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Swing And A Miss

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2016 @ 9:50am by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Candy's first day - 2145


Julian felt pretty foolish. He and Taylor had been sparing in their cabin. He couldn't even call it training. They were just horsing around, guys being guys. Taylor was bigger and stronger but Julian moved quicker and was more agile. Or at least he was most of the time. But he' taken a swing at Taylor's jaw and the other man had dodged out of the way at the last second and Julian's hand had hit the wall and he could feel the bone along the right side of his hand snap.

He had winced in pain, he couldn't help himself and knew he was going to have to go to Sick Bay to be treated. Taylor had, of course, wanted to come with him, but he'd refused. Probably just part of his Akadian stubbornness.

Julian had then put on a uniform and made his way to Sickbay. He stepped inside and the doors swished shut behind him.

Candy was leaning on the nurses' station counter. "During a colonoscopy, a patient said, 'hey, Doc...could you please take pictures so I can show my wife that my head isn't up there?'"

The staff sitting at the charting desks burst into laughter.

Hearing the whispering hiss of the Sickbay doors, Candy turned around and saw the Lieutenant holding his somewhat deformed hand. She turned to the nearest nurse and said, "bring 10cc Metorapan and an osteo-regenerator to C4" then she walked over to the young man and said, as she steered him toward the treatment cubicle, "I'm Dr. Quinn. Have a seat." She patted the biobed.

Julian sat down on the bed, maintaining a small smile. "I bet you're going to ask me how this happened aren't you?"

Gently taking his hand and looking at it, Candy smiled. "I'm going to guess it's a case of fist vs. wall," she said as the nurse came in and handed her an instrument. "Although I have seen the same kind of fracture as a result of punching a Gorn. But since we don't have any Gorns on board I'm going to stick to my first guess," she said as the nurse injected Julian with the pain med Candy had ordered. "Now....the pain should ease up in a few seconds. Meanwhile...I need you to tell me your name so we can access your medical records."

"Oh sorry, "Julian replied some of the tension leaving his body as the meds took effect, "I'm Julian, Julian Winterstorm. I'm Chief of Security. and you're right it was fist against wall, and I'm pretty sure the wall won."

Candy chuckled. "Yeah. They're funny like that," she teased. "This is going to hurt," she said as she placed a rolled up towel in the palm of his hand and straightened his fingers out over the towel.

Julian gritted his teeth and muttered, "Shit!" half under his breath

"Sorry," Candy said, with a consoling smile. "Do you need a minute?"

"Universe that hurt, "but no, I'm fine now. What was that for?"

"I have to straighten the bones out so I can repair them," Candy said. To the nurse she said, "give him 5 more of Metorapan," then she began moving the osteo-regenerator over the back of his hand. She noticed his blood pressure and pulse rise on the biobed monitors and could feel the muscles of his legs trembling just underneath the surface. She stopped, and pulled the utility tray closer, gently setting the towel and his hand on it. She looked at him just as the nurse returned with another hypospray. Candy held her hand out to stop the nurse from injecting him and placed one hand, consolingly, on his shoulder. "Julian...are you OK?" she asked, softly.

"I.. I think so," he said a little uncertainly, "but I don't know for sure.

"Do you have any tightness in your chest?" Candy asked as his trembling became more visible. Without waiting for the young man to answer she told the nurse, "bring me 50cc Stenophyl, STAT." She adjusted the biobed into a sitting position and, gently, lay Julian back against the pillow.

"I know you're scared," Candy said, as she moved to the other side of the bed and took his good hand in hers. Giving it a gentle squeeze she said, "look at me, Julian. You're going to be alright. You are having an allergic reaction to the pain medication." She squeezed his hand tighter. "Look at me...right here...," she said, pointing to her eyes with her free hand. "You're going to be OK. I want you to concentrate on your breathing. In....out....slowly...deeply."

The nurse ran back in and, quickly, gave him the injection, then kept an eye on the biobed's readings.

"Set the osteo-regenerator up on a stand and position it over his fractured hand so it can be working while we get him stabilized," Candy instructed the nurse. She turned her attention back to Julian. "," she coached, still holding his trembling hand.

Julian breathed as he'd been instructed. He was usually a pretty tough guy, used to taking a lot of pain without much thinking about it.

"it's OK. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere," Candy said softly. "In....out....that's right," she said as Julian's vitals began to stabilize. "You're doing fine. Now try and relax. You're OK, Julian. I need you to try and relax. I'm right here,' she squeezed his hand and continued to whisper words of encouragement until he finally relaxed and stopped trembling. "Good....that's good. Very good," she said, softly and smiled at him.

"So Doc," the Security Chief asked, "what's going on? I'm not a kid, I've even been more seriously injured than this before. Why is my body reacting this way?"

Candy let go of Julian's hand now that he was calmer and went around to the other side of the bed. "Like I had an allergic reaction to the pain medication," she explained as she checked the progress of the osteo-regenerator. "Akadians have copper based Vulcans. And certain medications react badly when they mix with the copper. Not always...but sometimes. Unfortunately...we can't know that a person is allergic to something until they have a reaction. Yours was quite severe. It was closing off your airways and speeding up your heart rate. In a nut were asphyxiating. That sent your system into stress mode which is when you started shaking. It's a form of shock. Your body was secreting so much Adrenalin it couldn't handle it. It's a very scary feeling." She patted his leg. "You did fine, Julian. I have had some patients totally panic which makes things so much worse." She shut off the osteo-regenerator and removed it from the utility tray. Lifting his hand, she, gently manipulated the small hand bones as she said, "so I want you to commit to memory that you are highly allergic to Metorapan and let anyone who wants to give you pain medication know ahead of time." She let go of his arm and said, "wiggle your fingers for me.'

He made a mental note not only for himself but to discuss it with Taylor. He wasn't sure how he had missed hearing her say he'd had an allergic reaction to the drug, but now that everything was becoming clearer, he understood her. He wiggled his fingers at her.

"Sure, doctor I'll be sure to remember that. And thanks. If I had died you would have had one pissed off marine to deal with."

Candy smiled. "I can handle pissed of Marines," she teased. "It's pissed off Klingons that I steer clear of. That hand is going to be a little stiff for a few days but there's no reason you can't return to full duty. A word to the wise, though...the next time you want to punch something...make sure it has padding."

"I will keep that in mind," he rejoined with a smile.

"Be sure and flag his chart for allergies," Candy instructed the nurse as she signed Julian's release. " are free to go when you're ready," she said with a smile, knowing that she would probably see the Chief of Security in here again...more than once.

"On my way,"Julian said, exiting the sickbay before the doctor could change her min.



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