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Dangerous landings part 2

Posted on Thu Jul 14th, 2016 @ 2:10pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: The Undesireables

~~start part two~~~

Jonny was given ear plugs but he refused to use them and started to growl and fight more, knocking his head with his knuckles. He backed away from the team and looked at the jungle.

Mercia could tell the kid was about to run, she knew that look, it was one she'd had many times, "I think the sound ain't working." she commented glumly.

Zeti moved closer to the kid and half moved down and looked into his eyes, she'd been working on the UT and was hoping the more the kid spoke the faster it would figure out his language.

"Hey kid, running out into the jungle won't help you. Stick with us."

She offered him her hand and a smile, hoping to calm down.

Taylor joined Zeti and figured that Julian would be close by in a moment. He squatted down in front of him be putting himself in between him and the jungle. "Hey, hey." He said softly. He gently took the boy's hands and tried to uncurl the knuckles. "Look, Julian's right there." He pointed at Lt. Winterstorm. He knew the two of them had been communicating through mental pictures and he trusted Julian. "It's ok." He had tried to teach him some very basic sign language in the MI hospital but only a few words had managed to stick in the short time frame. He gestured on his chest in a clockwise circle and said "Sorry." Then he pointed to his ears. "Sound" and he gestured to his chest again making a flat palm and short wave outward away from himself "Gone."

"Put him on my back, "Julian suggested, "then we all know where he is and I can help keep him calm."

Phelps kept looking about with the scanning from the tricorder augmenting his observations; it is, as they say, so long as the jungle makes routine noises nothing has come looking for you. He paid attention to the sounds around him; taking note of people's locations, and his hand where the 'Noise Maker' was close enough to be utilized should the need arise?

"We might have tagged his clothing with a transporter beacon, that way should he run away we could have reasonably tracked him?" Phelps noted. "Though I think things are about to get rather tricky, I have noticed the higher water table in this area and we all know what that could mean an do to maybe prod the grounds ahead of you?"

Jonny looked at Taylor and put his fingertips to his mouth then flicked them away before he pointed to his ear. He didn't like the sound that was coming and going. He took a deep breath now that it was gone. He looked around and squinted his eyes before he looked at Julian who had a picture in his mind. He shook his head and looked around.

He tipped his head and his eyes widened. He seemed excited. He pointed towards a mountain in the distance with what looked to be a huge tree near the bald top. He hissed a bit and warbled before he slapped his chest a few times and lurched forward towards the jungle. Jonny looked back at Julian and tapped his lips before tapping his cheek. "Home"

Mercia paused near the head of the trail, "Whats got the kid excited?" she asked, "He see a landmark or something?" she demanded, hoping to get the team actually moving here quick.

Jonny ran up to her and grabbed her hand before pulling her into the jungle at a fast pace. Mercia hardly noticed how easily her steps fell nearly silent, just like Jonny's. She for years had to be sneaky and have silent footfalls, it came like second nature.

Phelps was one to note the quickened pace of the Captain and the boy Johnny, he was not as silent as a cat but Intel does tend to make people learn to be quieter. HE was going after them as they were the leaders and his job is to follow and get Intel; a hard thing to do when one is not near where the facts come from. he had to make more noise than the boy and Captain yet he did not exactly 'trod about' the jungle either. His job was to find out about the Boy's race and what kind of asset they would be to have as friends or evaluate the potential as otherwise?

The tricorder in Lixor's hand was sending out information that wasn't making much sense, "I have a heat signature about ten yards ahead and slightly to the right." He shook his head no life sing just a rather intense heat, 57 degrees Celsius." Noticing the quickened but soft footsteps of the both the Captain and child he smiled and began moving a little fast after them. Hist steps were cautious ones though probably not as silent as either the woman of the boys. His light of foot was learned on hard surfaces, not the soft soil of a jungle.

"He says home, he's found home." Taylor pointed out as he followed. He got up and followed everyone else into the thick underbrush of the jungle. "Lixor, that toxic plant, stuff." He hinted. "Still close by?"

"Look for vines going across your path rather than vertical, the most simple trap trigger is a Tripwire and the more natural it looks the better it is for being effective," Phelps suggested. "And it has to be with your eyes as a tricorder will only tell you what types of underbrush are there." Phelps continued. "Thus emphasize the old saying 'watch your step."

"Oh, like what you did in that Hotel you told me about?" replied Paula looking back at Sam with a grin, although she remembered having him snuggle up against her on the intel mission, she thought~ I hope that's the last time we have to pose as husband and wife,~ as she started to swing the sword in her hand.

The group plowed through the jungle chasing after Jonny who was pulling Mercia along. When Jonny stopped Mercia skidded to a halt behind him. In front of them was a large tree, the branches shifting and rustling. There was a low purring and clicking sound from the branches.

The hair on the back of Mercia's neck rose as she backed away a little and tried to look for a way around the big tree, "Shhh." she tried to silence their large group, now wondering if it would have been wiser to leave them behind.

