke of? Any abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting?"

"No," the blue man said with a smile, "only an increased appetite, does that count?"

Whitlock nodded. "An increased appetite may not be anything to worry about, but I'd like to do a full G.I. scan just to be sure. What can you tell me about the poison and the nature of your illness?"

"Well," Lixor said with a smile, "it's rather rare and created when Polyhydrochloride combines with salt and citric acid. let it react with each other for a while and you have Aldoricbiarbonic acid." He smiled knowing only two of the ingredients would sound remotely familiar, "when we accidentally ingested a trace amount of of it we became nauseated and our eyes dilated. About two hours later we experienced dry heaves and acidic diarrhea and by four hours our eyes were bloodshot and small vessels in our hands and feet were beginning to burst. From what I understand the next phase we would have begun bleeding internally, began hallucinating." Feeling a bit guilty for all his mumbo jumbo of an explanation he hoped the good doctor could figure it out.

"That sounds awful and quite frightening," Lydia replied, directing him to lie down on the bio bed so she could properly place the scanner over his abdomen. "You are fortunate others knew what to do in time. Any issues with your hands and feet since?"

The blue man laid on the bed and looked over at the physician, "sometimes I have had a slight tingling in my hands but I thought that was perhaps a pinched nerve."

Not wanting to take any chances, Lydia replied, "I'll take a look at them just to be sure."

Lixor nodded and let out a light sigh, "Probably a good idea."

Lydia nodded. The scan passed in silence as Whitlock focused on taking a thorough look at the blue man's gastrointestinal tract. She noticed some slight indications of irritation, but nothing that she wouldn't expect to see through "normal use," so to speak. "I'm not seeing anything concerning," she explained, "but I do see some signs of slight irritation in your gastrointestinal tract, so I would stick to a light diet for the next couple of days just to be on the safe side. Of course, if anything changes, come see me immediately." She unlocked the scanner and eased him into a sitting position, so she could take a closer look at his hands and feet.

The man smiled broadly, "I'll try to stay away from those fire chimichangas with ghost pepper salsa."

Whitlock smiled. "That sounds like a good idea," she replied, as she moved down the bio bed to examine his feet. Visual examination didn't reveal anything significantly out of the ordinary, but she did notice some small areas of discoloration, peach spots which stood out against the blue of his skin now that she was taking a closer look. She took out her tricorder and began to scan the spots themselves, noting they didn't appear to be a wound or a rash, but on a molecular level didn't seem to match the rest of his biochemistry. "Do you know if you've had these peach colored spots on your feet for a long time?" They were unusual and unexpected, but not necessarily an indication of anything serious. Differences in skin pigmentation could just as easily be genetic.

"Not that I have ever been aware of," Lixor said as a puzzled look crossed his blue face.

The scientist paused for a moment, "Would it help if I was able to give you a sample of the poison?" he asked, "it would be in a liquid form."

Lydia looked up from her scans and nodded. "That would be a good idea. I'm not saying you have anything to worry about, but I'd rather work to find the answers just to be safe. Don't worry," Whitlock replied with a smile. "I'll take good care of you."

"Easy for you to say," the blue man replied teasingly, "but I'll do my best and get your sample to you right away." He breathed in deep then added, "wouldn't want there to be two of me because of this."

"I agree," Lydia returned with a smile. "Fortunately, we have no reason to think things will get that far."

Lixor smiled, "good I can cause enough trouble on my own." He breathed in and looked at the woman, "I can't say the mission wasn't exciting at least."

Lydia chuckled. "Except for the sickness and almost dying thing, you mean." More seriously, she added, "How quickly can you provide that sample? I don't want to waste any time in treating you if we don't have to."

The blue man paused for a moment, "sounds serious," he said then drew in a deep breath, "should be able to get you a sample within in about ten minutes, is that soon enough?"

"I'm just being extra careful," Lydia reassured. "Ten minutes is great."

Lixor breathed in deep, "glad to hear that," he smiled looking a little relieved, "thanks than I'll see you in ten minutes."




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