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Why did I leave the office?"

Posted on Sun Jun 12th, 2016 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: Badlands, classified
Timeline: JULY 2392


Phelps often wondered why he had even started to get this stupid Pick up assigned to him? He much preferred being in the Office analyzing Data; these pick ups were needed but not his favorite thing to do, he was still collecting data on why the Pirates were so successful in the area and ever expanding territory?

The clothing was ill fitting but passable; he thought more 'fitted' clothing would stand out in the lower end of things. He had also 'accidentally bump and knock over some things along the way to have a more 'worn and not new' scent to his clothing; nothing vulgar, so he seemed to be a man traveling like most in this region of space.

Satchel; this time he had to admit it was another of his 'contacts' using the term loosely, had made the connections and asked for him by name. What she had in that mind of hers this time always intrigued and frightened him. Last assignment a few months ago she was a reporter involved with the initial data that Phelps gathered.

There was a small pub, why are criminals and low life never comfortable in cafe' or something more civilized than a drinking establishment, and not even ones with standards no less. Just dirt dives where if anyone flick on a light they fearewd their patrons will scurry away like cockroaches. Phelps thought he had made it clear to Intel he would do the Diplomatic thing but deep field work or meeting those in it were not his style.

Pulling the Fedora down and sulking more into the Trench coat Phelps moved towards the door. Suddenly an arm was around his his; a feminine body by the shape in his side and head full of red hair jerking him in another direction, he deduce it was a human female by the strength used to 'urge him' in another direction.

"You do NOT want to go in there, the clientele are ill mannered and irritated." Chelsea said with her signature smile while walking with him away.

"You were the one who suggested it." Phelps said lightly.

"A girl can change her mind." It was the same woman he had known for what seemed too long. "Besides I think someplace more private would be to a man's liking?" She winked.

Phelps was not a bedding on the job type and everyone he knew is aware of it, this was a foreboding he did not care for, it was trouble.

"What have you gotten..." The loose disruptor missing her cut his question.

"Take this on the run." She did not have to tell Phelps twice, he darted in a general direction.

"This is not a simple pick up." Phelps hissed.

"Who are they?" Phelps naturally asked.

"Unwanted suitors that were not going to show me a good time." They ducked down an alley. "Anything your Gradpappy said about this kind of thing?"

He hated it when she brought his Grandfather into this; he was a wise man who had helped Phelps throughout his life even with wisdom that reaches far past the man's passing.

"Never go down dark alleys with questionable women..." Phelps retorted only to get a look from Chelsea.

"I know where you got your dry wit." The two lances came very close.

"When fighting a pack..." He pushed her behind some cans for cover while drawing his own weapon, taking a clear second extra to pick his target.

Being to the left he naturally targeted the right most man charging. His own shot, with that extra second that his Grand pappy always said sets the panicked dead man from the smarter live one, he hit the center of mass with a heavy stun setting that threw the man to the ground and tumbling into refuse. Chelsea downed her man as well.

"Packs rely upon a hollow battle ground." He said and started heading in the direction from which they had come.

He grabbed her free hand with his own and took to a run she knew him well enough to just follow on those times he took charge; rare as they may be, but what was going through the man's head made her wonder?

"They were taking wild shots." He said near the end of the alley as he checked the street for signs of pursuit. "Typical herding maneuver..." He caught a few breaths. "They wanted us alive and if there were back ups they would have just stunned us and been done with it." He dragged her across the street and ever back in the direction they came. "Now what the hell went wrong?"

"My contact was not as subtle as he thought, he was more of a lover than a fighter..." Phelps gave her a look. "Reputation." She glared a bit. "Give me some room for good tastes, and a low level hacker is not what I would call the best thing around."

"Now men are things?" Phelps asked.

"Just mind you mission Sammy." SHe quipped.

"Get ready for oldest trick in the book." Phelps said as he glanced about and saw what set him off.

Pushing Chelsea against a wall he pressed his lips to hers as he put his hands lower than her waist and the slight flush; he had soft lips and the way his hand on her back seemed to caress along her spine and other hand doing a circle in her lower back above the tail bone was not exactly what she would turn away under good conditions. He had a heat to the kiss; his hand moving up her spine to her neck. Some trick he did with three fingers; caressing the small bit at base of her skull where the spine met and the two outer sides in an up and down slow massage sent chills. She took him a bit tighter herself and added some passion to the kiss.

"That works..." Phelps suddenly pulled away but the caress of her neck was slower but still there. "Thought they might have spotter moving to check for us."

"What..." She cooed.

"I think we should follow what that man thought of us?" Phelps suggested, she looked puzzled. "Get a room." He finally stopped the caresses and took her by the arm. "No time to dawdle." He urged her in his direction away from the wall and down the street.

"You sure we do not need to remain... hidden?"Phelps sure needed to work on his timing.



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