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Turning Invisible 101

Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 9:40pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Blackout
Location: Memphis Island :: Apartment Complex
Timeline: Memory :: Before Departure to Alcatraz


Knowing that she didn't have many other options, she turned to the conputer and looked up a name, calling one of the only other people she knew. When he answered, she asked, "would you mind coming to my apartment? I know that the ship is about to leave, but I got something I have to tell you, and it's kind of an emergency."

Fifteen minutes later, M'Gann was pacing around her apartment, trying to collect her thoughts into some sort of coherence. After what Tali had left her with, she knew it was going to make her sound crazier than ever, but she had to warn them somehow. The blonde chewed on her thumbnail as she paced, her eyes unfocused as she struggled to make the information sound somewhat intelligible. According to the people of this universe, Tali was the insane sister of Mercia who resided on the island with access to the medical facility and personnel. She wasn't the leader of a rebellion against an authoritarian dictatorship. So for anyone to believe that Tali was the blonde's reliable source would be miraculous. M'Gann only hoped that he would listen and at least try to help her out.

The simple attire was quite casual, he had chosen an Earth Tone shirt with a shirt two shades lighter than that, nearly white. The colors were deliberate and it would yield him well, he had Told M'Gann to wear similar attire ; no skirts but slacks and comfortable shoes. The rest would be taken care of by Phelps.

Phelps strode as though he belong there, stopping at the door he hressed the chime.

Turning at the sound, M’Gann took a couple steps toward the door, hoping it was him. "Come in," she called out.

Phelps came into the room wearing his usual glasses; looking around the room he took it all in and nod slightly.

"Okay, you managed to follow the directives, no one is listening in and the drapes and such are closed." From his satchel he brought out a small device; a cylinder 2 cm wide and 6 cm tall, a white plawstic looking device. "That should complete the cover." He checked his watch. "Now then are you ready , tell me what you think Grandpaqppy would say about me doing this?" He asked calmly.

M'Gann watched as he inspected the room with her arms folded across her chest; prior to his arrival he had told her to prepare the room, which included closing her blinds and making sure nobody could listen in. She had also changed into the strange dress code as requested, clad in a pair of tan slacks and a lighter brown shirt. "He'd say that this would be the right thing to do, even if it doesn't seem that way," she replied, remembering the conversation that they had over the computer. She felt like it was overkill, but she didn't know how Intel worked so decided not to question it.

"Would you mind putting your hair in a Ponytail, I would hate for it to get in the way of what we are doing?" HE checked his watch again. "You have a few minutes, take two if you need but if you would be so kind as to be here beside me in..." He glanced at his watch. "One minutes and fifty six seconds it would be helpful for our way in."

"In?" the blonde questioned as she grabbed a hair tie. Reaching up, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, her blonde hair stopping just above her shoulders. "In to what?"

"We have to be part of a delivery and timing is everything." Phelps said with a sly grin. "The ship wide down load to the computer core will give us the exact window needed to beam onto the ship and be seen as little more than a data stream. There are no shields to contend with nor personnel but the being at the right place at the right time is critical." Phelps explained. "You are not afraid of confined spaces are you?" He asked.

M'Gann shook her head. "Not unless you try something in that confined space," she warned. Since they had a little time, M'Gann double checked the note that she had written onto a tablet before placing it on the table. She had sent a message to her sister with the excuse that she needed someone to talk to, and the brunette responded that she would be there in two days. Already laid out was enough food and water for Miko to last more than two, in case something happened and Mara was delayed. But on the tablet she asked her sister to take care of Miko while she was gone. It would give her away if he were spotted on the ship.

Turning around, she squatted down next to Miko, petting his fur for a moment. "I'll be back for ya, ok? Just stay with Mara and you'll be alright." She gently pressed her forehead to his, feeling the bond between them. She could feel his worry, and in return she gave off comforting vibes. Deciding that it was time to go, she stood and walked over to Phelps and stood as directed. Taking one last look at Miko, she took a breath before turning to Phelps and nodding. "Ready when you are."

"I promised to do my best to help you." Phelps said. "Your friend there will see you again." Phelps said calmly.

The Tingle of the Transporter caught the.

[Shuttle Sidney Riley, Shuttle Bay USS Gladiator]

The two materialized in the Intel Shuttle, it had been what brought Phelps to the Gladiator, and the ships before that, she was outfit with what the Intel man needed, including a transporter.

