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Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: USS Gladiator Gym
Timeline: 1500 Hours


Even though it was late afternoon, it was Candy's morning, since she was now scheduled to supervise medical's second shift. She hated second shift but, she wasn't a CMO anymore so she didn't have the luxury of working days. It was definitely taking some getting used to after four years of being in charge.

Dressed in sweat pants and a tank top and carrying a towel and bottle of water, Cassandra walked through the doors of the ship's gymnasium and looked for the running track. She saw that it was on the upper level and traveled around the circumference of the gym and overlooked the main level of the gym.

Considering the time of day, the gym was, surprisingly, empty...except for one guy dressed in Marine sweats on a weight machine and two others on the exercise floor sparring with sabers. Fascinated, Candy walked over and watched the two.

Since the final crew schedule was being finalized and the Intel department was waiting for a few more personnel to arrive, the male Bajoran had offered to take extra shifts until the positions were filled. Such as the case, he was scheduled to work the coming night shift. After a several hour nap, Leyar had decided to get a little bit of training in to get his blood pumping and help him wake up. After the last couple missions on the Gladiator two years ago, he made a formal request for more bodies in the department when he had learned that he was assigned to her yet again.

Zera suddenly tucked and rolled to the side when a sabre went flying toward his face before landing back on his feet. The swords in their hands were holographic, but the safety protocols were only partially on; extremities could be touched, but once the sabre touched the vest on either opponent's chest the energy field around the blade vanished to allow the sword to pass through without injury. There were five blue dots on the vest; two on the chest, one on the stomach, and two above the kidneys on the back. The match would end if the dots were touched. He parried the attack that came at him, the click of metal ringing in the air, and countered with a fast riposte, which skimmed his opponent's side but missed when he sidestepped.

It hadn't registered that someone had entered the gym, as he was focused on training his opponent, but he kept seeing a flash of brown hair out of the corner of his eye which made him turn his attention from the match for a moment. It was long enough. Zera hissed when his opponent's sabre nicked his arm, and he pulled back into defense as a hand moved to cover the cut. Of course it was his dominant hand that took the attack. Narrowing his eyes, he then lunged forward, moving his sabre quickly to do a three-move attack before faking right and hitting the dot on the stomach. As expected, the sword in his hand passed through his opponent without injury, and a moment later the computer chimed that a point had been made. Pulling his sword back, he told his opponent to practice with a hologram before exiting the mat while muttering some colorful words under his breath.

Candy realized she had distracted them and stepped back, holding her hands up, apologetically. "Sorry," she said. "You make it look so easy," she added, trying to ease the tension of the moment.

The male Bajoran glanced over at the source of the voice, noting that it was the same brown hair that distracted him while he was in the mat. "Practice," he simply grumbled as he walked past her. Pulling his hand away from his shoulder, he saw a thin line of blood on his palm before moving to the med kit that he brought along with them. Taking a seat on the bench and opening it, he pulled out a gauze pad and a wrap and began to cover the injury.

Candy walked over and said, "here...let me have a look. I'm a doctor. It's the least I can do since I distracted you." She squatted down next to him and reached for his injured shoulder to exam the damage.

Leyar responded by giving her a cold glare, a silent warning not to touch him. He didn't stop his wrapping, however, using his thumb to hold the pad in place while his fingers worked to move the wrap around his arm. It was slow going, but once he got the first wrap around it would be easier.

"You know...I could use a dermal-regenerator on that and you wouldn't need a bandage. It would eliminate any possibility of infection," Candy said but held her hands up in surrender. " all it yourself. Get an infection so you lose the use of your arm." She stood up and shook her head.

Seeing that he was having trouble getting the wrap around with one hand, he sighed. "Fine," he muttered, handing her the wrap, his thumb still holding the gauze in place.

Hiding a smirk, Candy squatted back down and took the wrap from him and began wrapping it, neatly around his arm. "So...are you always a jerk or did I catch you on a bad day?" she asked, softly, without looking up from her task.

"All part of the charm," Zera remarked as he watched her work. "And I prefer this over a dermal regenerator while training. There won't always be quick fixes in the field, only temporary ones. If something happens you have to learn to adapt to it." He picked up on the soft doctor voice that many used for their patients and held back the bitter comment he wanted to make about it. Besides, if she were assigned to the Gladiator, it would be wise not to piss off the doctor.

"Sounds like you have done this before," Candy said as she made the last wrap. "I guess I don't need to tell you what to look for as far as infection is concerned," she added as she secured the wrap and stood up. "Or that you should come to see me in Sickbay if you see any signs of infection. I work the night shift," she said, allowing the smirk to emerge, and turned to walk away.

"Noted." Zera stood and tested the mobility of his shoulder before reaching for the phasor that he left wth his change of clothes on the bench. "Hey Scott!" When the man up on the mat turned to look, his holographic opponent stabbed the blue dot over his kidney, and before the beep sounded from the computer Leyar aimed his phasor and hit the man in the chest, which made him drop as he caught his breath. He knew that would attract the attention of everyone in the room, yet he calmly put the phasor back down and rolled his neck like nothing happened. "He'll be fine, it was a light stun." His earpiece chimed, and he tapped it to hear the voice on the other end ask about a weapons signature in the gym, "no, we're good down here. It was just a training exercise."

