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Difficult Choices

Posted on Wed Sep 21st, 2016 @ 4:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Labs
Timeline: After 'A Little Time for Ourselves'


Part of her wanted to disobey Arvix and stay with Lauren, but she knew that if she did that then he would come for her. "I-I'm scared, Lauren," she confessed, biting her lower lip. "If he wants you there... Rassilon knows what he will do."

Standing up with a soft smile on her face, M'Gann's hand still clutched lightly in her hand, walking around the table pulling the woman up. "I know sweetie, I'm scared too. But whatever that man is going to do it doesn't matter. We're going to get through this together." Gathering M'Gann up into her arms Lauren, wrapped her up in a tight embrace her lips pressing to the side of her head.

"Together, always...whatever happens." She whispered, rubbing her hands up and down the woman's back. It may not help much but considering what they were most likely about to endure, every little bit helped. Waiting until her loved seemed calm enough, Lauren started guiding them toward the doors. To say she was scared seemed like an understatement at this point, but she needed to be strong. Strong for herself and strong for M'Gann, they would get through this...they would get through this.


M'Gann came to a stop in front of the doors to the lab, swallowing the lump in her throat and squeezing Lauren’s hand. She didn’t know why Arvix had ordered the brunette to come along, but she doubted it would be for anything good. Turning her head towards Lauren, she leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. "Remember, don't let him get to you, ok?" She confirmed.

"I, I know...I'll try." Lauren said her eyes glued to the doors to Arvix's lab. Honestly she wasn't quite that confident, her grip iron on M'Gann's hand. She just got Lauren back how could he take her away again. Lauren really wasn't even worried about why she was here, losing M'Gann was the only thing on her mind. "But if tried to take you away again..."

"It will be alright," the blonde simply replied. Taking a breath, she gathered the will to step forward and pass through the now open doors.

The second the two walked through the doors, guards surrounded them on all sides, making any attempt at an escape impossible. Upon hearing the snap of fingers ricochet across the room two guards grabbed Lauren and wrenched her away from M'Gann, who was also being held back by guards.

"NO! GET YOU FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!! M'GANN!" Lauren screamed as she felt her love's fingers slip through her grasp. Struggling with all her might against the guards that had pulled her away from M'Gann, Lauren was pulled further and further away. When it was clear her struggles were futile, Lauren lost it, swinging her elbow back she caught one of the guards in the face, staggering the brute and forcing him to release her.

The guard held his face, blood trickling from between his fingers, before slapping Lauren hard across the face.

Crying out as she was struck across the face, staggering her back into the other guard. Still in her almost manic state the pain didn't quite register with her as she took another swing at him before the second guard was able to grab her other arm. Still it didn't stop her struggles, she wouldn't until they let M'Gann go.

"Lauren... LAUREN!" M'Gann pulled against the guards as she saw Lauren get dragged away from her, and growled when the brunette got slapped. "Don't you dare touch her!!!" she hissed. The blonde rammed her heel into the guard's foot before trying to wiggle free. "Let her go!!!"

Simoga lurked on the sidelines, watching the moment before pulling something out of his pocket. "Why don't you cooperate," he told Lauren, waving a small remote in the air. "Comply, or she gets shocked."

Hearing the new man's voice brought Lauren to a stand still, her eyes gluing to the remote in Simoga's hand. Glaring at the man, she felt he shoulders sink...they had her. They had her, they had M'Gann and there was nothing Lauren could do about it. She wasn't strong enough, or skilled enough to break free and she certainly couldn't live to see M'Gann tortured for her futile struggles.

Simoga watched as the girl complied, his face void of emotion, before he pocketed the control. "Move her to the chair. Bring the specimen too." In another room, there was a chair with leather cuffs fastened into it, two on the arms and two on the legs. There were also several hooks that clawed down at them from the ceiling, primarily used for hanging things from them. The Professor tapped a nearby console, "Doctor Walters, they are here and are currently being prepped," before following them into the room.

"Very well, I will be there in a moment." Arvixs cool and clam voice came over the comm.

Although more passive, Lauren had to bite down a whimper and her struggle as the guard she struck grabbed her arms tightly, squeezing her biceps tightly as he dragged her further into the room. With each foot Lauren felt a greater sense of dread overtaking her; the hooks hanging from the ceiling having an especially chilling effect on her. The guard was obviously angry about her attack and was taking full advantage to retaliate, throwing her into the chair, not giving the woman a chance to recover before strapping her into the ominous contraption. Despite the fear and anger she was feeling as he slipped the leather restraints around her ankles, it paled in comparison to seeing what was happening to M'Gann.

