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Bringing Back More Than the Dead

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2016 @ 6:18am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Labs
Timeline: Late August 2392


Arvix walked in to the lab again and looked at the woman he killed yesterday, and then brought back to life the night before.

"So creature... Now you understand that I have the power of life and death over you." he said.

M’Gann pulled against the restraints weakly while trying to blink back the exhaustion that threatened to overtake her. After the breath of life kissed her yet again and filled her lungs, she had been strapped to the lab table and kept there overnight. The researchers took shifts doing minor experiments, the most memorable one being if an electric current would keep her awake at a constant voltage. She knew it was a lie when they merely claimed that they wanted to make sure she wouldn’t crash. "Guess I sho'da specified..." she mumbled, "... tha' I wanted t'stay dead..." Rassilon, she was tired. All she wanted to do was sleep, but she knew if she closed her eyes and tried to rest they would do something else to her to keep her awake. Turning her head to face Walters, she added, "You can have th'power... to kiss my ass," and gave him a faint little smirk.

He chuckled, amused by her spirit. "Oh is that something you really want to say to someone who is going to help you be reintroduced to your old friends?" he asked. "Cooperation my dear, will gain you rewards." he chided the woman. He turned as the doors opened and a holographic person walked in, M'gann wouldn't know they were holographic, but that was part of the point. "See who it is?" he asked as if she were a small child.

It felt like there was slush in her head as she turned it to the side to see who he was referring to. It took a moment, but then her eyes widened. The long dark brown hair, and those blue/grey eyes... M'Gann felt a small twinge of hope in her chest. "Mercia..." she croaked, lifting herself as much as her restraints would let her off the table. "Mercia, you're alive..." After the Order had dragged Mercia away from Hawkins the day the Gladiator surrendered, M'Gann had assumed that they had killed her along with everyone else... but maybe she made it out! "Please... help me..."

Mercia looked her over, "Nah. You're where you belong." she said tossing her long hair back. She strolled further into the room. "How are things going Arvix." she said with a bit a sultry tone. "Has she told you every thing you wanted to know?" she purred.

Arvix put his arm around the holographic woman and shrugged at M'Gann. "Always had a thing for brunetts." he commented. "She's still got a lot of spirit, but she died yesterday." he commented.

"How facinating." Mercia commented.

The glimmer of hope in M'Gann's eyes faded as she watched the two interact. "Where I belong... no, Mercia..." There was something different about Mercia, and the look she gave her made chills race down the blonde's spine. "What... what did you do to her??!" she yelled at Arvix, using her anger to try and break free again.

"Do to me?" Mercia laughed. "You don't even know me. You never have. I've been fascinated by hearing the data that Arvix has been able to glean." she said. "Oh are you still going to allow me to take that other creature as my pet when you are done with it?" Mercia asked.

"Of course darling." Arvix said.

"Wonderful." Mercia rubbed her hands together as she leaned down closer to M'gann and looked closely at her ridge. "Always thought you were ugly, never realized just how so." she muttered.

Anger washed over the blonde's face. The woman before her was not the Mercia she knew... Arvix must have brainwashed her. "Mercia, wake up! He's using you!" she told her. Despite months of futile attempts to break free, M'Gann put her strength into trying to break the restraints. "Whatever you do to him I will do to you!" she growled at Arvix.

"I doubt very much you could possibly break my leg." Arvix said. "Mercia, why don't you sit down and you and M'gann have a chat." he said. He moved away to the observation station and looked more focused.

Mercia pulled up a chair and sat down, "Look, I know I'm not what you wanted to see... things changed. I'm a survivor." she said flatly.

Sputtering a couple very colorful words at the man's back, M'Gann turned her gaze back to the woman she thought she knew. "I thought they killed you..."

"No, I just needed them to THINK they killed me." the hologram responded.

Arvix smirked from the station he was working at. The Real Mercia Kavi was killed, she refused to bend to the New Order, unlike her CO David Hawkins.

A look of confusion settled over M'Gann's face. "Who were you trying to convince? Why did you fake it then?" As she spoke, she looked carefully at Mercia while trying to figure out if it was really her. Brown hair, the same colored eyes... even the way she sat was the same.

"Somebody's a little nosey," Professor Simoga grumbled, stepping into the room. He noticed the hologram, and looked at Arvix for confirmation that an experiment was in session.

