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Readiness reports

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2016 @ 6:26pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: The Undesireables

Mercia strolled in to the brand new senior staff briefing room and wrinkled her nose. She hated the smell of new carpets. She couldn't seem to escape it yet on the Gladiator. The ship was coming together, and this was the first senior staff meeting called, a bit casual, just to see one another and go over the departments readiness and touch base. Each department was ordered to come with their stats and plans for the future of their departments ready. She moved to the table and picked up some coffee. Molli didn't have a very good night. The child was struggling to adjust being off planet. Mercia had never quite noticed the difference, but then she was a teenager by the time she went to space the first time, and it had been a change, but she'd been so focused on her job and fear she really didn't take time to notice.

She sat down in her chair and unfolded her tablet waiting for every one else to arrive, and present her and the Commodore with their department stats and plans.

Price had been down to Marine Country to double check the evening reports before he gathered up his reports and made his way to the senior staff briefing room. This was is first official briefing, even though he'd been a CMO on Amphritite everything had been informal. He stepped into the briefing room expecting to see other people, but was a bit taken back to see the XO there. He figured Julian was on his way and would show up any moment. Taylor set his PADD down in front of a seat and went for coffee himself. "Good Morning," He said in a somber tone.

Just a few minutes after Taylor walked in, it was Julian's turn to make an entrance. He had completely reorganized the Security Office itself and had gathered some ideas for some changes in the department His uniform was still crisp, but it was slightly dusty at the knees. Without really thinking about it, he sat down beside Taylor.

Lizzy had finished up with some patient files that she had been making notes on and grabbed some items that she had planned, getting ready before grabbing a data-padd. Heading down the corridor from the Counselling office and ignored a few stunned looks, Lizzy waited for a lift and then directed it to the right deck.

She ducked a little as she entered into the briefing room and then smiled, walking over to take a seat. As Lizzy sat, she adjusted the purple fairy wings that she had and the tin halo over her head, taking a sip of the ginger tea in her cup and skimmed through the data padd.

The nose of the Assistant Chief Science officer wriggled before he could catch it when the door slid open and the aroma of new struck him. Growing up there was nothing new or at least that he could remember. Buildings were old and in need of repair. Streets were in disarray and if someone was in uniform you avoided them because the outcome of meeting them was never a good one.

Lixor held a PADD in his hand that he kept to his side as he entered and quickly regained control of the expression on his face. It was far more placid and if he lacked any self confidence it didn't show. He nodded at those already there but chose to say nothing as he slid into a seat to await the meeting and sat his PADD on the hard surface of the table. It was good to be back, back with a crew he knew and could trust.

Mercia glanced at Lizzy, "Counselor, we need to work on your uniform compliance." she commented behind her mug. "Time and a place." she said.

Lizzy grinned, taking the halo and wings off, "Sorry, Captain, but at least there's some cloth. Hmm.. That's gonna take time to get used to, but congrats anyway."

Doctor Lydia Whitlock entered the senior staff briefing room in good spirits. It felt good to be aboard a ship named Gladiator again amongst familiar faces. It was also true she was back in a familiar position, and truth be told, that had given her some pause. In the time since the first Gladiator was lost, she had continued to work as a physician and counselor in a consulting and supervisory capacity.

Although Lydia would always consider herself a healer first and foremost, she wasn't so naïve as to think superiors in Starfleet would think her slightly deluded ambitions made her endearing. Lydia wanted responsibility and to grow, just like anyone else, she just didn't want it to completely take her away from the work she loved. She'd received a couple of offers to head up counseling departments, for example, and Whitlock had seriously considered them. In the end, she decided she couldn't give up the opportunity to serve once again with people she admired and respected, but the decision didn't come easy. More than one person had warned her not to avoid responsibility too long or it would come to taint her reputation as an officer. A desire to stay in the field could easily be viewed as laziness or a desire to avoid real work.

