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Target Practice

Posted on Thu Jul 28th, 2016 @ 8:20am by

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Candy's first day -2025 hours


Walking through the door into Sickbay, Lieutenant JG Dawkins made his way into the room, carefully carrying the chief counselor Lizzy Caldera in his arms, and called out, "Hello, is there anyone around who can help?"

Lizzy cried out in pain again as the arrow sticking out from her foot shifted, tears rolling down her face.

A female corpsman rushed out of the supply room, where she had been stocking shelves.

Spotting a woman, he headed over, "I was teaching Lizzy how to do archery and well, she managed to shoot herself in the foot."

Lizzy moaned, "I thought it would be more fun with real then holographic."

"Over there," the corpsman said, pointing to the nearest biobed. "Easy," she cautioned as Dawkins placed Lizzy on the bed. The corpsman grabbed a couple of pillows and propped them under Lizzy's injured foot and began to activate the biobed's monitors. She poked her head out from the cubicle long enough to call out, "Doc. C3," and went back to Lizzy.

Lizzy winced as the arrow shifted a little from the movement and bit her lip, "Dawkins, it will be okay. It is just a flesh wound. "

Candy heard the call and got up from behind the desk in the CMO's office and headed for Cubicle 3. Seeing the arrow sticking out of Lizzy's foot she quirked an eyebrow and said to Dawkins, "please tell me you aren't that bad an aim that you missed the target and managed to shoot our counselor in the foot."

Lizzy shook her head, "No, it wasn't his fault. It is self-inflicted. He was trying to teach me and I got distracted. Is there any chance I can well... hide this from my wife? It isn't the first time I've hurt myself."

Candy smiled. "Doctor patient confidentiality," she said. "I won't tell if you won't." To the nurse she said, "bring me a dermal-regenerator and...," she moved her bio-scanner over Lizzy's foot and looked at the small screen. "..looks like the second and third metatarsals are fractured so I'll need an osteo-regenerator as well." To Lizzy she said, "Removing the arrow is going to hurt. Do you want something for pain?"

Dawkins blushed, "You look to be okay here, so I've head off. Let me know how it goes."

With that he left.

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, that would be good, but I can do it naturally maybe. Assuming you aren't squeamish."

To the nurse, Candy said, "let's give her 2cc Metorapan."

The nurse nodded and hurried off. Meanwhile, Candy adjusted the head of the biobed so that Lizzy was more comfortable and patted her shoulder. "This will be over shortly," she said, softly.

The nurse came in and laid the instruments on the utility tray then walked around the bed and placed the hypospray against Lizzy's neck, injecting her with the pain medication.

Candy moved down to the foot of the bed and, while the nurse held Lizzy's ankle, Candy, quickly pulled the arrow out of Lizzy's foot.

Lizzy took a breath as her ankle was held.. And then there was a scream followed by a string of swearing that would make a trucker blush. Tears came to her eyes and she blushed, "Sorry. Potty mouth kinda does work to some extent. What sort of chances do you think I have for hiding it?"

"You'll be as good as new when I'm finished," Candy said with a smile. First she used the osteo-regenerator to med the bones in Lizzy's foot. The nurse held the bio-scanner over the area so that Candy could see her progress. Once the bones were mended, she used the dermal-regenerator to fuse the edges of the wound. It only took ten minutes and, when she was finished the only sign that Lizzy's foot had been injured was a slight redness on the top of her foot. "Wiggle your toes for me," Candy said.

Lizzy smiled, "That's good. T'Madh is a little bit protective and I don't need another be careful with yourself lecture."

Lizzy wiggled her foot and grinned, "Feels pretty good.. It isn't hurting but does feel a bit tender. But I sort of expect that. I bet you weren't expecting this on your first day."

"It will be a bit tender," Candy said, setting her instruments down and retrieving a moist towel from one of the cabinets. As she, gently, cleaned the blood from Lizzy's foot she said, "it'll be bruised for a couple of days but for all intents and purposes it is heeled. If you experience any numbness in your toes or their asleep...I want you to come back in," she instructed, setting the towel on the utility tray. "If there is any unusual swelling after standing or sitting I want you to come back in," she added as she took the chart from the nurse and signed Lizzy's release. "Other than are free to go. Next time...use the target not your body for target practice...right?" she teased. Candy watched as Lizzy hopped off the bed and headed for the door, then she went over to the nurses' station to finish her notes in Lizzy's chart.



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