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A new path part 1

Posted on Sat Mar 29th, 2014 @ 8:22pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: Flashbacks

After the call with Hawkins ended Grayson took a moment to lean back in his chair thinking. Mercia Kavi was unique, one of the most unique kids he plucked up from prison. When he first saw her she was in the middle of a fight in the courtyard just outside her housing unit.

Grayson folded his hands behind his back as she strolled under a few trees, part of him marveling at just how far the penal system had come. From holes in the ground to communities driven to rehabilitate the saveable, and contain the unsavable.

When he was young he had been what would have been called a troubled youth. Drugs, stealing, getting into fights, damaging property… he had set himself down a path that would never satisfy him. That is until he met his uncle, who was estranged from his family unit, his uncle was in law enforcement, and when Graysons mother died, his father was so broken he couldn’t handle the wild boy. With character rare, despite the estrangement his uncle took Grayson in, it was a fight, but in the end he had been tough enough to endure the rebellion, and reshape Graysons future, while instilling in him the same character.

Now Grayson had found an opportunity to help others like him, he created a new program a few years back, with the backing of Starfleet to take troubled youth out of the penal system and give them careers and a future and disciplin.

He had a fair success rate so far, and his last batch was starting to dwindle, either being returned to the penal system, or graduating and moving on to military service. He was personally here to take a look at a group of kids who might have potential in his program.

He looked at Lyla, a civilian counselor that he hand picked to work on his team. She was a pretty dark haired woman, a former sex slave, rescued, and given a second chance through The New Life Foundation. They trained her and educated her so that she would not return to a life on the streets. She was given a new identity and a new life, her heart was the same as his. Helping the troubled and giving them a new life. The girl was damn good at her job, even though she’d only worked for him a few months.

He looked over at one of the prison guards, in uniform walking with them. “How many in this group?” Grayson asked.

“We have ten candidates for you Admiral.” the guard said. “Admin thinks they have the best chance to succeed, and all have been open to the idea of trading prison time for the chance to serve.” he said.

Grayson sighed inwardly. While such kids were good to have in the mix, because willingness brought a higher success rate, that wasn’t his mission. He wanted those at the end of their line with no future. A brief touch to his arm told him that Lyla felt the same way, they had talked extensively about it.

They turned on the path and entered a common building. It was open, and had chairs stacked along the walls, leaving the floor clutter free. His eyes looked over the ten kids who were sitting in pair around the room, being loud. Their hair were the only things that were different, they were all dressed in a gray or blue jumpsuits.

“On your feet.” the guard barked. The teenagers got up with varying degrees of eagerness.

Grayson took a few moments to look them over. They all looked like they wanted to impress the two visitors, of course they were their ticket out of here. “What
are you in for son?” he asked of the first boy.

“Extensive property damage sir.” he asked with a quiet respectful tone.

“And you miss?” Grayson asked of the dark wild haired girl next to him.

“I killed an old fool like you.” she smirked at him.

“She’s a theif who keeps trying to impress the bad assed lifers, don’t believe her.” a girl down the line said.

“Shut up!” the girl barked.

“Make me!” the challenge came back.

“Ladies.” Lyla said in a commanding tone. The girls quieted down and looked at the floor. “THank you. Do you all understand the nature of what we are offering you? Each of you has been charged with different crimes and sentenced, your rehabilitation teams believe you have what it takes to make something of yourself with proper training. You have a choice, and those of you with parents or guardians, they have already signed off, allowing you to choose to stay here and live out your sentence, or to join us and be trained and offered a chance to join Starfleet.”

They group nodded, then quickly broke their line and rushed to the windows. “Oh damn! she’s at it again!” The first girl laughed. “She always picks a fight with the worst.”

Grayson blinked in surprise as the guard barked at them to get back in line, but they were all distracted by the noisy ruckus outside. He moved to the window and saw a group of people gathering up. “Keep this group inside.” This had his interest. He walked out the door and approached the fighting group even as guards started to run in from other areas. There was so much peace here that guards didn’t watch every thing the prisoners did, they couldn’t escape and they all had trackers on them, they couldn’t leave island.

He broke his way in, as the prisoners yelled at the pair fighting in the center. A girl with a small frame was tossed in to the grass like a rag doll, by a far larger man with big muscles. The man roared, as Grayson started to move for the girl, who clearly must be hurt.

He paused when he saw her pick herself up, and wipe her mouth, spreading blood across her face. “Is that all you’ve got?” she taunted, bouncing on her feet. “Come on you dog, if you’re going to pick on a little girl at least finish of the job.” she laughed.

Grayson eyed the girl, she had a dark hair, which was knotted with a strip of black cloth. Her jumpsuit was rolled down around her hips and tied with the arms, revealing the black tanktop she wore under it. Her arms were covered in dirt and bruises, fresh and old.

The muscle lept for her, and she dodged to the side. He spun on her, “You fight like a slave, always running.” he growled. “Once a slave, always one hey Mercy?”

In an instant the girl seemed to come unhinged. It was like her eyes turned to fire and her body coiled like a cat. She lunged for him and landed a quick punch to the throat. He countered with one of the stomach, rolling her to the ground. As he moved to stomp on her she kicked him between the legs, and got up, despite the fact she was near breathless. She kneed him in the face, jumped on top of him and started to choke him. She was about foaming at the mouth in rage.

The guards finally made it into the group they yanked the girl off the man, and in an instant she had rolled them both the ground before she stepped back and took a deep breath. Grayson watched her carefully. She was controlling herself, she wouldn’t be touched unless she wanted to be, but she knew who to fight and who not to fight.

Evidently she knew the procedure and dropped to her knees with her hands behind her head, but the fire never left her eyes as she glared at the muscled man who was being checked by other guards who were calling for a medic. A few others were dispersing the crowd.

The girl was cuffed and hauled to her feet. “Stop.” Grayson said as a pair of guard locked their hands on her upper arms. He came in front of the girl who looked up at him. He could just how wild she was. And young too. “What is your name.”

“Who’s asking?” she purred with a sweet tone, posturing herself in a flirtatious way.

Grayson eyed her but kept a friendly face, “Someone interested in your skills.” he replied.

She smirked at him, “They call me Mercy.” she purred. After he raised her eyebrows, she smiled, “Mercia Kavi.”



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