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Memories of a little Bird part 1

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 2:26pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Shattered
Location: memory

Frost looked over at Mercia strapped to the table, the little wretch had tried to kill herself several weeks ago. And now her thin gaunt form laid on the dream slab, as Frost had come to call it. She didn’t have much time left to solidify her research, and run the last few tests she intended to run on Mercia. She had to collect the final missing blocks of memory of Mercias black widow training, to provide them to Tali. Then Tali would have the tools to carry out her last mission. She looked at the womans face, and met her eyes, shimmering with unshed tears. “I still have so much more for you little bird.” she whispered.

Mercia turned her head to look at the woman with white hair. She hated that face, and to know it was shared by at least two others, no matter what hair style or color they prefered, she knew the face, and she never wished to see it again. Their prevention of her death had left Mercia hopeless, and broken. There was nothing left in her, she had no more fight. Mercia didn’t even speak as she looked away from the woman, before hearing her walk away and murmer commands to the computer. No one was coming, she was not going to rise some victorious hero. She was not going to escape and find her way back by some miracle. Her body had become nearly a bag of bones, and that was all she was good for.

It was tormenting to relive the worst parts of her life, over and over, and not just in memory, but in feeling as well. Frost had worked hard, Mercia had to give her that… Mercia felt like she was really there...


….Shadows. Shadows that formed into shapes, then slowly into faces. Mercia gasped when the face came into focus. ‘Father’ stood before her, towering over her as he grasped her chin. For a moment reality seemed to shift. Mercia was a child when this happened. No more than 9 years old, and she felt like she was there. She could feel the grip on her chin and the movement of her head upwards to look at the man in the eyes.

She feared ‘Father’ as the man called himself. He ran a criminal organization, using mostly children and those who had grown up under his care. Mercia had been a part of his group since she was five, years old. She’d always shuddered when Father would walk among the dorm rooms where the children slept, he stared at her. Every time. Now she and three other nine year olds stood in front of him.

“Mercia.” he said. The voice was wrong, but as he spoke it became clearer, and more familiar. “I like your boldness.” he chuckled. He let her chin go and patted her head and moved to the next girl. He took his time looking them over, before he stepped back and folded his hands in front of them, grinning at them with pride. “My little birds…” he said using a term he used for all the street mouses, “You have been chosen my dear ones. I will be seeing much more of you, and you will do special work for me, as a reward you will have your own room together, better clothes, and better food, which you will not need to share.” he smiled. “Your service pick pocketing and running cons has served you well, each of you have done a great job for me.” he said.

He opened his arms up, “Come here.” he called. All four girls moved forward at the command, and formed into a group hug around him. They all knew better than to disobey Father. He cared for them, protected, and provided, so long as they earned their keep and followed his orders. Obedience to him was instant, no matter what it was. Mercia closed the gap between her head and shoulder as Fathers head landed there as he enveloped the four girls with his arms and hugged them tightly, crushing them to himself. For the briefest moment Mercia remembered Mama and Master hugging her together, and she could feel how empty this hug was, and yet she longed for the contact so she pressed in further, hoping to find that connection again, but he released them before it could happen.

Father turned to one of his older girls, “Get them cleaned up and fed, they’ll begin tomorrow.” he ordered before he stiffly strolled out of the room in the nice house. The older girl looked at the group of scared youth, their wide eyes admiring her. She was beautiful. Long lovely hair, makeup, and clothes with no holes. She had poise and held her head up higher than any of them. It didn’t seem to matter that there was little life in her eyes, the rest of her looked so full of life compared to what the rest of them knew.



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