M'Gann turned her head toward the newcomer and growled, "what's it to you?"

Arvix tipped his head at M'Gann with disappointment. His hand touched a data pad, sending shocks of pain through the girl on her collar. "Do not disrespect the Professor." he ordered.

Mercia leaned close after the pain stopped, "I'd sneak you out of here but... yeah I don't give a crap about you. I have my own life to live. comply and things will get easier for you."

M'Gann grimaced when the shock coursed through her, her hands clenching into fists as her body tensed. A small gasp escaped her when the pain stopped, and she shut her eyes as she tried not to cry. She refused to cry in front of Arvix; it would only increase his desire to hurt her. "If you don't care about me, then why are you here?" she hissed, after hearing the brunette's words tickle her ear. Oh Rassilon, she was so tired... if only she could rest for a minute...

Simoga noticed the specimen strapped to the table starting to doze off, and calmly walked over, passing the hologram in her chair who was tormenting the blue being. Coming to a stop at the head of the table, Simoga looked down before taking his hand and slapping it across M'Gann's face, hard. "No sleeping until you are finished," he hissed at her before walking off.

A startled cry escaped the blonde as she was jolted back to the waking world, the stinging pain on her cheek reminding her that this wasn't some sick dream. "What the hell???" she shouted at the Professor. The need for sleep made her movements sluggish, but the slap kept her senses up and running. She shook her head to try and shake the stinging off her face before turning back to Mercia. "How am I supposed to comply if I don't know what the hell these bastards want??" she snapped at her.

Mercia laughed, "They want to know every thing about you. You comply by not having an attitude, and showing them about where you are from. That is all they want to know. We don't have blue skin creatures out here, not any more. So be a nice little experiment and behave hmmm pumpkin?"

"Sorry," M'Gann said, her words heavy with sarcasm, "but the attitude comes with the package." Despite the outside appearance, inside the blonde was torn. Right in front of her was Mercia, one of the people who she looked up to, and all of a sudden she was being abandoned by that very same person. Tilting her head a little, she added, "maybe you Tweedle Twins should go back to the Academy and learn a thing or two about doing proper research... or is that beyond your pathetic learning capabilities?"

"Science comes in many forms my dear." Arvix smirked at M'Gann. "Alright, Mercia, why don't you run along and go find that other creature to mess with." he said. "No doubt some other visitors will be coming to pay their respects to you. Or should I say... explain how things really are for you now." he said.

"Lets take another blood sample, I want to test the toxin level after revival. A nervous system test is also due. Tomorrow I want the intelligence and ESP tests performed." Arvix ordered.

The blonde watched Mercia stand and walk off, and yet again she tugged at the restraints without success in breaking them. "Mercia... Mercia!! Don’t leave me with him!" A shaky breath left her when she saw that the brunette didn't even bat an eye, and she fought back the tears stinging her eyes as she watched the woman exit, not even sparing a glance behind her. "Please..." She turned her eyes toward the ceiling and focused on the round little vent that was up there, hardly feeling the prick of the needle as it pierced her skin and drew her blood.

"Sir," a young man asked Arvix, "should we keep her overnight for further studies? The specimen's... uh, caretaker called, and she isn't happy. She is demanding that the specimen be returned to her custody."

Arvix grumbled. That nurse was going to be a pain in his side. Her connections is the only thing that kept her from being next on his study table. Either way, he wasn't done with her, not by a long shot, problem was her connections were already putting pressure on him to finish his tests, they had another team wanting to set her loose on her scientific skills and see what she could come up with. He had years of work planned. "Not tonight." he ordered. "I need the vocal training work begun." he said.

The young man swallowed nervously. "She has threatened to come down here and take her b-"

"If she has a problem with it she can schedule a meeting in my office" Arvix said with a darkly serious voice that would send chills down any ones spine. He walked over to the blue woman and looked down at her face. They may eventually take her from him, but she'd never be totally gone. He had a way of keeping her, she would belong to him, and she'd do his bidding.

The young man nervously nodded and left. M'Gann watched him go before turning and narrowing her eyes at Arvix. Although her expression was angry, her eyes still held the hurt she felt after seeing Mercia. "What the hell do you mean by 'vocal training work???'" she demanded.



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