Jonny looked worried as he put his finger to his lips, but most people couldn't see them and was still chattering away. An unearthly scream erupted from the leaves of the tree and birds took to the air in a flurry, Jonny shoved Mercia into the underbrush and ran for Paula who was standing nearby and pushed her as well, trying to get them all to hide as the birds circled above, screeching and hollering.

The blue man was glancing around at his surroundings more but looked at his readings again, "yep, the poison is still visible though it is now in front of us about 20 meters and to the left." He looked over for M'Gann for a moment then back to to the jungle, "man will I be glad to be back on Gladiator," he said in a low tone.

Taylor frowned as he heard the screeching sounds ahead of them he saw Jonny pushing people towards the ground and the brush, he ordered those left on the path to take cover as he took cover himself.

Julian pulled the phaser rifle of his shoulder and adjusted it to the heaviest stun setting and scanned the area around them.

Phelps was in motion as the sound came, looking up with the HUD display of the Tricorder reading he knew in what direction the noise came. He reached to Paula in an attempt to guide her to the base where two of the trees gave an adequate cover from the path and harder to be seen from the sky.

"Paula.. this bloody way. Phelps gesture towards his intended cover close to them.

"Ok hon, you don't have to shout," replied Paula, as she moved over to them and crouched down. She thought~ now they know we are here,whoever; they are?~ as she kept looking ahead of them.

Behind in the middle, Lizzy had quickly poured out more stones and slid them into her sling, ready to unleash if needed, and making sure that she was protecting M'Gann.

The blonde followed suit and ducked down into some nearby brush when something screeched at them. This time, her hand was on her phasor, ready to pull it out to use it if needed. M'Gann didn't know what was up there, but it didn't sound happy.

Taylor pulled his weapon as he laid on his stomach, his eyes on the circling birdlike creatures. "Wild animals, my ass." He murmured. These things looked like they could pick a kid and carry them away.

Julian took a deep breath and took careful aim. Ready to take of the bird things out.

Lixor saw a shadow passing over him as he crouched in the green surrounding. He could see the large wingspan with white and grey feathers. The blue man watched as a feather trickled down and landed only inches from his nose. With a puzzled look, he examined it both with his eyes and his tricorder. It was not the source of the poison readings but he wasn't exactly sure if most feathers had quills with red inferior umbilical.

Cautiously moved around the feather and back out into the open and breathed easier as he emerged. Taking off his pack he removed a pair of gloves and a sample bag.

"We got a feather anyway," he said as he put on his gloves.

Mercia looked at Johnny trying to figure out if staying in hiding was better or if they should try and get rid of the animals. She growled having enough of this. She raised her phaser and started to fire at the animals on stun. Maybe it might make them lunch for something else but Jonny clearly saw them as a danger clearly they were.

The birds started to drop to the ground, eventually, there were enough of them scared that they flew away shrieking. Mercia came out from under the bush and looked at one of the birds on the ground. It wasn't completely knocked out as it flapped, its wings spread. It reared up its ugly head at her as she approached and spit.

Mercia yanked her hand back as the birds spit headed right for her. Some of it landed on her skin and she felt the burn start. "Shit!" she growled as she waved her hand trying to get it off, but the acid started to burn even more. "Get it off!" she hissed as the crew started to emerge from the underbrush.

M'Gann glanced down at her tricorder before looking around. She then took off in a direction, following her tricorder. Finding what she was looking for, the blonde returned, a handful of leaves poking from between her fingers. Picking up a rock from the ground, she ground them a little in her hand before walking up to Mercia and grabbing ahold of her arm. Using half the leaves, she wiped off the spit and tossed that to the ground before putting the other half onto the skin, covering the burn completely. "Mentha dahurica and Matricaria recutita," M'Gann mentioned, holding the leaves in place for a moment before lifting them to check the burn. "Native versions of mint and chamomile, they'll relieve the irritation and provide some pain relief."

Mercia took a deep breath of relief, "Did you just speak some sort of witches spell over me, what did you learn in your other life?" she asked.

"Funny enough, how to not die," M'Gann responded, keeping her eyes focused on the burn to avoid Mercia's gaze. The chamomile trick she learned from Lauren, but she didn't mention that instead tightening her jaw a little. "Those were their Latin names. Chamomile and mint are known for their healing properties, both external and internal," she informed. "It wasn't hard to find the genetic markers of the plant here."

Taylor was coming out of the brush checking on the other members of the away team. He was looking for Julian and Johnny. "Acid spitting birds, I already hate this island." He said as he offered Julian a hand up.

Julian took Taylor's hand and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet.

"The birds must ingest the poison from eating the plants," Lixor said turning his attention away from the task he had started to examine one of the stunned birds, "their bodies use it then as a defensive mechanism."

He paused a moment then asked, "anyone picking up volcanic activity," he asked.

