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The new Doc

Posted on Wed Sep 7th, 2016 @ 3:22am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden
Edited on on Wed Sep 7th, 2016 @ 3:23am

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Mel's assignment to the Gladiator had been rather unexpected. Having requested a transfer to Deep Space 7 she was a bit taken back at the lack of response and then Star Fleet didn't even bother to tell her that her request had been denied. She stepped off the shuttlecraft and tugged at her uniform slightly. There were only a few options when one first reported to a new assignment.

The crew member could go check out their quarters, a fact that didn't settle well with Mel. She'd been transferred so many times that the rooms all started to look alike. She could go to Sickbay and settle in, but she more than likely wouldn't have access to anything yet. So that left one options remaining, the Commanding Officer.

She sighed, "Let's get it over with," she told herself as she made her way to the nearby lift. It didn't take long for the Doctor to make her way to her desired destination. Standing outside, the Ready Room she pushed the button and waited for approval to enter. She only hoped the Commodore was in a good mood.

"What..." the moan came out wrong as he sighed before looking up from his couch he decided to lay back and relax on. The day was almost done and quite honestly, he was ready to head back to his home on the islands down on the surface of the planet here soon. The feeling of being on the new Gladiator-A was nice, but in the end, it was tiresome to be locked up doing paperwork all the time. The good ol' days of retirement... why did he come back again?

Looking at the door of the ready room, he saw a female walk in and looked rather annoyed but he wanted to play it on the cautious side. "Sorry for coming off irritated, just ready to head out of here. Anyway, how can I help ya?"

"Doctor Borden, your new Chief of Medicine," she stated standing a few feet from the couch, "Apparently if the crew's reaction is any indication you were not aware of my arrival?" She forced a smile, "not like Star Fleet to give advanced notice I guess." She was a little taken back at the man's apparently laid back behavior. Not what she typically saw in a Flag Officer. Perhaps this will be a different assignment, she told herself. "Call me Mel," she stated, "Not into all that formalities and title crap, when no one is around."

"And what if I was into all that fomality and title crap?" he quickly countered as he stood up and straightened his shirt. He looked over and saw that he had left his leather uniform top off and so his ranks were only on his shirt. Either case, it didn't matter to him. So he looked back at her.

"Then you wouldn't have answered the door laying on a sofa," she replied, "with the rest of your uniform over there," she jerked a thumb to his desk.

"Good enough for me," David smirked as he shook her hand. "Welcome aboard Mel. Yeah I knew about you taking over as chief but wasn't sure about your arrival. And the reason for the lack of communication is because I grabbed ya real quick. So by the time they finally get to you, they probably won't even bother with the formal messages and what not... Sorry."

"It happens, in my experience Star Fleet is anything but workable," she nodded, "but we learn to adapt." She looked around the room attempting to get a feel for the man, "So Commodore, what can you tell me about my Medical Department," she asked?

"Well not much, They are all new to our crew for the most part. We do have a civilian Doctor that will be with us from time to time, but that is your department. So if you want to allow her to help ya out from time to time, its your call. But I leave that to your area of expertise.

"As for your department, you should have the most up to date department with equipment. If you feel you need additional equipment and need help, I'll get it for ya if need me."

"I am sure that the department will be just fine," Mel stated, "This is one of the most advanced ships in the fleet, can't imagine they forgot sickbay." She stood next to the Commodore's desk, "And what of our current mission, I am afraid none of my access was in place so I was not able to view the current logs before arrival."

"At the moment, our primary mission is to keep the peace and safety of this sector with the Romulan Government. We are joint with them, and the task force we oversee will be full of both federation and Romulan personal and starships. It will be difficult but Memphis Island was set up for this."

"It's an interesting concept," Mel stated, "It's been my experience that these things look great on paper but are quite a bit harder in real life. But given the certain status of the Romulan Empire, they might be more willing to be workable."

"The majority of the Romulan Government have backed this and are on a verge of coming to a solid peace treaty. But we are all walking on thin ice," He reassured her.

"Thin ice," she smirked, "Very reassuring..."

"We had to start somewhere. This is better time than any," David explained with a slight smirk. "So far, we have done quite well. So hopefully we keep going that route."

Mel took the hint, even if it wasn't directly at her. "Hopefully," she reiterated.

"If there isn't anything else, I'll let ya get to sick bay and see what all you feel like she needs for you to feel comfortable for any mission we come across."

"Thank you Commodore," she smiled with a slight nod as she turned and headed for the door.

"And Doctor..."

Commodore," the Doctor turned to the CO?

"Welcome aboard once again. Talk to Doctor Spencer at Memphis Hospital. He is taking charge of the hospital down there so you should talk to him. He will set ya up with an office and where you can help out during our time back here," Hawkins slightly smirked as he watched her.

"I will do that," Mel smiled with a slight nod she told herself right after she checked in with the XO.


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