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A Stinging Wasp

Posted on Thu Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 3:42pm by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: S.S. Wasp

=^= Khelev, you have your men, and Lieutenant Kavi. =^=

"Sava, you're in charge. Keep my ship in one piece," Khelev turned to two other engineers. "You two are with me. Grab some of the spare dilithum and two engineering kits. We're going to have to bring the Wasp's warp core back online."

"I'll keep her together, sir," Sava looked over at Khelev. "Get going."

Khelev nodded, waiting for the two engineers to get back. They were each carrying an engineering kit and one had a case that he assumed had the dilithum. They wasted little time bolting for the transporter room and found Mercia already waiting for them. He nodded to her as the three of them moved up onto the transporter padds

"Cheif," Khelev nodded to him. "The fighters will help engage the birds of pray, drop only the section of shields you need to."

"Aye, sir," The transporter chief looked over his console. "Three seconds to transport."

Khelev took a deep breath and let it out, when the energy beam caught them up it was no surprise and while he didn't like being on the bridge of the Wasp, he was glad they'd made it ok. The bridge was small, there was a center chair and two forward stations and another two along the sides of the bridge. "Get to engineering and get the warp core online. Mercia, the console on the starboard side is the tactical station. This ship has a forward firing photon launcher, four forward U type pulse phasers and four type VIII phaser strips. She's fast and maneuverable, I'll fly and you shoot. How's that sound?"

"Sounds like a good time." Mercia said as she dropped down in to the tactical station chair and let her eyes get familiar with the controls. "Gladiators fighters are out." she said, she had hear earpeice in, Elian was feeding her brief updates directly. "How long until we're able to enter the fight do you think Khelev?" she asked.

"As soon as the warp core is up, we can feed power into everything," Khelev glanced over at her as he took his seat at the pilot's chair. "I could bring the impulse engines online, but we're going to become a big target once things come on line."

"Better to wait until your monkeys get the core back on, Gladiator can take a few hits, we won't be able to if we're not at full power." she said.

"Aye," Khelev nodded, he was more worried about them for the moment. The hum of the deck plating stopped him from saying anymore, his fingers moved quickly over the console as systems started coming online. He brought the impulse engines online and goosed the throttle, and the thrusters to swing them around. "Here come the birds, let's see if this stone can do it's job."

Mercia saw her console coming to life, "All weapons at full power." she said. She began to select her targets and choose which weapon to use, "Wasp to Gladiator, we're at power and engaging now." she reported. "Lets go for it Blue!" she grinned her fingers dancing over the controls, already firing.

The Wasp shifted away from the Gladiator and turned towards the two birds of prey. Their pulse phasers opening up and they started to exchange fire with the two birds of prey as they moved in for another attack. They shook as several hits landed, but powered through and hit one of the birds with all of their forward firing firing power. Four pulse phasers and a spread of photon torpedoes and the ship was space dust.

The second bird whipped passed them and Merica used the aft phasers and pounded the ship's shields. The Durrighash vessel seemed to want to get in on the action and had followed after the wasp, and opened up on the bird of prey. Khelev brought the ship around locked on to the bird of prey and they opened fire. With no where to run, the ship exploded and Khelev started heading for the Gladiator.

"They're in trouble, the bird of prey surprise attack did a lot of damage. We'll fly around them and then send a full spread of photons into that ship," Khelev said.

"Got it." Mercias hands danced over the controls as she set up the shot, it was going to be tricky to ensure they landed well. There was a lot of set up for a shot like this. She waited until Khelev has lined them up, "Firing." she called out and shot the went out, all four hitting on the enemy ship. Mercia grinned and let out a whoop.

"Let's hope the destruction of their other two ships is enough to get them to run," Khelev said, watching the sensor readouts as they came along side the Gladiator.

Mercia narrowed her eyes, "What the...?" she said.

"What is it?" Khelev turned his head for a second before looking back at his console.

"The Durrighash have boarded the enemy ship," She told him. She shuddered, "God that would be scary." she said thinking of the crew who might be getting chomped right now. Her stomach lurched at the idea.

"That's why bladed weapons are still useful," Khelev nodded his agreement.

"SHIT!" She cried. "They're being transported in to space!" she said.

"I'm going to keep us in formation with the fighters," Khelev said. "We'll run interference if they try to attack the Durrighash while they rescue their people."

"The ship is leaving!" Mercia grinned and let out a whoop.

Khelev let out a deep breath, considering how he'd been feeling the last few days if felt good to engage some hostile targets but the satisfaction was gone quickly. He looped them about and started heading back toward the Gladiator with the fighters in tow. "Gotta love a civilian freighter build with heavy thusters and better weapons then some Starfleet ships."

Mercia began to shut things down as she glanced over at the Andorian, "Sometimes I wish the fleet would get a clue, we could use some upgrading, even with a ship with teeth like the Gladiator!" she said. She stood up, "Lets get her shut down and head back home. Good flying Big blue!" she grinned at him.

"Thanks, you're a damn good shot," Khelev said with a nod as he flew the ship up under the gladiator and started to power down the ship.



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