"Not on my Tricorder," replied Paula as she kept her weapon at the ready.

"Oh, that is the last damn thing we need..." Mercia said. "Alright, let's get moving again, I do not want the acid birds to come back to spit on us," she said. "Unless we're walking into a Volcano... wait you don't' live in a volcano do you, Jonny?" Mercia asked the boy. He looked at her confused then started towards the mountain again. "great...."

Using the end of her staff, Lizzy had been cutting off more of the plants that she had seen M'Gann using and stuffing it into the pouches as she did, packing it in. It had been a long time since she really did much medical work in her cross-training, but she could see a good thing.

Slashing through some more, she stopped and called out, "Hey!! Look what I found. Some sort of stone tablet with carving on it. Think it has something like.. rhinos? And not sure if that is a hand patting or spear. "

Julian came over to examine the tablet.

Taylor couldn't help but chuckle. "Volcano is not one of the phrases we managed to master, Captain." He offered. "Sorry, I really didn't think it was necessary."

Mercia looked at the man confused for a moment before she looked towards Jonny, "Well let's hope our guide knows what one is.. oh and there he goes again. Teams, mark this area on your tricorders, you'll have to come back later!" she called as she started off after Jonny again who was starting to climb over some rocks, heading for the very center of the island. Mercia started to dread this even more... volcanic activity and they were headed for the highest point on the place, if the kid dragged them into a volcano she would give him some not so kind sign words to learn.

The blue man did some checking on his tricorder and yes their was volcanic activity on the island and evidence from the soil that it had once been a flow. "I hate to tell you this Captain but there could well be one on the island but I'm not reading any activity at the moment."

Lizzy was thinking for a moment and grinned, "Hey, I know how we can find out. We can use acting to see if he has seen anything like it."

Skipping forwards, she stopped in front of Johnny and held her hands close together with fingers touching. And then she began slowly raising them up. When Lizzy got up far enough, though, she made them spring upwards and made whooshing noises. After that, Lizzy made wavy patterns with her fingers and then pinging noises as she flicked out her fingers.

Using one hand, Lizzy wiggled two fingers like it was a person running around and then jumped up, running around in a circle crying out before dashing herself to the ground, rolling around.

After a moment, she stopped and looked up before pointing to her eye and then holding a hand out to him.

Taylor glanced at Lixor and had to ask. "What's the chance of any of that activity being oceanic?" He asked with some hope.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Paula thinking of the base as she asked the question. this whole place was starting to creep her out again. she continued," Is this Planet in trouble of being unstable?"

Zeti took a deep breath before she reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose for a second before she shook her head. "Islands like this are all volcanic in nature, it's a lot like water being wet. I should know, I grew up on one. We would never have settled this planet if it was unstable. Let's stay focused, we're here to help this boy and his people, sometimes that means leaning into danger, not away from it."

"I know all that," replied Paula looking at Zeti as she found out a little more about one of her crewmates, She continued,"just reminds me of Davina's home and the place where she lost her birth Mother," as she brushed her hair back from the front of her face.

Price looked at Zeti, "No one runs headlong into danger, accessing the danger is always important." He retorted to her quip. "We won't help anyone dead." He looked around for Mercia and Jonny. He was hoping that Lizzy's acting helped them communicate with Jonny.

Zeti exhaled through her nose, the Bajoran looking over at Price. "Then maybe we should head back to the shuttles and do an actual geological survey if you're that scared of a seismic event. If not, I suggest we keep moving, because the longer we stand here the longer the monsters out in the jungle might drag one of us off."

Price turned, the expression on his normally pleasant face was anything but. "Did you just accuse me of being scared?"There was a part of him that wanted to go toe to toe with the Bajoran. The MCO in him said not to. "We go on his word." He pointed at Jonny. "Not yours." He added. "If you're scared of the monsters you can get closer to Jonny, he knows the most about how to survive here."

"Did the Lieutenant Commander pips fall off of my collar or are you getting insubordinate with a superior officer? You're the one that decided to mouth off about my lean into danger comment. And if you're not scared of birds that spit acid that can melt your skin or hunters that can rip you to shreds in a few seconds, I guess you're invincible," Zeti narrowed her eyes, this was getting them no where and while she wanted to punch the look on his face right off of it, she knew it wasn't conducive to their present situation.

Mercia snapped her fingers between the two. "Hey! Hey hey!" she snapped. "If you all aint scared shitless of this island you're idiots, however we are going to take things slowly so we make it there alive. Forward in to danger, with clear heads. So if you two are done PMSing how about lets move forward?" Mercia said rolling her eyes feeling a little more grouchy than she meant.

Jonny looked at the woman doing a funny dance in front of him. He tipped his hed and stared at her before he pointed towards the mountain again.

Mercia sighed, "Alright I dont think that got anywhere and we still can scan a little bit at a time, let's get moving, I'd like to get to Jonny's place before dark." she snapped.



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