"Sorry, I prefer to work with independent resources when I can, less chance of detection." He took out a comm badge. "This one I rigged to be a lowly petty Officer, the computer will acknowledge you as that through the internal scan filters." He gave a sly grin. "Be careful as it is more of a band-aid and should not be used too heavily."He handed it to her. "Your name is Sidney according to the badge in the computer records."

M'Gann took the comm badge and looked at it for a moment. "Sidney... wait, am I going to be able to walk around the ship? Won't people recognize me and ask questions?"

"This is when they use the interior sensors to locate your comm badge it will be a different person, it only fools the computer." Phelps informed. "Unless you have some apparatus to change your appearance only the computer will recognize you as Sidney so internal scans will not find you as easily. The computer scans for comm badge and the body attached and acknowledges that as the person on the badge so unless they do more than a sensor sweep they will not find you."

The blonde thought for a moment before pointing to the console. "May I?"

"Please." Phelps stepped aside, adjusting his glasses.

Typing in a set of coordinates, she held out her hand and told the computer to energize with the other. A small pearl-colored ring materialized in her hand, and she looked at it before turning her eyes toward Phelps. "It was given to me several years ago on an away mission. I never thought I would use it again..." When she slipped it onto her finger, her skin tone changed from its rich blue into a peach color, her hair turning into a medium brown. "Well? Will it work?" She asked him.

"Do not get hit with someone using a tricorder." He told her as he could see the field around her. "You are Science, according to the Comm Badge, a General department and one I thought you could bluff your way about as a 'crew' level rather than authority figure. You are in system but not for duty shifts so be careful in your movements; it was a rush job and all." He agreed. "But if asked cop to being on Beta shift; Gamma is too small and well known by a day shift, Beta is pretty large and the lead is not all that observant so you might 'evade' the subject by being on a large shift, Alpha has all the real Brains and Geeks on it so another give away you are not there." He warned. "Say you are a 'gofer'; ind of like a yeoman who pretty much is a fetch it girl and therefore not really noticed."

M'Gann gave nod, indicating that she understood what she would have to do. Looking him over, she asked, "do you really believe what I told you, all that about Tali and the Order? I-I mean, I'm thankful that you’re helping me out with this, but y-you’re the first one to actually believe me, or even consider what I'm saying."

"As grand-pappy said; the eyes are gateways to the soul, the eyes are what give things away." He looked into her eyes for a second. "What I see in your eyes is enough I want to verify the facts and you are not lying to me." HE smiled. Something rare in my business so Yes I believe what you tell me is your recollection of things." He nod. "I like to believe in the people I am to protect so you ave good credit so far." He winked.

A small smile crossed her lips as relief washed over her. "I will do everything I can to try and find proof to make my argument believable. I won't use my access code yet, because I know the computer logs those, so if I do use it I'd have to use it sparingly. That's assuming my code is in the system..." M'Gann shook her head, as if to dismiss the idea. "In any case, would you be able to help me sort through and compile the data?"

"I am an archivist by trade; gathering and analyzing is somewhat of a specialty I do." He smiled. "The universe rotates upon data, gathering it, analysis and conclusions rendered is what Intel does. Science has their methods but they also work to a theory and try to prove it or explain in in their spin. Intel takes data and lets the data tell us what to think. YOU picked the correct man to hlep you this time." He said in a friendly tone.

M'Gann nodded her understanding. "Makes sense. I also want to try and keep an open mind so I don’t jump to conclusions, and having a second set of eyes will help." She glanced at the time on the console before adding, "we should go, it looks like the ship's about to depart. Considering you’re a department head, I don't want you to be late."

Checking his watch he nod. "There is that of course." He said with a slight chuckle. "WE should be going. Oh and by the way..." He pointed to the panel. "We have a upgraded Sensory array, I find it useful for the more intricate scans that come into need once in a while." He said and was about to hit the door open when he hesitated and looked at a part of the inner wall with his glasses. "Please remember to always play along with me; I hope you do not mind a simple request?" He took off the glasses and put then in a small inner pocket before activating the door.

The blonde-turned-brunette nodded and prepared to follow him out. It looked like he saw something with his glasses and decided to trust him on it.



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