Candy looked at Zera in surprise..mixed with reproach...and went over to his student. "Easy," she said. "Slow breaths." She looked over her shoulder at Zera. "Are you nuts? One inch higher and to the left and you could have stopped his heart. Geez." She turned her attention back to the student. Feeling his ribs for sign of fracture she said, "try taking a deep breath. Good. Ok. You're good." She helped the student to his feet and made sure he was feeling alright before she grabbed her towel off of the floor and, sending a glare to Zera, headed up the stairs to the running track.

The Bajoran rolled his eyes before moving to check on his student. "Take twenty," he instructed, making sure he made it to the bench before watching the doctor head up the stairs. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, that's why I didn't aim one inch higher and to the left. I may be a cold-hearted asshole, but I'm not stupid enough to kill off my own department. He's training to quicken his reflexes, and he allowed a distraction to get the better of him. But you learned, didn't you?" He asked Scott. The man winced and nodded, rubbing his chest where he got hit.

"You got the ass hole part right," Candy muttered as she began her pre-run stretches. As she wrapped her left arm across her chest and used her right to pull on the left she looked down from the the elevated track and called out, "just out of curiosity...what department do you work in?"

"For curiosity, or stereotyping?" he countered, moving back up onto the mat. Picking up the sabre, he picked a program level that gradually increased with difficulty and adapted to his skill level. That way he would get a challenge. "Intel," he ended up replying, watching his holographic opponent appear. He held the sword out at chest level, his other hand slightly extended behind him for balance, and after the computer counted down he lunged forward, starting the match.

Candy chuckled. "Intelligence. Well now that's an oxymoron," she said...just loud enough to be heard without sounding like she was speaking to anyone but herself. Setting the mileage counter on her arm for 3 miles. Her rhythmic footfalls echoed down to the gym floor as she made her way around the track.

"So is a sarcastic Doctor," Leyar muttered at the same volume. He went on defense, the sound of metal clicking adding to the steady thumps of her running feet as the hologram picked up speed. They were going at a moderate speed, with the hologram attacking fast enough to keep Zera at a constant pace. It would match whatever speed he went at, but won't slow down if he did, so it made him keep his speed for a long period of time. Zera ducked when the sword whistled past his head before backing up to buy a little time. As he did so, the Bajoran scanned the mat with his eyes, noting several possible routes of attack and possible places where the hologram could go. When the hologram made a move to advance, Zera moved left before lighting up the room with the scrape and clicks of metal on metal.

Thirty minutes later, Candy's mileage counter, strapped to her thigh, beeped and she gradually slowed her pace down to a walk, coming to a stop at the top of the stairs that led down to the gym. Holding on to the railing, she did her posts run stretches then grabbed the bottle of water she had set on the bench and took a long drink. She looked over at the railing and watched Zera as he, gracefully, put his holographic opponent through its paces. "You may be an ass hole...but you are, definitely good with a blade," she called down, as she picked up her towel and wiped perspiration from her face.

He could definitely feel the fatigue getting the better of him, and began to conserve his energy as he fought the hologram. The hologram had him matched one for one, which made the program run longer than normal. "Like I said..." he replied, his words as short as his breath, "practice." Leyar slipped into defense to catch his breath, muttering a curse as he felt himself slowing down, and he jumped out of the way to barely avoid getting stabbed in the kidney with the holographic blade. His movements felt sluggish, and eventually it became his downfall when the blade hit the circle on his chest. The computer beeped, signalling the end of the round, and the Bajoran let his own sword slide out of his hand and onto the ground before placing his hands on his head, opening his lungs as he started to bring his breathing back down.

Candy skipped down the stairs and grabbed a towel from the shelves and doused it with the remainder of her water.

Pointing to his trainee, he gestured for him to come up onto the mat as he got off, telling him to run the program he was doing. Plopping onto the bench, Zera grabbed his towel and wiped the sweat from his face before draping it around the back of his neck. Reaching down, he grabbed his water bottle and took a slow swig, watching as the hologram appeared and Scott raised the holographic sabre. The perk of the program was that it adjusted the weight of the sword to the individual.

Candy walked up to Zera from behind, rolled the towel up, and draped it across the back of his neck to help cool him down. Then she walked around so that she was in front of him and said, "I'd ask if you're OK but you would probably give me some kind of macho answer so I won't bother." She pointed to his previous wound and said, "you've got that bleeding again. I suggest you pay Sickbay a visit and let someone close it for you so you don't keep opening it up again."

A buzzer on the mat sounded, indicating Zera's student had been fatally stabbed. Candy turned and looked as the student staggered backward. "I think your protege needs more practice," she said, glancing back at Zera with a smirk, then she headed for the gym door. "Have fun," she called over her shoulder as she exited the gym.

"This is only his second day, I’m not finished with him yet," Leyar responded, feeling the weight of a second towel on his neck. The cut on his arm was stinging, and he looked to see a faint line of red starting to seep through the wrap. Looking back up, he watched the doctor leave before turning back to his student. "Again. Computer, run simulation Zera-three-R," he stated. He reached up to remove his towel, allowing the one she had placed on his neck to rest against his skin as the program started.



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