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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2016 @ 8:01am by Lieutenant Mellicent Borden

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: USS Gladiator - CMO's Office
Timeline: After Reporting In - 0830


Candy left the CO's Ready Room and headed for the turbolift. "Deck 8," she said as the door slid shut with a whispering hiss. A few seconds later the door opened and she stepped out and headed for Sickbay. Walking through the doors she stopped just across the threshold and looked around at the impressive Main Suite. She noticed several nurses milling around the nurses' station but no one looked her way and no one approached her. "Uh huh," she muttered quietly. She waited several seconds before clearing her throat, loudly.

One of the nurses, finally, looked up and said, "oh...I'm sorry. Can I..."

Candy held her hand up to stop the woman. "Clearly we need a sign to hang on the doors that says if you're sick or injured...heal yourself because our staff is taking a break and unavailable to assist you.," she said, sarcastically. "This is Sickbay....right?" she asked, as if she didn't know the answer.

"Yes, ma'am," one of the other nurses answered, sheepishly, once she noticed the rank on Cassandra's collar.

"I'm Dr. Quinn," Candy said, setting her jaw. "Your new Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

"Oh geez," the nurse who was still sitting down said, wincing, and got to her feet. "I am so sorry, Doctor."

"Breaks are to be taken in the break room...or outside of Sickbay and not everyone takes their break at the same time," Candy said in an even tone. "If you can't find something productive to do I'm sure Dr. Borden and I can find something for you to do. Speaking of Dr. she in her office?" Candy asked.

"Yes, Doctor," the nurse said and motioned for the other nurses to scatter...which they did.

Candy walked away...a victorious smirk on her face. She walked up to the open door of the CMO's office and knocked on the doorjam. "Dr. Borden? I'm Dr. Quinn."

Mel, nose deep in a padd, just reached up with her left hand and pointed to a nearby chair. She made a few mental notes, and reviewed the last bit of data from Ensign Johnson's latest scan. "Doctor who," she asked, "sorry I haven't really gotten around to reviewing the staff yet. Only arrived and still trying to figured out these charts, and staff notes... what a mess," she commented.

She set the padd down and glanced up, "Doctor Quinn," she snapped her finger as if attempting to jog her memory, "I don't remember seeing your name on any of the files, well what few I read on the way here. This was sort of a last minute assignment."

"Cassandra Quinn," Candy said, walking across the room. "Your new ACMO," she said as she reached across the desk to extend her hand. "Seems the only ones who knew I was coming was Security. Good thing or I would still be on the station trying to straighten it all out," she added with a laugh.

Mel took the hand and returned the small gesture, "Mel," she replied showing that she wasn't too formal. There wasn't any Officers around, and no patients. "I must say very few of the crew knew of my arrival as well, but that is the life of a Star Fleet Office."

Mel looked at the door, "So what did you think of the staff, when you came in," she questioned?

Candy smirked as she sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk. "You can tell they have been without leadership for a while," she said with a shrug. " is my experience that medical people are true team players. Probably more so than any elite Marine team. I think they'll fall into step as soon as they see which way we're stepping," she said with a smile.

"This is true," she replied, "Perhaps the in the heat of the situation when life and death hangs on our decisions but either way they need a little disciplinary training." She smiled, "Amongst a few other things," she joked.

"But they do need some refreshers in Professional conduct," she looked at the glass doors as two Nurses strolled by clearly discussing something that had nothing to do with Sickbay or patients. "Having fun is one thing, but it looks like this crew has taken it a step further."

"Discip....uh...huh," Candy said. Leaning forward she said, "may I offer a little word of advice? I have found that there is little room for strict military protocol in Sickbay. Medical facilities should be rank free...military free zones. I may be ranked as a Lieutenant but I am no better than the enlisted corpsman. We are both part of the same team with the same goal...treat those who are sick or injured. If we get all wrapped up in military protocol...patient care suffers because there is no longer team work. Granted...that is just my opinion but it stems from experience as the director of a station medical facility for four years."

"Perhaps I should clarify the disciplinary commented," Mel replied, "I am not talking your typical rank and file. I don't hold much in the whole military way of life," she smirked considering her career that might be an odd statement. "But our staff does need to learn the whole time and place concept and ensure that we are being respectful of people as they come in. Kind of like your arrival, no one should have to wait at the door for attention. Someone comes in the reaction should be immediate so the patient feels like we care about their concerns."

She knew she was rambling on and hoped that her point was clear.

"I think they will," Candy said, hiding a smirk as she remembered her earlier conversation with the nurses. " Chief Medical Officer...what are your plans for me?" she asked, changing the subject.

"For the time being I get the impression there hasn't been real leadership in Medical so that has to be the first priority," Mel stated, "making sure that standard practices are in place." She smiled, "And I personally hate scheduling so I will leave staff scheduling to you."

Candy nodded. It was the way she would have delegated when she was CMO. "I don't know about you...but I have always thought that two 12 hour shifts for medical worked more efficiently than the standard 3 8s. And on 3 off 2. It seems to prevent burn out. Just a suggestion," she said and waited for Mel's approval or disapproval.

"Twelve hours shifts, three on three off," Mel commented more to herself then anyone else, "standard rotations for medical." She realized she'd repeated everything Candy had stated and laughed. "I will work on reviewing the disaster plan and have stations all set up and ready in the event we need it," Mel added.

"Good to know we're on the same page," Candy said. "I will get right on the schedule." After several more minutes of tossing ideas around, Candy was assigned to supervise the Second shift...which started at 1900 she headed out to begin reviewing the profiles of her staff and get some rest.



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