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CO to CO

Posted on Sun Jul 10th, 2016 @ 3:40am by David Hawkins & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Commodores Ready Room
Timeline: Before Green and Gold Equals...

Price had never really, truly had any one on one conversation with Commodore Hawkins when they'd both last served on board the Gladiator. Everything had come down the pipeline through Delvok. But now that Price was the Marine Commander, well, he figured the two men had to have a face to face sooner or later.

Taylor felt butterflies in his stomach, which he almost laughed at when he realized he was actually slightly nervous to meet the Commodore. He'd been standing outside the man's ready room for nearly a full minute trying to understand the flip flops that were going on in his stomach. Finally he activated the sensor that triggered the chimes on the other side of the door.

Taylor hadn't expected to talk much more then shop. Just a run down of what the Commodore expected of the marines and anything else the two men considered noteworthy shipboard expectations. Taylor knew he wasn't allowed to go back to Memphis Base and kill anyone again and he could make that promise so long as no one came after Julian again. He smirked to himself at the idea of having to make that promise out loud though.

"Enter!" David called out as he sat in the new chair of the new Ready Room. It was taking some time to get used to. Hell he was still in his civilian clothing as he tried to understand some of the reports that he was still reading over. His fleet was working to finish up their missions before returning back into the the sector.

Looking up from his desk, he saw his old marine office he had barely knew. It was time to get to know him. The marine moved before his desk and snapped into the normal stance and saluted. David stood up and saluted in kind as well before reaching out to shake his hand. "Lieutenant Price. Welcome back to the Gladiator."

Taylor accepted the salute and the hand shake with a firm grasp. "Thank you, sir. Honestly, it's good to be back."

"Oh?" he asked wandering what was on her mind. "I wasn't sure if you would take the job, but then again, I wasn't sure about the others as well. A lot happened over the past couple years."

Taylor tried to fight off the smirk he felt slipping across his face. "Well, Marines aren't usually given a choice in their assignments, sir. We're told to go, not asked." He offered. "Not that's I'd have refused. The Gladiator got me out of a very dark place, and helped me grow as a man and a marine." He nodded as he thought about it. "I think you'll find the majority of us more loyal to ship and CO then you give us credit for."

"Well that maybe true, but if you don't want this assignment, I don't want to hold ya back. I hope you know that," David explained as he looked at the marine. "You see, Tayler, I won't want forced people under my command."

"I'd have voiced a concern if I didn't want to be here, Commodore." Taylor retorted. "I don't believe you can force people under a command. It just causes tension and ill will. No Commanding officer needs that," He knew that much about being a CO. "I'm happy to be on board and happy to be serving under your command again."

"No kissing ass, Lieutenant," he quickly raised a hand as he looked at a Padd. "And to be honest, you can force people. But its not as fun as you would want."

"Duly noted." Taylor couldn't hide the smirk.

David nodded in agreement as he slid the padd over to Taylor. "Already, Chief. So I'm assuming you know who is your counterpart in the Security department correct?"

Taylor lifted an eyebrow, he got the impression from the question that the Commodore didn't know about he and Winterstorm.

"Lieutenant J.G. Winterstorm," he answered.

"Um, Commodore." He cleared his throat. "You should know that Lt Winterstorm and I are, well," his eyebrows wrinkled slightly feeling a bit awkward telling his CO this. "Well we're married, sir." He added. "Well we're bonded, which is the Akadian version of marriage."

"Good for you," David nodded as he looked at the officer. "I had seen the report and all that but I am not concerned about that. I need to know if this is going to be an issue with you two since one is a marine and one is security. This is a typical issue with officers. Now that you two are in a relationship, I need to make sure that you both can defend your personal and protect them."

"Well actually, sir." He held up a report padd. "I spoke to Mercia about that very thing, we're working on designing some joint trainings to get our departments used to working together so that when and if something comes up our teams are used to working together and know the expectations." He said.

"And you think its going to go a smooth sailing the whole time?" the commodore asked as he looked him over with a slight smirk.

"I'd be foolish, if I thought it would all be smooth sailing." He retorted. "The plus side is that Julian and I can't really hide from each other to cool down, we have to work it out."

"That being said, this is a special circumstance, and I want to make sure that you and your partner are going to have a strong plan that I will be ok with. With that being said, I want to have a meeting with you two later on."

He was a little take back by the Commodores words. He'd run the idea by Mercia and she'd been fine with it. Hell, she even liked it, she trusted them to work together. Maybe it was just because Hawkin's was used to Delvok's way of doing things. "Not a problem, sir." He knew his tone was standoffish, but there wasn't much he could do about it.

"I know this comes off as me questioning you two pulling this off. I just..." He paused as David tried to find the correct words before he looked at the marine. "... I have seen relationships cause issues in the past or even jobs cause issues with relationships. I don't want either to be a problem with you two. So I want you two to prove me wrong on my concerns is all."

Taylor realized his thoughts must have come across his face and his tone was a dead give away. "I'm sorry, sir. Of course, Julian and I have been partners for three months, we've worked together on Amphritite without too much trouble." He smirked. "I think he'll consider it a welcome challenge to prove your concerns unfounded."

"Well I look forward to that," the commodore nodded feeling he may have upset the man before him. But then again, he needed to cover all his bases. What kind of leader could he be if he didn't insure all his concerns were true or not? Even more, what kind of person is he if he didn't give them the chance to prove him wrong. IT wasn't as though he wasn't proven wrong before.

Taylor nodded again. "I did want to ask you your expectations for the department, if you don't mind while I'm here."

"Honestly..." David pondered the question for a moment before shrugging as he looked at the young officer. He had a lot of expectations of his people... but only one and the man was already proving him self's worth. "... I expect you to push your men and women to their best. This is their home as anyone else's. They should be ready for any and everything. They should be Multi-capable. What that means is that they should be working in other departments cause they aren't always going to be fighting a war. They should be able to help with patching up the ship or the personal. Help with every day life on board the ship as well as being able to fight and win. I hope you feel the same as well.

Taylor couldn't hide his smile. "I wouldn't have come back to the Gladiator if this wasn't already home, sir. I do see what you mean though and I will definitely express your expectations to the men."

"Very good," the Commodore grinned slightly as he took it in. He felt the same way and it was time to get back into the thick of it for himself, for sure. "Alrighty, get your equipment requests into Kavi and take anot her once over of your section. If you need modifications, get with engineering and get those done sooner rather than later."

He nodded his head. "Yes, sir. I appreciate it."

With that, the two stood up and nodded in respect as they shook hands. "You are dismissed, Lieutenant. I will talk to you later tomorrow," David said before watching the young man walk out. He starred at the blank closed door as he pondered to himself wandering if he was truly doing the right thing. Now it was going to be a long trip with him getting back into the rhythm of things. He only knew that it was now time to talk to a counselor.

Price nodded his head and headed back out of the Commodore's ready room. The conversation had been enlightening and yet disturbing in some small way. He hadn't really considered that he and Julian's relationship would be seen as a threat to the ships security. He shuffled it off into the back of his thoughts to be brought up over supper with Julies and went back to work.

~ Fin ~


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