Entering the briefing room and spotting Lizzy sans wings and halo, but with them nearby, Lydia couldn't help but wonder if any of that advice mattered. Clearly, certain histories and professional standards mattered more than others. She offered an acknowledging nod and polite smile to Caldera. She liked Lizzy a great deal as a person, but Whitlock had to admit, seeing her wings and halo in light of Lydia's own professional dilemmas had reawakened some restlessness in Lydia herself. It was something to ponder and something Whitlock knew only time would reveal. "Hello everyone," Whitlock greeted with a grin.

The blue man looked up and nodded at Whitlock and offered a faint smile. He felt more at home in the labs rather than a meeting room and without M'Gann to hide behind that put him in the hot seat for answer the scientific stuff.

He let his hazel eyes take in the rest of the rooms occupants noting how many of them were returning, of that he was grateful, especially if his past popped it's ugly head up again.

Zera wasn't entirely sure why he was summoned to the meeting, and the frown on his face deepened when he saw that he was the only junior officer in the room. Figuring that there was a reason for it, he silently moved to a chair and took a seat, setting his tablet on the table.

"Julian, Taylor, thanks again for that toy. Molli wont let it go." she commented.

Julian glanced over at Taylor, "It was his idea," he said, "I just went along for the ride as they say. But, thank you."

Taylor glanced at Julian and smirked. "I'm glad she likes it."

At the last turn before the target conference room Phelps looked around him to assure no one saw him as he took a 'Picard maneuver' to straighten his jacket before he would enter the area. He would not have it any other way or be caught with the slight vanity; he was a man who liked to be neat.

"Greetings." He said in a jovial tone as he entered and found his way directly to a seat. "Top of the morning." He would keep a content smile as he took in his surroundings.

Julian nodded at him, "Good morning to you too," he said.

"Good to see you again Julian." Phelps offered a warm expression recalling some months ago when they worked together on the Gladiator upon Phelps first arriving, actually nearly a year and half ago but still fresh in his recollection.

Julian held out his hand, "Good to see you again too. It's mean awhile. How has life treated you."

"Well enough." He accepted the handshake. "Good to be back thought, how about you?"

"Same here, I'm the head of security now and Taylor and I are officially a couple now. What's been going on with you?"

"I think you will be a great head of Security and your finding your other half; one might say, is always a revelation. " Phelps congratulated. "I look forward to our departments having a good mutual understanding."

"Thanks," Julian responded, "You're absolutely right about Taylor Us Akadians are not exactly know for our monogamy, but I'm willing to make an exception for him. Security is a little different than Intel was, but I'm making the adjustment. I'm looking forward to our working together too."

"You are a man of action; I think you are more suited to Security; will keep you on your toes and not so long behind a computer analyzing lines of data and writing reports." Phelps said. "As they say Intel is analysis you can use."

"Well, that much is true, but I didn't do much analyzing before, I was more of an infiltration guy. But you're right for the most part."

Taylor just listened to the conversation beside him. He was double checking his reports. God, forbid he give Hawkins bad information.

Mercia stood up and cleared her throat, "Glad you all could make it. I know we're not launching quiet yet, but its time for us to make sure our boat is ready to go when the call comes, and for now we'll be lending support..."

"... Sorry I am late," David cut in as the Commodore walked into the briefing room and watched as everyone that was sitting down quickly snapped to attention standing up. He shook his head and hand as he walked by them to the head of the table. "At ease, please take your seats. Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well."

"Ah, bout time you showed up." Mercia tried to tease. She was making an effort to be her old self. She sat down with every one else, making space for David at the head of the table.

Phelps sat in his chair taking the events in; how the Officers play off the Captain, as a new man to the crew and coming under some questionable circumstances Phelps remain quiet and aware of all that went on around him. He was of the belief' a fools speak only to speak while the wise man listens.

Lizzy giggled mischievously, "Yeah, and you missed seeing my fairy wings. Although, I realize that a halo doesn't fit me."

All David could do for a moment was look over at the ship's counselor and recall how much that, even though he enjoyed the quite lonely life, he was truly missed his crew. The things that were completely off was so normal to him and his crew. To be honest, he wandered how he lived without seeing them from day to day. A grin stretched over his face as he nodded. "And knowing you, those horns of yours wwas holding up your halo as well."

