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House Visit from Counselling

Posted on Fri Jul 22nd, 2016 @ 7:17pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Mercia's Quarters


When Lizzy had first heard that Mercia was going to be looking after her niece, she had been rocking back in her chair and quickly fallen out of it, luckily not hurting herself much. But she wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

Heading down the corridor, Lizzy reached the door to Mercia's quarters, took a good breath to get herself into the right frame of mind and pressed the button - normally, and waited.

Mercia scowled as the chime made Molli lift her head up and start to let out a wail. She'd just fallen asleep. "Damn it." she muttered. She got up, keeping Molli against her shoulder. She walked to the door, intent on who interrupted her. She would need to put a display outside her door to prevent stuff like this. Being a captain there was no way around interruptions during bed time.

Mercia shifted on her hips, bouncing the child a bit as the door opened. "Lizzy, Hi, what do you need?" she asked thinking she may need to activate the holonanny to try and put Molli down.

Lizzy grinned when she saw Molli and smiled, "Actually, I came to see how you are coping with Molli, and from the looks of things, I have really sucky timing once again. "

"Yeah I had just gotten her to fall asleep." Mercia said. She turned around and waved Lizzy in. "I think I need to install something outside with a touch pad to give me a flashing light or a low toned quote sound." she said as she shifted the baby in her arms, which made the stubborn girl fuss again.

Lizzy slipped inside and grinned, "I have something similar setup with my office. When I flip a switch, it does a silent alert in case I'm in a session. Hey, I know.. I can help by going and seducing an engineer to get you up higher in the work list."

A moment later, she gulped, "Oops, ignore that. But anyway, I'm sorry."

Lizzy concentrated for a moment, before adding, "Yeah, I sort get the sense that it might be awhile now. Have you tried sock puppets and singing?"

Mercia laughed, "I'm sure engineering will do whatever I need in a timely fashion. I am the XO after all." she said. "I've not tried puppets before, and I was singing before you arrived." Mercia hesitated. "What to give it a shot?" she asked as Molli started to shake her head firmly, and scowling at Mercia and saying "oooooooo" in her best 'No' that a nine month old could give. Feisty didn't even begin to describe the Half-Molai child.

Lizzy grinned, "Yeah, probably true. The thing with sock puppets is you have to try to pick one that isn't scary looking. I'll go get a few from the replicator. Have a seat please. In my limited experience with children, I've found that generally, you need to come down to their level and not tower over them - which can be scary. I know a good song."

Going over to it, she spoke, "Computer, access children's toys.. Puppets, sock. Replicate an assortment of six, including a cute dragon one & a little girl one. Also, replicate a small music box with soft flute music on it."

A few moments, a dragon, little girl, cow, sheep, dog and cat ones appeared. Smiling, Lizzy picked them up and slipped the dragon one on her left hand & little girl one on the right hand before heading over, holding the others down.

Sitting down on the floor, she turned on the music box before bringing up the dragon one before doing did her best ventriloquism act, "Hello, Molli. We are here to sing you a song."

Then, Lizzy began singing, as she made flying actions with the puppet, "Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee."

She brought the right one, and continued, "Little Jackie paper loved that rascal puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. "

Mercia turned Molli around to look at Lizzy and settled on the floor with her. She rockd back and forth with the music and hummed along, even though she didn't know the tune. A song about dragons sounded fabulous, she loved dragons.

Molli leaned back against her and fussed a bit, although she seemed to settle down a bit and gurggle. Clearly she was entertained, but somewhere int he back of her mind she knew sleep was the goal and she didn't like that.

Lizzy looked up, and then wondered about whether this was a good idea, "Okay, so I'm not good with setting children. Maybe we could try a stuffed animal?"

Mercia gave Lizzy a bit of an exasperated look, "Why don't we just get up and I'll lay her down. She will scream for a bit, but I know shes tired, she'll wear herself out. She just hates to sleep." Mercia glanced down at the baby understanding. Mercia hated sleeping as well when she was young, of course back then she had real threats of being murdered or worse in her sleep.

Lizzy shrugged, "Well, I'm not really sure and I do have hyperactivity issues. That probably might be a good idea. I bet she has a good set of lungs."

Mercia headed in to Mollis room and put the baby in the crib before she turned down the light and activated the baby cam and turned on some music. Molli was on her hands and knees crying before Mercia left the room already letting out a scream.

Mercia closed her eyes as the doors closed behind her, and her tablet activated displaying a much quiter image of the girl. "Oh this process sucks. I like her most of the time." Mercia said whistfully. "Other times I wonder if I shouldn't just let Lyla adopt her."

Lizzy shook her head, and sat forwards, "Mercia, that is normal to think it may be hard at the moment, but I honestly don't think that you would have been happy in the long term to do that. Yes, I know this is going to seem so hypocritical, but everyone does need to take responsibility at some point in their lives. I could tell that Molli has formed a bond with you. You have friends aboard, and well, there is plenty of people who can help out too. She'll have a good life here and that is what counts. You know what it was like to have a bad childhood, and I'm sure you will do your best for Molli - even if it is difficult."

"Yeah its more like I feel selfish for keeping her... she'd have two parents and a better life with Lyla... with me... I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But I just can't let her go." Mercia grumbled. Maybe someone would have advice for her, every ones he'd talked to had dodged the conversation.

