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The Undesierable Girl part 1

Posted on Sun Jul 24th, 2016 @ 5:38pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: The Undesireables

Continued from Dangerous Landings part 3.

Mercia wasn't sure what was happening but things had changed from joy to danger, and despite the fact, she couldn't help but continue laughing she knew there was a danger. The colors snapped into place and she was looking at a large cat-like creature with big teeth and a colorful ridge of fur from nose to tip of the tail.

Some people were throwing things at the creature, but she could see the hunger in its eyes. It was still hunting. That she could understand. She pulled her phaser and shot it at the creature, hitting it. It fell on the ground, and the mist began to dissipate. She dropped to the ground and held her stomach feeling sick as it began to fade.

"Oh my God I'm going to be sick." she gagged.

Dr. Stark rushed over to Mercia and placed a hand on her back. "Deep breaths," he said, soothingly, as he pulled her hair out of her face with his other hand.

The girl with yellow eyes had let out a screech when the creature clawed at her, and once she saw that it was down she scrambled away, clutching her arm close to her chest. Her tongue clicked as she examined the claw marks that ran across her arm while trying not to cry about it. It hurt. Blinking away the tingling dizziness that poked at her, she looked at the Unfamiliar who was lying on the ground before turning to Jonny and giving him a 'what are you doing with these things' look. She then shook her head; what was that thing that they used? Fortunately, for them, it took out the creature.

Lixor sheathed his machinate and crouched down to examine the rather unusual feline. The massive beast had rather large canine teeth on both the bottom and the top, the ones on to were nearly 46 centimeters in length and protruded well past the jaw line. They were a yellowy white until nearly the sharp point where the faded into black. Their large cat eyes were far more than that of a primitive creature as seemed to be indicated by the multiple pupils visible in each cat eye.

Just to the sides of its black nose and under the long line of multicolored fur were orifices that the scientist presumed where the cloud had originated. Then in its over-sized paws, Lixor saw it possessed six toes, each long and sharp ending in tiny holes that secreted what appeared to be an acidic liquid.

The man shook his head, "so advanced for such an ancient creature."

While the group of Unfamiliars was distracted by the creature, the girl with yellow eyes warily watched them before darting in. Grabbing Jonny by the hand, she then turned tail and started running in the other direction, pulling him along with her while keeping her injured arm in close to her body. As she did that, she started sputtering a series of clicks, as if she were chastising the boy.

Julian who had not been sticking close to the boy, took off running through the dense jungle trying to keep the two young people in sight.

Taylor reached out for Jonny and failed to get a hold of him before the girl spirited him away. "Jonny!" He saw Julian rush into the forest after them and ran after them all.

Jonny dug his heels in. He began to speak and use his hands to emphasize, his speech didn't sound the same to the girl, but it was clear she understood him. He began to pull her back towards them, arguing with her.

Mercia looked up at the medical officer she didn't know very well as she dragged in a deeper breath trying to clear her lungs and mind. Everything still looked very loopy and way too bright to her. She felt a re-breather mask come over her mouth and nose to filter the air. The mist was dissipating, but the effect was lingering even still. "is it dead?" she said looking at the creature, wanting to kick it. Her arm hurt, she looked down and saw a hell of a scratch across her forearm.

Using a dermal regeneration, Stark closed the wound. "I think you just stunned it," he said. "Do you still feel nauseous?"

Mercia let out a deep breath, "It's starting to fade. I feel like I just ate bad Gah'..." she groaned.

"Just take it slow," Scott said. "Here. Take a drink," he handed her a bottle of water.

Now that they had stopped running, Julian was able to catch up with them. He gently took hold of Jonny's arm to make sure the girl couldn't drag him further into the forest.

The girl stopped when Jonny pulled against her and looked between him and the Unfamiliars who had followed them. She then asked Jonny with her own tongue if they were trustworthy, looking pointedly at Julian who had his hand on Jonny's arm, and then behind them as several more of the Unfamiliars followed.

Jonny replied and smiled up at Julian confirming he was to be trusted.

Price caught up with them too, he stopped and took his SCBA out of his mouth. "Thank god." He murmured as he saw Julian with both Jonny and the girl.

"We might want to see what Johnny wants; they are of the same race," Phelps noted from his HUD glasses. "They must have a great fight or Flight reflexes?" Phelps supposed. "With critters like that around it would hone such skills and we might want to follow their lead?"

Now that things were settling down, Lizzy turned away and moved away to the side. Reaching into one of her pouches, she brought out a little hand mirror she had brought and shifted the mask aside to look. Letting out a little squeak, Lizzy pushed it down and tears came to her eyes.

Lizzy reached to the arm of her jacket and began yanking on it until it tore. Taking it, she pulled the mask off and quickly wrapped it around her head so the arm covered her mouth. She would deal with the effects of the gas on her teeth later.

Having seen to Mercia's injury, Scott stood up and looked around and saw Lizzy. He hurried over to her and pulled a bottle of pressurized air out of his kit. "Let me see your eyes," he said and when she uncovered them, he pressed the button and clean, moist air cleaned the fog's residue. "Better?" he asked, quickly using his bio-scanner to make sure there were not any ill effects to her internal systems.

Lizzy yelped in surprise and sprang back, jumping up and down as her eyes blurred more from tears due to the puff of air, "What the fuck?? It isn't my eyes. It's my teeth. They have gone all beaverish."

"Your...," Scott said, standing up and looking at the girl's over-reaction to the moist air. "Your teeth are fine," he said, furrowing his brow. He wondered if the gaseous fog had altered the young woman's brain. Placing his hands on her shoulders he said, "you need to calm down. All of your hysterics isn't helping."

Mercia was recovering and the mist was fading, she was starting to feel much better. She let out a few swears as she finally got up and looked around. Seeing another child she tipped her head and approached, "Who is this?"

Scott heard the question and looked up. Seeing the child he glanced back at Lizzy and decided it best to just let her alone and he turned his attention what the Captain was doing.

The girl with yellow eyes hissed and backed up a couple paces when the Unfamiliars approached her, letting go of Jonny to protect her injured arm. She then started speaking in a moderately fast pace, occasionally pointing to Jonny and gesturing at the forest around them. Pointing up into the trees, she made a clawing motion with her good hand before pointing to several trees as she spoke, creating what could be interpreted as the path she traveled before gesturing to the boy again. She shot a glare at Jonny before speaking to him in a scolding tone, pointing behind her and to herself, her features expressing concern.

Zeti might have been injured, but the second the two brats started jabbering she'd connected the UT to the processing power of one of the shuttles and let it finish the work that they'd started before taking this little trip. "Come on you technological piece of crap."

The girl kept ranting to them, her voice condescending as she spoke to the Unfamiliars. "... end up save her life," she pointed at Mercia, "and thanks, I get is you take one of us???" As she finished she pointed back to Jonny.

Taylor looked at Julian, it was almost a surprised, relief kind of expression. "You heard that right?" Had the UT finally caught on?!

"Yes," I did, Julian answered.

"Oh, yes!" Zeti exclaimed. "Finally, damn UT software."

Jonny stuttered as he tried to speak, struggling to do so. "I. I. i... h.h.h.. ear"



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