Lizzy laughed, "Yeah, I should have brought a spiked tail too. But I do want to point out that I didn't bring pot brownies this time."

With a grin still on his face, he leaned on the table and looked around the table. There were faces he knew and some he didn't. It was hard to see the group and not wander where the rest of his original crew were. He pushed that thought aside as he started.

"Alright. First off I would like to welcome you all back. Make sure to try and congratulate our new Captain Mercia Kavi to the high ranks. She is going to be filling our Executive Officer position on Gladiator we tackling her additional work as Director of Memphis Island's Academy Director. So, that should keep her out of trouble, but I am sure a couple of you will make sure to break her out from time to time and get her in trouble."

Lixor smiled and nodded at the the Captain. There was a glint in his eyes though he didn't say a word. It really didn't seem appropriate to make his praise for the female at the meeting and besides, after his last post where it seemed he was only to speak when spoken to it was a bit harder coming up with words to express his congratulations.

Phelps took note of the promotion; his evaluation of the 'Captain' was still on track and he would not be surprised by the confidence shown to the woman. He waited to make that instant of eye contact as she glanced around the room and gave a bow of his head to acknowledge his approval and congratulating her without having to say a word and delay the reason they had come to the metting from being brought to light.

Lizzy grinned and opened her mouth that she could easily help with ideas for trouble, but decided to shut her mouth about that without incriminating herself, or the little scheme she was working out with some of the Romulans already to setup a pipeline of goods on the sly.

Instead, Lizzy continued, "Captain, I'm sure that you'll do a good job - you've managed to deal with us cuckoos fine. And I don't know if you would have seen it but I put forward an idea that maybe of some of us doing volunteer lectures when the ship isn't out on patrol or busy. I did a little bit while I was back on Earth for a bit and found it quite fun."

Teaching wasn't something Lixor had ever considered, exactly what did he have that he could pass on? Sure he was a great scientist, so were thousands of of minds in the Federation but given his background who would want to take the chance he wouldn't poison those young minds he was entrusted with? The blue man pushed the idea back down where it came from and merely listened to the exchange.

"What is the good of Intel if it cannot be passed along for others to learn from and use."Phelps suggested. "My Grand Pappy always said pass along what you know to those that will listen."

Mercia nodded, "Thank you all. Its nice to see every one here again." she said. "Lets get started with your departments readiness." She turned to the person next to her, "Lets start with you Lizzy."

Lizzy smiled and tapped her data padd, "Okay. Counselling has started working on the incoming staff counselling checkups and we have started the Assorted Anonymous groups again. There has been no serious mental issues reported so far, and all the Counselling staff have reported in & ready to see paitents. The ship's teaching program for children of crew has started too. On that note, I am beginning to go through all the staff lists for who needs to come see us more regularly. Some senior staff who will remain nameless need to get off the asses and book something before I get Petty Officer MacIntosh to go play bagpipes outside your quarters at 3 am."

Lydia chuckled and added, "On a similar note, I've noticed some of you are behind on your routine medical exams as well as your psych evals. I'd like to remind everyone while Counselor Caldera has access to bag papers, I have access to sharp instruments," she teased.

Taking a breath, she added, "I've also been given permission to mention one thing for the senior staff who would be appreciated not to be spread around. This has also been cleared with Starfleet Intelligence, but my wife's mother was actually a covert undercover Romulan spy. T'Madh has been cleared and sorta explains her.. issues.. back on the old ship."

Not wanting to really go into too much, she turned to the Chief Engineer and tapped her, "Tag, you're next."

"Engineering is running in top shape, they assigned most of us here when the Gladiator was destroyed, so we put a lot of the finishing touches on this new Gladiator. She's not broken in yet, but she's ready to go," Zeti smiled.

