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Welcome Home

Posted on Tue Jul 12th, 2016 @ 12:03pm by

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: DS7 & USS Gladiator

Candy stepped off of the shuttle ramp onto the hangar deck of Deep Space 7 and adjusted the weight of her duffel bag as she looked around the huge hangar. Several shuttles were arriving and leaving. She was surprised at how busy the station was. She headed over to the check-in gate and waited in line for her turn to step up to the retinal scan. When it was her turn she stepped up to the device and let it scan her eye.

“LtJG Cassandra Quinn,” announced the Security Officer, reading the display. “Assigned to the Gladiator.”

Doctor Cassandra Quinn,” Candy corrected the Ensign. She was of the belief that she was a physician first and a military officer second and during her nine years of service she had, rarely, been called by her rank. In fact, during her last assignment she had made a rule that ranks were left at the doors of her medical facility and those who entered became patients needing medical care...not officers or enlisted...just people.

“Sorry, Doctor,” The other Security Officer said with a smile. “The Gladiator is moored at Dock 65. The gangway is on Deck 587. Through those doors and to the right...turbolift 6. When you get off the turbolift turn left and you'll see the gangway numbers above each door,” the young man said, pointing to the doors to the left of the control room. “Do you have any more gear on the transport, ma'am?”

Candy shook her head. “This is it, Ensign I travel light,” she said with a smile.

“”Alright ma'am,” the ensign said, already motioning for the next person in line to step up.

Candy moved her duffel bag over to her other shoulder and headed for the doors the ensign had pointed to. Several minutes later she walked through the gangway tunnel and stopped at the Security check point just outside of the Gladiator boarding hatch.

“Dr. Cassandra Quinn, LtJG, requesting permission to come aboard,” she said to the Security Officer and leaned in so he could scan her retina with his hand held scanner. She was a bit surprised at the young man's uniform. Instead of the usual black knit pants and gold shirt, he was dressed in, what appeared to be black leather bloused pants and a gold and black leather like tunic.

“Permission granted, Doctor Quinn,” the ensign said. “Welcome aboard the USS Gladiator,” he added as he stepped aside so she could step across the threshold.

“Thank you, Ensign,” Candy said.

The young man took a small PADD off of a stack of them on a portable stand and handed it to her. “That's a layout of the ship, ma'am. Your quarter assignment is O16 on Deck 4.” Looking at Cassandra he added, “you will need to report to the Quartermaster for new uniforms. That's on Deck 3 next to the gym.”

“Thank you,” Candy said, taking the PADD from him and looking at the you are here diagram. With a smile she headed for the nearest turbolift and a few minutes later she stepped into her quarters, tossed her duffel bag on her bed and looked around. “Eh...not bad. A few books, some nick-nacks, a tapestry or two, a couple of plants,” she nodded, approvingly. “Yeah. It'll do. Welcome home, Quinn.”


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