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Family Matters Part III

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2016 @ 4:59am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Paula's Bungalow
Timeline: December 2392

Whilst Paul had taken Davina out for the day to get to know his niece, it had given Paula and Lisa some time together for a chat and alone time. Lisa asked,"Do you think Paul is for real with him changing his tune about us?" Paula looked back at her lover for a few minutes and still wondered if Lisa still distrusted her Brother, although she herself had concerns about his true motives as they sat inside the bungalow with the fire burning bright. She responded,"Why don't you trust him?"

"Why don't you,"replied Lisa as she picked up her drink and took a sip of the Red liquid," I know we haven't seen eye to eye on somethings,"

Paula replied,"Like us being together for starters," as she crossed her legs, Paula, continued," but we can hope that he has," as she gave a weak smile to Lisa. But she knew that Paul wanted her back in his life and if it meant eating humble pie then he would do it. and She had missed the jokes and laughs with Paul. Now Lisa had to understand that her Brother wanted to make up and be apart of the family again.

Paula Continued," He is willing to make amends for it all Lisa, as she looked back at her lover, "Even if he still does not like my lifestyle choice, he is willing to accept it," as she siped the liquid again. Lisa chocked a little on her own drink knowing that although she had listened to Paul yesterday, she still had some reservations about his true motives.

"Him, willing to accept it don't make me laugh Paula," she replied, looking at Paula, she continued as the fire started to fade " He is only here to make your Mom happy and that is all," as she rose from her seat and placed her glass down on the table and moved towards the stack of firewood.

"Then why not get him in front of Mom," Paula remarked placing the glass back on the table,"Or better still ask her if she sent him here?" as she started to work out the time difference in her head.

Lisa replied,"Are you going at ask Mom if she sent him here?" Just then Paul entered the room with Davina who had gone to the Mall with her Uncle to get to know him, Lisa turned to Paul and gave a nod towards Davina who hurried off to her room.

He asked,"So what's up?" looking at the two women with a frown on his face, He looked again at Lisa who he guessed didn't trust him yet, He placed the bags that he had been holding on the floor

"Paul," Asked his sister,"Are you here of your own free will or did MOm ask you to come?" she continued as she watched her brother slump into the nearest seat. Paul looked over at Lisa and then at his own Sister for a moment then waited to Lisa to Sit down.

He replied,"Paula, Lisa, I know I was wrong at what I did at your graduation," he glanced from one to the other and continued speaking" and it has taken me this long to come here to ask for forgiveness,"

Lisa looked at him for a moment and replied,"Why so long Paul? as she wanted the answers that she needed to make her judgment," and Why not just call us and talk," she stated as she leaned back in her chair.

"do you really want to know why I yelled at you both back then? Paul asked them both as he watched both his Sister and his Sister-in law look at his with raised eyebrows. Paul leaned forward looking at Paula.

Lisa remarked,"Well go on, why did you?"

"Well, who do you think spoke up about the rumors about you both in the Academy?" replied Paul, He continued,"I defended you Paula as I did not want to believe it was true," as he rose once more and moved towards the drink Cabinet.

"so all this Time, you felt that I had betrayed your trust," Paula responded as she watched her brother pick up the scotch and pour a glass, She finished,"Why didn't you talk to me Paul, You're my Brother and I love you,"as she moved towards him and stood next to him, Paul took a sip of the brown liquid and turned to face his sister.

Lisa, looked shocked at what Paul had said and how he had taken abuse from his classmates over it,"I never realised how much you did for us back then," she replied Picking up her glass and took a sip. she continued," To you it felt that I had stolen Paula from you," as she now understood Paul's anger that day and wished that they had told him, But that was hindsight and it could not be changed.

Paul looked over at Lisa and replied,"well, if you two had been truthful with me before the Graduation ," as he turned to face Paula," Maybe I would not have been so angry and resistant to it," he finished taking a sip of his own drink. He continued,"And Lisa I was never angry at you or Paula,"

"To us and MOM and dad it did Paul," Paula exclaimed looking at him, "It still to this day that Dad won't even mention your name in the house,"she finished as she gave a peck on his cheek, Paul looked back at his Sister in law and knew that he had hurt everyone and even hurt Siren when he had last spoke to her.

He replied,"So how do I repair that situation?" as Lisa still could not get over the fact that all these years he had been hurting himself and that both of them hadn't tried harder to reach out to him. But he had made the effort to reach out to them.

Paula replied swiftly" Why don't the four of us contact Mom and dad?"

Lisa chimed in as well, "Not to mention Mine as well, as you did upset them ,"

"So I have to make apologies to both then? " asked Paul as he took a sip of his drink looking at both of them. he knew that he had damaged his trust with his family and how their feelings had been hurt, He finished," Go on make the call," as he wanted to put the past behind him.

Paula replied," already have started to call Mom," looking at her Brother," just hope Dad will be glad you have made the right choice," she said, as she gave him a hug, she finished," don't worry it will be fine as she moved back to the terminal and transferred it to the screen on the wall. She called,"Davina,I'm calling grandma,"

Davina Called back," I'm Coming Mom," as the door from her room opened and entered the living room, she knew that her uncle was about to start making amends for his mistakes, as she stood next to her mom and her uncle.


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