Phelps looked at his ever present PADD for a second then up to the Commands Staff. "Intel department has completed her upgrading of the cipher and secure connections to the Computer Core, the communications relays and Data connections have all been secured with the proper coding for relay to Both Star Fleet Headquarters as well and him Star Fleet Intel itself." He glanced up. "Though I would like to inquire about the use of Astrometrics for special projects that are of a sensitive concern and the Direct Link to Star Fleet network would be of use for certain projects." He gave a slight grin. "With permissions of course and aside from that the data stream to the Intell department is established and we are quite ready to serve the ship sir." He glanced down. "Also there is a request for the Shuttle Sidney Riley to have an assigned slant on the Hangar Deck since she was issued as an intricate part of the Intel Department's field equipment package." Phelps concluded.

Offering Paul a slight nod as he finished his report, Lydia chimed in, "Medical is well staffed and well-stocked and that's fortunate because we've been kept busy." Whitlock refrained from mentioning the rescue of M'Gann for now and added, "As I said, however, there are still a few outstanding physicals
that need to be done by the end of the day, so please check with your people and send them to me ASAP. Also, keep in mind, I'm available to conduct psych evals as well, so there are no excuses if you end up with bag papers at 3 AM."

"We have a few things to go over. First of all... One of our fallen has been found alive." she said. The room went silent as her words seeped in. "Lt. Commander M'Gann Sverch'tel was found alive. We do not have a lot of details about where she was or how she lived just yet, but it is under investigation." she said, not wanting to release much yet. "Nabohn, for now you're acting chief of science. I'd like you to retrieve the logs from the USS Thunderbird, from when M'Gann was found. There was some spacial anomalies, and she was found no where near the location of the Battle of Phantom Pain." she said.

Lixor's eyes widened and a broad smile crossed his face. He had hoped that by some miracle the woman he thought so much of had survived and he had been holding out hope. When her remains were not discovered it left a spark of a chance that she survived, just how, now he hoped to be able to determine.

"That's great new Mam," he said grinning from ear to ear, "I'll move that to the top of my priorities."

"Lizzy, I'd like you to visit M'Gann, she's currently at Memphis Island Hospital. She's been through trauma, from the sounds of it, similar to what I went through. Feel free to call upon Lyla Mesi if needed." she said mentioning the lead counselor for Memphis Island Academy, Refit Program. "She has experience with trauma, if you need the extra help."

"I'm also available and have experience with trauma," Lydia chimed in. "I was there when she was initially brought in for treatment as well, so at least initially, we may want to consider keeping her medical and mental health treatment in-house."

"Fantastic." Mercia nodded, "You're on the recovery team now. I want to keep as much of her case in house as we can. M'Gann belongs to us, she's an important part of this crew." she commented. "And now a symbol of return... and hope."

Lizzy nodded, "Yeah, I had planned to schedule in an appointment, and most likely, therapy for a long time. It will take time, but we will get her through it."

Zera wasn't phased by the news, as he had been one of the few who had helped out when she first made it to MIH. However, inside he was seething a little; if SI had let him continue his investigation for one more month perhaps he would've found something. "Captain," he spoke up, "with your permission I would like to assist counseling to try and get some more of those details we are lacking. I have been compiling what she has mentioned so far into a report, unfortunately at the moment it isn't a very long read. But for whatever reason it may be, M’Gann has a level of trust in me, and that connection may be useful in gathering more information."

Mercia nodded, "Building upon trust is valuable, ensure all contact is known and reported to Counselor Caldera though." Mercia said. "We don't want to cause her more issues by pressing too hard too fast."

"While we're on the topic," the Bajoran cautioned, "I highly recommend limiting any visitation until we have a more solid understanding of where she has been and what has happened to her." He briefly paused to glance at Hawkins before he continued. "There have already been a couple... incidents, albeit not all of them severe we don't want to risk another one."

"We should take our cues from her all around," Lydia nodded in agreement.

Phelps decided that being told not to visit one of the 'family' is the best way to get him to do it with or without permission. Hospitals and being kept in a constant state of 'observation and testing' was more like a prison camp given time. A friendly ear and kind expression with genuine curiosity would help a lot.He made a mental note to visit her and see what she wanted to tell?

