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The Sloths are coming

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 7:31am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester
Edited on on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 7:57am

Mission: Blackout
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Three weeks before Streaker in aisle 4

Looking up from the mess hall where she was sitting over near to the wall with some sheets of paper and crayons doing sketches & alternated sipping from a chocolate milkshake, she noticed a crew member enter that she hadn't really talked to since coming back to the new ship - the Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical, Paula Winchester.

Her history was quite interesting, and it was nice to see her back. The room was quite quiet and smiling, Lizzy grinned, "Hi, Paula. How are you going?"

Paula noticed her old friend from the last version of the Gladiator and walked over to her, giving her a wide smile, she also noticed her drawing things on the table. this pleased her that there now was someone on the ship that she could relate to.

Paula replied,"Hi Lizzy, Nice to see you,"

as she bent over and gave Lizzy a peck on the cheek, as she took the seat opposite her, she wondered who else was back here as she herself hadn't had time to check the roster.

She continued,"and, I'm fine thanks, Yourself?"

Lizzy smiled, "That's great."

Then she sighed a little, "I've had a rather interesting time. I'm guessing you would have seen the reports on my wife going a bit out of control. Turns out she isn't fully Vulcan as her mum was an undercover Romulan spy."

Lizzy quickly added, "She won't be a security risk though."

"No I haven't," replied Paula looking at Lizzy, she continued," I have just come on board the Gladiator-A"

She placed a hand upon Lizzy's as she started to feel sorry for her friend, having a bombshell dropped like she just had , made her realize how Paul must of felt when she herself had told him about her dating Lisa the first time.

"You do know that we will have to keep an eye on her communications for a while," she started, keeping an eye on Lizzy's Wife was something she didn't like to do, but she knew that she didn't have a choice

"Yeah, T'Madh knows that.. It's all cool, and honestly, she took it better then I thought. We already went through the probing that comes from Starfleet Intelligence, and she accepts it. Probably should alert Samuel too, although I bet they have already. What sort of things did you do in the break between ships?"

"Well, for starters," replied Paula looking at her friend, she continued," I got involved in some shenanigans that I can not talk about," as she gave a slight smile, as she remembered the fun with sam.

Lizzy grinned, "Mmm.. Shenanigans sounds fun. Oh, I have so many totally inappropriate stories of my own that I can't really tell. Let's just say, Admiral Dakson from Starbase 3 has a permanent 'stun me on sight' directive to his staff after what I did to his Phycus while drunk."

Paula Looked back at Lizzy for a moment and then spoke "then I had my Brother turn up unexpected wanting to make amends," she stated, "after all I hadn't seen him since I left the Academy," she concluded remembering the two weeks he spent trying to make up for lost time with her and Lisa.

Lizzy grinned, "Oh, so that must be rather an interesting family event. I can't even contemplate what that be like for you, and he probably should have at least called ahead first. How did it go?"

"Yeah that was a surprise and now we are all cool," she replied looking at Lizzy, she finished,"Now I just want to get started with work," as he had been having time off and now refreshed, she knew that new ship and new challenges awaited them.

Lizzy nodded, "Sure, that probably will help. I know it may sound like bad advice, but well, family is worth it regardless. How are you finding the new ship so far? I'm still trying to get used to things here."

"Well, I am trying to get used to the Security offices," chuckled Paula looking at Lizzy, she continued," but, I am here if you need to chat about things and so is your Wife," knowing that at least she could keep an eye on T'Madh. but knowing her luck she would find someone on the Gladiator to keep her company.

Lizzy nodded, "I was down there earlier to make sure I got Fang re-certified and deactivation codes are in the system in case, and was quite impressed. "

She then giggled, "Thanks, and a lot of the times with my wife, it mostly starts with tearing of clothes and not much speaking.. Ooops, sorry.. too much information."

"Don't worry about it," replied Paula giving her a grin," I know what you mean, what with Lisa being," she Continued,," well, an animal," as she gave a short laugh, she finished, but she buys me new clothes to make up for it,"

Lizzy grinned, "That's nice of her at least."

Paula looked back at her for a few minutes and then grinned back at her friend, Paula remarked,"It is going to feel strange without her touch," as she knew Lisa would only moan that things were not good as she was stuck on the base whilst Paula had fun.

Lizzy nodded, "Yeah, that might be a bit hard. But since the Gladiator is home-based around Memphis, it will be a bit easier. As someone who stayed with a longer-term distant relationship, it is quite hard but still worth it. T'Madh and I did it for a fair while before she transferred. We found that subspace calls helped, and arranging shore leaves together."

"I think Lisa won't mind if I found someone to ease my troubles" replied Paula looking at her friend, although Lisa had made it clear to her that if she did, Then she would be fine to find her own friends, although Paula knew that this was hard on her.

"You need to be sure, and I know it is a rather difficult thing to work out. For me and T'Madh, it was easier due to Vulcan techniques. I do know that honesty is important and we held back nothing about times that things happened with needs."

"Its not the first time we have been separated like this," replied Paula looking back at Lizzy, she continued," The first time was out of the Academy; when we got split up by different assignments," as she picked up her drink and took a sip.