Lizzy shook her head before speaking, "That's fucking bullshit, Mercia. I know that I'm not the poster girl for successful single-parent upbringing, but my mum did pretty well after my dad died. I reckon that she should stay with you, and I can see that you love her with your heart. Don't beat me up for this, but I was surprised at first before I thought about it and I quickly changed my mind that the whole idea is a good thing. For both of you."

She smiled, "Besides, there are plenty of people aboard the ship to help support you and Molli through whatever happens. Got it?"

Mercia sighed, "Yeah there are now, but every one took off on me just after I got rescued. Sure they want to be there for me now, but what about when I needed them?" Mercia growled, her bitterness rising up, even though she hated it.

Lizzy frowned and moved over, throwing aside any thoughts of danger, as she moved over and then Lizzy stopped, decided that maybe a hug might get her like face-punched, "I am sorry about that, and I know I left before things well.. all the complicated stuff that I'm sure you don't want to talk about yet. I would like to give you a hug if you won't beat me unconscious, okay? And although it hasn't really happened to me, I do know that it can be hard when things like that happen. "

Mercia made a face, Lizzy wasn't someone she thought she'd ever allow to try and cuddle her. "Yeah sure if you want... I think that I just need to hear that its ok to think it was unfair, because every one has a damn reason, and all of them are reasonable... so then I feel like crap for feeling lonely." she ran her fingers through her hair. "At least Molli likes me most of the time."

Lizzy grinned and continued, giving Mercia a quick hug since she had permission, before sitting back, "People don't give enough hugs in my opinion and there are studies that it helps. And yes, it is definitely okay and good for your own mental health to think that it is unfair. It is okay to feel down and upset about being lonely too."

Patting Mercia, she added, "There is quite a complicated series of emotions between a mother and children, and there will be arguments and friction. But underneath, you are Molli's whole world and she won't know how to express it yet. It is unconditional love and from the sounds of it, you've definitely fallen for her too."

Grinning, Lizzy thought before continuing, "For the loneliness bit, you and Molli are always welcome to come around for a home-cooked meal & a dinner party. I like doing cooking. Or maybe I can help set you up with some blind dates?"

Mercia shrugged, "I haven't been in the mood to date... last two men I actually thought I fell in love with abandoned me..." she said. "Now because Molli is here I can't risk her being hurt by a man too... tis bad enough her father was the last one to run off on us... of course he didn't know about her... still doesn't as far as I know, but still."

Lizzy nodded, "Sorry. We don't have to look for men. Mind be able to find a nice woman maybe? Or I know. Maybe a different form of companionship? How do feel about a pet? I still remember how much I love little Ace, even if everyone else wanted to strangle him."

Mercia laughed, "I'm not in to women. I like men that way, I'm just not emotionally ready I think? I don't know... maybe it would be good for me to et out, but on the Gladiator every one works for me... on Memphis Island every one knows who I am." she sighed. "Look I'm shocked I can keep a child alive, give me a pet to kill and I'll doubt my parenting skills even more."

Lizzy smiled, "Oh, okay. No worries. Maybe next time at a starbase.. If it helps, I know a few.. contacts. There is an older Ferengi merchant that I know, A'Rtois Dalius, who might be able to help set you up with a robotic pet like Fang. Just have to watch roving hands - even I find he is a bit too touchy-feely."

"Ewww I dont like Ferengi..." she said. "Maybe you shouldn't set me up." Mercia laughed.

"Probably a good idea.. I wasn't sure if some of his stuff fell out the back of a shuttle anyway. Seriously though, would a robotic pet be something that could help? I am sure there are reputable channels that could be available. We also have access to the ship's industrial replicators, and as Chief Counsellor, I would not have any issues asking our chief engineer for helping with making one."

Mercia sighed, "Yeah I guess so... I remember making friends with a mouse when I was kid. So maybe one of those. Or a cat?" she said. "I just hope its something Molli will like."

Lizzy grinned, "Can be whatever you want. They should have lots of different ones available in the replicator archives at Utopia Planitia that we can access. Where do you think I got Fang's blueprints? Maybe it might be a good idea to involve Molli.. within reason. It could be annoying if she picks like a sehlat or something.. I used to know a Vulcan science officer on another ship that had a real one named Fluffy that she brought aboard as a pet. She said that as a child, she learnt never to forget to feed Fluffy."

"Not a bad idea." she glanced at the monitor and saw that Molli had begun to wear herself out and was just mildly sobbing in her sleep. For some reason Mercia found it very cute. "Can I ask your opinion?" she asked. "I have another delema with Molli..." she sighed.

"Technically she is is Tali and Kanoas baby... Kanoa thought Tali was me when she got pregnant... Its not fair. She should have been mine, as much as I really believe I never would have wanted her at the time, the fact of the matter is... Tali will never be a fit parent. Her parental rights have already been removed due to her mental stability, and Kanoa left before she was born. As I said I've considered surrendering her to Lyla... as it stands now I am her guardian. I know she needs to be fully adopted, and if I dont give her to Lyla, then I will do it. What I scared of though is her knowing who her real mother is."

Lizzy thought for a moment and nodded, "I can understand all of that, but maybe, there will come a time when Molli finds out about Tali - regardless of whatever is done to expunge or hide it. Yes, it may be hard, but I do believe that it is best to tell her."

"Maybe... I'll think about it." Mercia sighed before she yawned.

Lizzy nodded, "Okay, whatever you end up doing, I have your back in a non-judgy way that won't break any confidences and Counselling is around if you need help with anything.."

She added a few moments later, "Except diaper changes. That's what junior security officers are for."



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