Mercia nodded, "Just until she is released from the hospital. They have indicated to me that they want to get her in a more normal environment as quickly as possible." Same as they did for her. She was released in under a week, but still had constant watching to ensure she was ok.

Once that part of the meeting had finished its portion Mercia moved on to the next part. "Memphis Island Hospital is also transferring another case to us. Yesterday Winterstorm and Price located a child on Yelchin Beach. The universal translators have not been able to pinpoint his language yet, medical believes he may have a speech impediment which is challenging the system." she explained.

"He was found on a raft out in the water, and he is very insistent about returning from wherever he came." She motioned to Winterstorm and Price. "Please share what you learned from the boy." she said.

Taylor leaned forward, "Not as much as we'd like to I'm sure. He does seem to react well to Lt. Winterstorm's telepathy abilities. It was really the only way we were able to communicate with him. As the Captain said, he was extremely insistent on us returning to where ever it was that he came from. He seemed to think that we could help somehow."

Mercia touched a spot on the table, an a holo image of the boy came up. He had a dark, but textured skin, with white lines near his eyes and mouth. His hair was dirty and matted, but what stood out was his bright cat like eyes. "Phelps, Alasia, I'd like you two to research and see if the federation has encountered any races that look similar. If you can figure that out, I need you to give me a profile on the race, and get to work on how to best make contact with them, if we can."

Phelps had another mental note to do research; he was quite content now that his truest ability was being asked for, he loved a good challenge.

"Since we do not have an ops officer assigned to us yet, I need someone to do some scans of the surface, and try to find the path that raft came from so we can find out where he is trying to lead us. Clearly there are others out there needing our help." Mercia said. "I need engineering, security, counseling, and medical teams standing by, a number of island around here that are not settled have dangerous wild animals living on them, we need to be prepared for that. Price you may need to help with securing the location if that is the case."

"An analysis of the raft would be useful and may narrow down, which island or group of islands it was built from." Mercia said.

"Question or thoughts?" she added.

Price nodded his head, he could have a team ready to go in minutes and he knew it. He blamed the fact that children were involved, that drew his hast out in him. Maybe he just had a soft spot for the boy. He looked at Julian and knew they'd coordinate a joint team to handle securing any islands they needed to.

"I can try to find out what the boy knows,"Julian volunteered, "unless there is a better telepath around."

"Where is an Alcaren when you need one?" Mercia joked. "I'd say that's fine, considering you already have a report with him. Just don't over do it, we really do not know what his motivation is..." she said. "The hospital has volunteered to allow Dr. Eliada Cade to tag along when we go to where he came from, we'll need to bring him with us likely." she commented. "Ground force shuttles are all booked for the moment, so we'll be making use of our own. Get some research done and we'll reconvene in four hours?" she asked looking around the table for any other opinions, questions or insights.

"I'll get to work on the UT, see if I can't make some headway in figuring out this kid's language," Zeti said. "Maybe we should see if there are an linguistic experts that we could ask for help."

"Four hours will work for me," Julian said.

The blue scientist tilted his head then began to offer something, "I have a copy of an ancient archive of written and verbal language that might prove helpful if it cannot be identified through our existing linguistic records."

"I was told that finding common ground is a way, when debriefing someone of another language flash cards and pointing to objects to hear the boys reaction to the object would help quicken a base line as well." Phelps suggested. "While observing how the boy's speech patterns change with stimuli under controlled conditions would give the computer logical data to work with and extrapolate upon."

Lizzy had been a bit hesitant to suggest it, but it was possible her wife could maybe try. However, she wasn't going to mention it without checking - considering how fragile T'Madh was at the moment.

Mercia glanced at Hawkins who was observing quietly for the moment. "Lets get to work then. If this child knows where others are who need our aide, then we're going to give that support." Any questions?

Phelps remained silent as he pondered the order of events he would put into motion? This meeting had given him several mysteries to solve and he liked a challenge.



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