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Shopping with Phelps

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2016 @ 10:59am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Promenade

Paula stood waiting on Samuel Phelps who had agreed to spend his credits on her for their cover for a intel mission, she stood waiting by the rail tapping her fingers, she thought~ well, He want's me to help him, he has to pay for it,~ as she stood wearing a bluey short sleeved top with matching pants with her brown hair hanging down by her shoulders. she continued,~I am going to make him pay if he is late,~

Phelps came casually alongright on the hour; having checked his attire just before rounding the last corner. HE woore a pair of dark brown slacks with an Ivory knoit short sleeved shirt with collar topped with a brown felt ; short brimmed, fedora placed stylishly on his head and loafres on his feet. Even the small leather courrier bag slung over his left shoulder went well ti the attire.

"Hello Paula." Phelps said with a sly grin. "I hope you have an idea of what you like as I am not familiar with your tastes." He glanced her way. "That is an attractive look, Sorry to have kept the Lady waiting." HE said as the small chime on his mechanical watch struck the hour, He offered a bow and gesture in the direction of the SHops. "Always Ladies First."

"Why thank you Hon," replied Paula, as she gave him a peck on the cheek, she Continued," I have a question to ask you and it is a personal one," as she held her hand out to him. she finished,"if you are to act as my husband then you would have to start showing me some affection," as she moved closer to him.

She took his hand and gave a smirk knowing that this was going to be fun and for a change having a man buy her stuff with his credits, she whispered in his ear," Come on, I can not wait to see what I can get," as she turned on her heels and started to head towards the shops.

Phelps took the clasped hand and kissed it lightly as he gave her a very convincing look of affection.

"To your heart's content Love." He said with that amusing grin and a wink.

He followed her to the first Dress shop; he figured he should allow her a 'freed hand' so she could delight in the choices, he also noted comfortable chairs not so far away for the men to admire their ladies' choices, this was his pleasure.

As Paula entered the first shop, she started to head for the colourful dresses in front of her and began to look for her size, but she knew that she had to get a formal dress as well as traveling set of clothes, she picked up one that held red roses upon it and thought~ I'll come back to it,~ putting it back on the rack as she glanced back at Sam and knew that she was going to make him drool after her.

She also knew that for the purposes of the mission that she would have to share the same bed with him, but this was the sort of stuff that James Bond had done in the old movies and now it was what she had to do herself. But would she allow him to make love to her that was the question that she had to ask herself, as she flirted back and forth picking up another dress.

What Paula had in mind baffle Phelps, he just admired the view of her figure moving about the racks; keeping an eye on her and a wink to show she had his attention when she would glance over at him.

Truth be known He wanted to trust her more than most; a reason he had asked her to go along on this mission, Paula had even talked to the Marine Major who commanded Security at the time about cutting the guards escorting Phelps about. Eventually it was only Pula's presence required; she had done him a good turn when it could have been bad for her. Phelps did not forget things like this. Also she was a nice person and he could 'get his point' across to her with a minimal effort, she listened and tried to be in tune with him.

"You are lovely the dress just enhances that." He told her with an obvious nod of the head in what he hoped relayed affection.

"Why thank you," replied, Paula looking back at Sam, she continued,"you do realize that Davina is going to start calling you Uncle Sam," with a chuckle at the old name for the continent that was once called the United states of America, She looked at him once more and then said," let me go try the dress on," as she headed towards the changing room.

]Minute later]

Paula exited the changing room in the dress with the red roses on and asked Sam," Well, what do you think?" as she stood in front of the male intel officer.

Phelps looked at the dress and the woman in it with a stunned grace; he was smart enough t o admire the way it followed her figure, Paula did have a good handle on what made her look attractive.

"Stunning seems a bit underrated but all that comes to mind. Turn around please?" HE asked of her as he wanted to see the flow of the dress as she moved in it, his generous appreciation showed in his expression despite his his habit of a calm demeanor.

As she spun around and the bottom of the dress started to rise a small amount, Paula realized that Sam was starting to flirt with her, this was something of a surprise to her. But then they were getting into character for the mission. She asked again,"So what do you think?"

"I think we have a winner." He said with a bit of a sly grin. "That is if it is one you want? he almost laughed at the obvious.

"I have to have 3 Dresses, shoes and handbags to match," replied Paula looking back at Sam, she continued," you don't understand women do you?" giving him a slight chuckle.

"Actually I was referring to just 'this' store." Phelps replied with a grin. "I presume this is not the only store we are going to visit?"He gave her that sly but friendly smile.

Paula looked at Sam and placed a hand on his shoulder," Hon, you do know that when shopping with me will last all day," as she bent down and kissed him on the cheek, she whispered," hope you got the credits," she stood up and walked back towards the changing room.

"I have very good credit I assure you." Phelps said quietly as she left. "You could have played a princess on my budget." HE told himself so she could not hear, no use giving ideas. "Don't worry, I will take any extra from any bonus we get for a job well done."

[A few minutes later]

Paula returned to Sam's side and said," right, let's go pay for it and then go hunting for some new stuff," giving him a wink as she offered her arm to him, she knew that she was getting stuff to put on the show, she continued,"So Treat me like a Princess." as she had heard the remark.

"You have not see where I have chosen for lunch." Phelps grinned. "I think it will up to your hopes and expectations. First time we roll out the red carpet; hope you might be volunteering if needed should I treat you right?" He laughed.

"oh lord," replied Paula grinning like a cheshire cat, she continued," Carry on like this and you might even get a look in at my home," as she leant in close to him as she finished,"but be warned Lisa might take it the wrong way," as she headed towards the next shop.

"Information is my life." Phelps gave a confused Grin. "I am an Analyst it is my job to make sure the right idea and data is given to the people." He chuckled.

"That might be hon, but Lisa is my partner and she might think I'm changing sides," replied Paula as she headed towards the counter to purchase the outfit.

"I was hoping for a home cooked meal and maybe a game night out of this." Phelps joked.

"Oh lord, Lisa is going to kill me," she replied, " But on one condition," she continued as she turned to face Phelps with a scowl on her face. She finished " you better promise that you bring this back in one piece," as she lowered her arms down her body.

"I am buying part dress." Phelps chuckled. "No body armor required means I just need someone to be a bit distracting; to giv ena air of bieng normal." He laughed. Buy Lisa a new purse along the way as a gift." He nod. "I had full plans of you being in one piece and unscathed by the end of this, just a littl edparty on Intel's credit." He shurgged. "SO it is a deal you will be back with a slightly nicer bit of wardrobe to share with your Partner." Phelps concluded. "I have a reputation a a gentleman to upkeep."

He offered an arm to guide her to the next store.


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel

LT Jg Paula Winchester
Assistant Chief Security


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