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The Unwritten Will

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Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Memphis Island :: Apartment Complex
Timeline: Backpost


The nurse tightened her grip on the object in her hands, then loosened it again to make sure it didn't break. After the complete autopsy of the woman in their hospital they had found something of hers and deemed it best to give it to M'Gann who, according to observation, was closest in relation to the victim. She came to a stop in front of M'Gann's quarters and, taking a breath, rang the chime. "Miss? It's Nurse Granger from the hospital. May I see you for a moment?" In her pocket was also a medical tricorder, as she was instructed to do another checkup to ensure she was doing alright. It had been day two in her apartment, and they wanted to make sure she was doing alright.

"What do you want?" the voice murmured from the other side of the door.

"Doctor Spencer wants another checkup done," the nurse replied gently. She glanced down at the object in her hands, which had been wrapped in paper, "and I also got something for you. We found it during the autopsy of the woman who was with you, and since you were of closest relations with her we decided that it now belongs to you." There was silence, and the nurse carefully leaned in a little towards the door. "Miss, my checkup will only take a couple minutes of your time, and then you can tell me to go."

"Come in."

The doors parted, making the nurse step back a little before entering the room. Across the way she could see M'Gann leaning against the window frame, looking out at the city below.

The blonde sighed and turned to face the nurse while peeling herself away from the view. It was nicer than the space view she had while living with Lauren, and much better than her view of the labs. "Do your checkup, then get out," she said dully.

The nurse, albeit taken aback by the tone, nodded and slowly approached her. Pulling out the tricorder, she showed it to M'Gann to let her see that that was all it was before opening it. "Here," she said, holding out the wrapped object in her hand, "not having it in my hand will make running the scan a little easier."

M'Gann had noticed the paper in her hand, and cautiously accepted it. While the nurse ran her scan her hazel eyes were locked on the object wrapped in paper as she wondered what it was. Lauren hadn't had time to grab anything when they planned their escape; all of her belongings and what little of M'Gann's belongings were left in their quarters. "When can I see Miko?" she asked.

The nurse looked up from her tricorder readings for a moment, seeing the woman's hurt. "The doctor wanted to keep him for another 36 hours to make sure he was healthy enough to live on his own and that his healing process is on the right course. He lost a lot of blood, and it put a lot of strain on his heart. There is one more pack of blood on an emergency transport that will arrive within the next 6 hours and then we will let you know once he is stable." When she returned to the tricorder, a frown crossed her features. "I'm reading deficiencies in many vitamins and minerals... sweetie, have you been eating?"

M'Gann turned her head away when she heard that. "I'm never hungry," she quietly replied. It was partly a lie, because when she was hungry she was afraid to eat because most of the time she'd throw it up.

Biting her lower lip for a moment, the redheaded nurse thought before replying. It must be an effect from the chemicals that were introduced into the woman's body. "I can't prescribe medication to you, but would it help if we get up an alarm system to remind you to eat? We can start with a low amount, say a handful of nuts or a cup of fruit, and go from there. Then Doctor Spencer can regulate the amounts and timing. Does that sound reasonable?"

The blonde paused for a moment before nodding. "What if I throw it up like what usually happens?"

"I recommend something bubbly, like carbonated water or a soda, to calm the stomach," the nurse replied. "Computer, set an alarm every two hours from 0900 to 1900 hours, and program the replicator to provide a maximum amount of 200 grams of nutrients per meal." The computer chirped its response, and Granger looked at the tricorder again before closing it. "Other than that, you seem to be in good health. I will inform the doctor of our changes, and I will check up on you in a couple days. Does that sound alright?"

M'Gann nodded again, glancing at the paper-wrapped object in her hands. Lifting her other hand, she opened the paper folds to reveal an oval-shaped locket with an intricate design decorating its exterior. It was silver in color, with a unique shine as it caught the room's light, and it hung off a thin wheat chain which slithered out of the paper and draped over her hand. With her thumb, she popped the clasp on the locket and let it spring open, and the first thing that hit her was the faint scent of Lauren's perfume. She always had a faint lavender smell to her. Next her eyes fell upon the small picture of Lauren, her eyes soft and the ever so slight hint of her dimples showing on her cheeks. She heard a small click, and she opened her mouth to ask what it was before a chocolatey voice nearly stopped her breath in its tracks.

M'Gann, if you are hearing this, then it likely means that I have been killed and the locket has been returned to you.

M’Gann felt her throat start to tighten, and she bit her lip as she willed herself to keep listening. "Nurse, wait..." she choked out, putting a hand over her mouth.

Granger, who had turned to leave, turned around to see the blonde on the verge of crying. She immediately returned to her side to provide comfort.

I had a feeling that the Order might try to take me away from you, but I really hope that they were not the cause of my death. I know it will be hard living without me, but you're strong, M'Gann. I knew it the first time I saw you that you had fight, and if anyone can make it through it's going to be you. Instead of thinking about my death, remember all the good times we had. I want you to remember me in a good way, promise me that?

The blonde nodded, knowing that Lauren wouldn't see it, and she took a shaky breath as tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She felt the gentle hand of the nurse on her back, rubbing it in a circular motion, and she clenched her eyes shut.

In this locket I left for you a picture of me to always remember me by. I also left this... well, I suppose you can call it an unwritten will, to remind you of what an amazing person you are. You changed my life M'Gann, ever since you fell into my quarters on that first day. Your strength not only influenced me, but also Doctor Indrani and several others. You pushed us to keep going, and we could never thank you for that.

A sad little chuckle escaped M'Gann's lips as she remembered that day before she brought a hand to her face to cover her eyes. Her shoulders shook as more tears fell, and she felt the hand on her back guide her towards the couch to sit as the sweet voice continued.

I want you to keep this locket close to you, and remember that I will always be with you, no matter what happens. I want you to know that I would have followed you to the ends of the universe; even if you had decided to fly a shuttle into a supernova, you can bet that I would've been right there beside you.

There was a pause in the recording, followed by a slight clearing of the throat.

I may not be with you in person, but I will always be with you, M'Gann. You are my sanctuary. I don't know what my last words to you will be, but I want you to know that I am proud of you for making it through and that I love you with all my heart, I always have and I always will.

With that the recording stopped, silence filling the room save the occasional sniffle from the blonde. M'Gann was hunched over, her body trembling as she silently cried while her tears stained wet spots into her clothes. The nurse sat beside her, a comforting hand on her back.

"Is there anything I can get you?" the nurse asked gently.

M'Gann shook her head. "I think..." she croaked, trying to contain herself long enough to speak. "... I think I would like to be alone now..."

The nurse looked the woman over before nodding. "As you wish. If you need us use the call button." With that, she stood and left. Once the doors shut behind her, the nurse paused and turned back with concern furrowing her brows before turning and heading back to the hospital.

Once the nurse left, M'Gann let herself fall onto her side as she held the locket close and sobbed. It was going to be hard living without her. How could she? Lauren had helped her through so much. She wanted nothing more than to have her Lauren back, safe and sound and alive. The memory of her love, unmoving in the chair next to her, seared itself into her brain, and it felt like closing her eyes only made the emptiness in her chest worse.

One more thing, M'Gann.

"Huh?" The blonde sniffled and wiped her eyes as she sat up a little. Looking down, she held the locket again as the message continued to finish Lauren's unwritten will.

I know we talked about it briefly, and you know it was a dream of mine, so in this locket is an extra gift for you...



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