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Reporting In

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2016 @ 7:56am by David Hawkins

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: USS Gladiator - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Morning after Welcome Home 0800


Cassandra woke up thirty minutes before her alarm went off and took a leisurely shower. She dressed in her new uniform, pulled her hair into a ponytail and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Quinn...warrior Doc," she said, turning sideways and laughing at how bad ass she looked in the leather/rubber-like uniform. She was surprised at how comfortable it was. Not at all like the sweat box she had imagined it would be. Pinning her combadge onto her tunic she took one last gulp of the cup of coffee she had replicated then headed out of her quarters. A few minutes later she walked up to the door of the Captain's Ready Room and rang the chime.

"Enter," Came the voice of Hawkins who was also walking up to his office. The female quickly jumped and turned as he smirked. "Sorry, didn't mean to make ya jump."

"Then maybe you shouldn't sneak up on people," Candy said, then noticed the pips on his tunic and she quickly added, "sir." She stepped back against the wall, stuck out her hand and pressed the door release, and, as it slid open and she let the Commodore step passed her, she said, "Dr. Cassandra Quinn, reporting for duty."

He chuckled slightly as he thanked her before walking in and waving her into the office. "Welcome aboard doctor. I am glad to see that our medical staff are beefing up quickly before our maiden voyage," David started off before he rounded the desk and sighed as he tossed the tablet he had in his hands onto the desk. "Ya want a drink, doctor?"

"No thanks. It's a bit early for me, sir," Candy answered as she followed David into the office and stood in front of his desk.

He paused for a moment before he smirked and shook his head. "So what made you choose to take the offer of working on Gladiator?" he asked as he walked up to the replicator to start the orders.

Candy stood with her hands behind her back and said, "I don't know how much you know about my last assignment make a long story short...when the station had to be destroyed...I was given a choice of a station assignment or ship and I decided I was tired of my feet being on the ground...staying in one place. That's not why I joined Starfleet. If I wanted to be a tree I would have went to work in a civilian hospital and put down roots."

This made him look at her for a moment with a slight puzzled look before shrugging. "Well being assigned to the Gladiator has the perk of both. While the Gladiator is in orbit of the planet or docked at DS7, you will also have access to Memphis Island Hospital, as a temporary doctor. We usually take a couple weeks off during missions, but as of right now, the crew of the Gladiator are assisting with MI issues while we wait for the rest of the task force returns from their missions. Once they return, we will all be going out, with the Gladiator as the Flag ship, on our mission."

"Sounds exciting. I can't wait to meet the medical staff," Candy said with a smile.

"Well there is a large Medical staff, both on DS7, Memphis Island and on Gladiator. So I highly doubt you will be bored," the commodore shrugged as he looked at her up and down before taking a seat and offered her a seat. "So let's do a quick run down. Tell me your story and what questions you have."

"My story?" Candy asked, taking a seat. With a shrug she said, "I am Lakota/Irish. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. My father is a trauma surgeon on the Nightingale, my mother is a in private practice and my grandmother was a medicine woman so medicine was in my genes. In medical school I specialized in Emergency Trauma. My first assignment was the Idyllwild where I was a Trauma Surgeon and ACMO for four years then I transferred to the Taevon Station where I was the Assistant Medical Director for one year then Director for the next four. The base was over taken by a parasitic species called the Lorb and only three of us managed to escape infection in pods. We were picked up by a freighter and Starfleet destroyed the station to prevent further infection. I was taken back to San Francisco for debriefing then assigned here." She sat back in her seat, hoping that was enough information to satisfy the Commodore.

"Sounds like you had a wild ride," David nodded as he looked her over for a moment. "Are you comfortable with the Romulans, Doctor?"

Candy welcomed the change in subject. She was still haunted by nightmares from her experience. She smiled and said, "When I was on the Idyllwild I treated a few that had left the Empire and had to be rescued when their shuttle ran out of power and they were set adrift. To be honest, sir....they were much more agreeable patients than most Humans. They aren't prone to dishonesty, unnecessary drama or hiding behind rage like Klingons do."

"Well most people have had a bad moment in their lives or what they have heard that would turn them away from them," he pointed out as he played with a padd on the desk. "We work side by side with the Romulans. Memphis Island is a mix of the two communities to which allows us all to be able to learn and train one another. MIH is a merge of the two technologies and specialties. IT will be an interesting setup to say the least."

"Sounds incredibly exciting," Candy said. "I can't wait to take a look."



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