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The database search.

Posted on Sat Jul 16th, 2016 @ 6:44pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: The Undesireables
Location: Intel Offices


Phelps would have liked to use a more common room but the small 'research' room was like the astrometrics in that it had connections to the Galaxy Wide data relay system to Central Headquarters via the Intel routing.

He had been given instruction to include Alasia in the finding of this race; since the man was recommended by an Intel,; sort of an approvial to be allowed in the offices under strict conditions, it would help with the Intel connections over the standard SHip wide searches. "Classified' races that are under investigation and not accessable to most searches would be included in the filters should any of them match the parameters set?

Phelps had the system warmed up and ready to go waiting the good man to arive.

Cadet Sam Eya entered the research room and paused half way in the room. "Lieutenant. I'm Cadet Senior Grade Eya, " she said stiffly. "I was sent by Captain Kavi to observe and provide aide where ever ordered." she said. She was one of six Cadets assigned to Gladiator from Memphis Island Academy, their job was to assist the Captain in her duties and be her aides considering she was XO of the ship, and still the administrator for the Academy. The double duty caused her to need a lot of assitence. "I've been studying intel, and am excited to observe and help." she said eagerly.

Phelps gave her a smile and wondered if his section was truly secure if a cadet is allowed entry? Still the Captain had sent the person so it would not be right to cast them off.

"SO what field of intel do you like; Intrigue , danger, the thwarting of the Evil Romulans or the like?"He asked like quizzing for a final. "How do you want to serve intel best?"

Sam took a deep breath, "I like the solving of puzzels, the dawning of a new realization. I serve intel by having an open and unbiased mind. I gather information, I do not make opinions on it. I'm not the translator of the information."

"That is an answer that I can work with." Phelps replied with a sly grin. "We have a puzzle that needs to be solved, we have a child of a mystery race that is our job to either identify or open a new racial report." Phelps tended to be quite specific. "So we have little information on the race so it will be a building and comparative?"

Sam nodded, "Yes sir, just tell me what you need me to do." she said. "I'm eager to help and contribute." she told the officer.

"The running of his physique and physical characteristics among the known races has been done obviously." Phelps said. "What we need to do is expand that to 'encountered unknown species." He started. "Look for logged encounter descriptions of races that were not identified but they have character resemblances to the child. There might be a report of a ship encountering an unknown race in a certain sector that has physical similarities to teh child. If the physical description is close enough to warrant further examination. That database is more vague but if we have a name of someone who encountered that similar race we forward our image of the child and see if it is close to what that person encounters ." He shrugged. "Tedious but could give us a direction and we make a few comms to personnel that might have seen someone of the child's race and then we can go from there?"

Sam moved to the terminal, pleased she was going to be allowed to help in the search. "Tedious doesn't bother me. Shall we begin?" she asked her fingers already dacing over the computer. She looked at a picture of the boy picking out distinctive markings, such as the white stripes near his eyes and mouth, the cat like eyes, and textured skin. "Where do you think he came from, I mean here on Kabel III? from another island?" she asked curiously.

"THe characteristics of the boy aerr like most Humanoids, there are common traits and distinct traits. WHat I think is we need to check our Databases and see what comes up. Thre were tribes of people on Earth who never knew of the outside world for centuries despite technology, this could be a Xeno-phobic people. Anything outside their own tribe; of sorts, is alien in essence. But to trace that we would really have to get a detailed scan of every square inch of the island and back track the boat then start looking there." Phelps began cross refering the traits to his databse of encounters. "I am thinking transplanted; the child was in a boat no reason it could not have been something else and they were brought here?" He suggested. "WIthout going down to find out we are kind of restricted to our knowledge base and wits" He mused for a second. "Thye could also be someone the inhabitants we are talking to do not want to acknowledge?" He nod to the computer. "That could make discovery problematic but let's exhaust our data then go into the planet as the point to search since w do not have permission nor reason to search more than the landing party."

"Wasn't part of the reason we took this planet was because it was uninhabited? So he had to have gotten here some how..." Sam murmured. She bit her lip, "So the hospital thinks that he at least has a disconformity with his speech, do you think it could be in any part of him? I mean his eyes are unique, not a lot of races have eyes like that." she said starting to run a program to find all the races with cat like eyes.

"There is a few points that we should be thinking of; the race he came from might not be known to us thus far, so what I want to do is get us where we might start to think about where they came from to be on this island. I am wondering if they might have been here and able to seek shelter of the survey that declared it as uninhabited or it could have been that they were transplanted for some reason?" Phelps suggested.

"Wouldn't we have sensor data on any ships entering the system since we decided this planet would suit us?" she asked. "Its been what 4 years?" she asked.

"It has been four years and there would be logs of course so we can run those as well." Phelps said. "I think they are part of the planet just not noticed on the initial sensor sweep. The mixture of signs might have misread them as part of ecosystem." He continued. "But we will not leave a stone unturned." He thought. "Check for any pre-animate matter like a crashed ship being registered as well or minerals not native to the planet. Those would be signs of a transplant."

Sam set up a search for that. "Alright we have nearly a dozen searches running right now..." she laughed. "Lets hope we find a hit..."

[187 min later]

It always amazed Phelps the speed of a computer and the sher nformation it must have gone through in a set amount of time. The 12 searches expanded to fifteen by the time the two sat back to see what kind of hits came? SItting back in his chair he had even offered to make a round for refreshments rather than having the jounior Officer do it all; she was helping so he had no reason to make her work harder and it was 'His' department so he played hst.

"You think maybe we asked too many questions?" Phelps asked as he had some finger sandwiches and tera for the while they wait.

"Its possible, but these computers can usually do so much more." she said. She paused as one stopped, then the next. "Both are inconclusive." she growled. "Wait! Look... Ok look at this one. Same facial markings... race is newly warp capable in the last 50 years, but has opted to remain apart from contact..."

Phelps came over to the young woman to look over her shoulder. "You are looking to have a future in this." Phelps complemented. "Looks like they are exploring and remaining more nomadic wanting to set upo where they can , not ones for conflict by the look of it but they are still early in their exploration." Phelps noted. "Get this onto a PADD and let's get it to the captain and Commodore." HE winked. "Good work."

"Thanks!" the cadet said happily.


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