Lizzy nodded, "Oh, okay. It It happens a lot in Starfleet actually, although they try not to do it if they can help it. You know Lisa well, and it is something that unfortunately, it is really hard to give advice on. But from the sounds of it, it sounds like you know. At least there will be some contact when we return to Memphis often. Although this isn't the same thing, I still miss Bo Bo and the rest of the petting zoo animals when we go out."

"Didn't I warn you about that!" remarked Paula, remembering when Lizzy had brought the young animal to the Island, She continued, I"I knew you would get to attached to him," looking back at her friend. She finished," I have asked the Academy if Davina's class to look after it as Part of their studies,"

Lizzy grinned, "I get attached to anything furry. T'Madh and I are currently even working to get permission to transfer her pet seh'lat over, and I have a pair of sloths in transit at the moment under an export license. Davina is always welcome. I have a professional zoo-keeper on staff, a Tellarite man named Rus bim Nagrer, who loves animals & explaining to others - although he can talk your ears off. I'll let him know and they can work something out with the Academy to help with its science program maybe?."

"Oh dear lord," responded Paula picking up her drink as she continued," Davina is not mucking that out," as she took a sip, she finished," and I didn't know you were looking after those," as she couldn't imagine the Captain granting permission for a pair of sloths. She asked," Have you cleared it with the Captain?" after the incident with BO BO.

Lizzy smiled, "No worries.. We wouldn't do that. No, I haven't got permission, as I am doing it as a civilian thing on Memphis Island. And technically, the Memphis Island Baby Animal Petting Zoo is now considered part of Betazed anyway. My mum works as a diplomat for the Betazed DIplomatic Service and she was fine with getting it listed as an embassy."

"Do you know that I will have to inform Julian of this don't you," replied Paula, as she looked back at Lizzy," as you know we will now have to have Security check all personnel who work there now," as she knew Julian would flip at this news.

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, I know. Julian will find they have all been security checked already. Even though I'm sure he will also find that diplomatic staff aren't required to submit to that sort of thing. I seriously don't want to cause any problems, and none of them are a danger. Surely they should know about it in the base admin, because I had a shuttle do sign writing the other day as an advertisment - all with approvals."

"That's not the point Lizzy, I wish you had told us earlier what you were going to do," replied Paula, she looked back at her friend, " it would have been nice to have been told and had the heads up," as she gave a slight smile at the thought of Davina cleaning out a Vulcan seh'lat and a Pair of sloths.

Lizzy bit her lip, "The thing is that it wasn't really planned at first. I sort of ordered the sloths on a whim and then forgot. It was when I got a message saying they were in transit that I remebered and then had to quickly back-pedal to find a place. T'Madh wasn't really amused either, although she has been learning to accept my craziness. At least Anauk is still on Vulcan for the moment. That's the name of T'Madh's seh'lat. She wanted him to be legal so still working on that."

"I see," replied Paula, she continued," Can we have a copy of the transport log for our records so that we don't get yelled at by our liege and master," with a smirk at the joke meaning the Captain.

Lizzy smiled, "Should be with Memphis Island security office. If he gets mad, let me know and I'll burst into his office to yell at him again. I haven't done that recently. He probably needs that every so often so he doesn't get a fat head."

"Name of said officer please," replied Paula looking back at her friend," As I will chew him out as Lisa is in charge of the Memphis office," she continued, looking back at her. She finished," and He won't want Lisa giving him the riot act,"

Lizzy looked down sheepishly, "Well, it could have been sort of slipped in the middle of some other files. I didn't want to get denied, so I may have appended it to an inventory order I think. SO technically, it got rubber-stamped already."

"Lizzy, I need to check this out otherwise they still could be denied entry and placed in quarantine," replied Paula looking back at her, she continued," both Julian and I need copies in case we get yelled at by our own higher ups," as she looked back at her and gave a smile as she finished," I won't chew him out,"

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. And they are already planned to go into quarantine. I handed out cards at the party recently so no one can really say they don't know about my baby animal petting zoo either. And well, I even brought it up with Mercia about visiting & didn't get yelled at."

"Oh, and they will arrive on Tuesday in a diplomatic container marked 'Fauna - Do not Eat Me' for the Betazoid Embassy."

"Tuesday, Oh joy," replied Paula with a smirk, "I'll see to it that it goes through ok," he continued, looking back at her friend she finished," and let me know in advance when the seh'lat is on his way please Hon," as Paula knew that by working together things didn't get out of hand.

Lizzy grinned, "Thanks. Anauk won't be coming for months at least. The movements of seh'lats off-world have to be approved by the Vulcan Science Academy - they know that most people consider giant teddy bears with razor sharp claws and fangs to be distressing. But Anauk is a softy really - he is quite timid and a bit of a coward."

"When he does come, " replied Paula looking at Lizzy she continued," I will Have Davina assigned to him," as she knew that Davina would take care of Anauk as if he were her own, she finished," But you will let me know when he is coming won't you?"

Lizzy nodded, "Of course, and I am sure T'Madh will be able to give exhausting amounts of details as well. The zoo has some staff too with full zoological and exotic animal vetrinary training, who follow safe procedures so the guests, Davina and the others will be fine."

"Ok," replied Paula looking at her friend and gave her a quick grin, She continued," We have to make this a regular feature," as it was good for her to have a chat with friends as she finished," anyway, I need to get to work," as she shifted the chair backwards and rose from it. She said," See you later Lizzy," and headed for the door.

Lizzy smiled, "Sure, see you later."


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