M'Gann watched as Lauren was strapped into the chair, pulling against the guards again. "She does not have to be involved in whatever the hell you have planned!!" She spat at Simoga, who elected to ignore her. A pair of cuffs with a short chain that ran between them were fastened to her wrists, and as she was being pulled back toward the hooks in the ceiling she thrashed even more. Despite her efforts, her hands were raised above her head and the chain was attached to a hook in the ceiling, leaving her standing almost on her toes but otherwise hanging there by her hands.

Arvix strolled in to the room, "Ah, Nurse Lauren, it is quite about time that I see you in a place more fitting your attitude." he said patting her cheek.

His eyes looked over M'Gann, "And you I have missed, certainly." he said. "It has been far too long since we have one of our little talks."

M'Gann narrowed her eyes at the man who entered, pausing in her attempt to try and free her hands. The damn hook was too high, and she didn't have the leverage to jump. "You asshole, let her go or I swear to Rassilon I-"

He clucked his tongue, "No no dear." he said. "That is not how you are permitted to speak to me." He said calmly before he spun back handing Lauren. "I will punish her for your disobedience."

The blonde tugged against the cuffs, knowing that she couldn't break free of them, but she would not allow Arvix to touch Lauren. "Whatever you have planned," M'Gann growled through gritted teeth, "... she does not have to be a part of it."

Completely focused on the woman she loved, when Arvix backhanded her, Lauren was taken completely by surprise. Crying out, her head violently jerking to the side, Lauren had trouble controlling her breathing. Even though she'd been hit once already, being retrained made it so much worse, both physically and emotionally. Not only did it just seem to hurt more but she also felt so much more helpless. "M'Gann no, don't sacrifice yourself for me." Lauren said, her voice surprisingly calm, despite the fear and pain she felt or the tears threatening to fall form her eyes.

"Ah but she will Lauren, I'm getting to know the specimin well, even more than you do I suspect." he said tightly. He turned to M'Gann, "I will kill her if you do not tell me what I want to know. Are we clear on this?" he asked with his sickening clam voice, a smirk on his lips.

"Don't do it, don't tell him anything!" Lauren pleaded. She wasn't even completely sure what Arvix was after this time, but whatever it is, it wasn't good for them.

The blonde gave her an 'it will be alright' look, but even she doubted that. She knew Arvix, she knew what he would do to get what he wanted. As she shifted her hands in the cuffs the metal made a soft grinding sound against the hook, reminding her even more of the position she was in. M’Gann silently thanked her lucky stars that his 'answer truthfully' hand trick didn't work well on her, but knew it wasn't his only method.

"Hush or I will remove your ability to speak first." he growled at Lauren. "You work for me, remember?" he scolded her. Just a numbing of the vocal chords would make it very hard to speak.

Lauren was about to retort but held her tongue, her eyes falling to the blonde’s across from her, Catching her gaze, Lauren locked eyes with the woman I love you M'Gann, whatever happens.

M'Gann narrowed her eyes at Arvix's back, wishing she could strangle him for threatening Lauren. But one look at Lauren and she knew she had to stay strong for her.

"Doctor," Simoga spoke up in a monotone voice. To the untrained ear, one could mistake him for being bored. "As your laboratory assistant and professional partner I feel obligated to assist where you see fit."

M'Gann sarcastically laughed. "Did you purposely add 'professional' to that statement?" She asked with a hint of amusement. It was likely she'd get retaliation for that, but sometimes it was worth it to watch their reactions to what she implied.

"Enough." Arvix said. "Tell me what you're building." he asked simply.

M’Gann sent Arvix her most threatening glare, her lips pressed shut. She jerked her hands in an attempt to try and free them, the clinks filling the still air, to no avail. It was as if the very breath of everyone in the room swirled and danced together to create a thick tension, its weight pressing down and making the air heavy and taught, ready to be broken by a sound.

Arvix curled his hand in to a fist and touched his thumb to his lips then tipped his wrist forward, his eyes locked on to M'Ganns. "Tell me what you are building." he repeated.

The blonde noticed the hand signal he was making and turned her head away, looking anywhere but at him with the hope that it wouldn't trigger a response from her. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet, but she felt herself being tempted to respond after seeing it.

Arvix cleared his throat, and one of his aides stuck a painstick in to Laurens side. THe moment M'Ganns eyes snapped back he repeated the movment. "SPEAK!" he commanded her firmly.

Completely focused on Arvix and M'Gann, Lauren hadn't noticed the man beside her holding the painstick, or when he moved to jam it into her side. Aptly named the pain educed by the device spread through every nerve in her body, wrenching a scream from the woman.

The blonde turned back when she heard Lauren's scream, tugging against her restraints as she glared at the aide before turning her glare to Arvix. She gritted her teeth when she saw the movement again, her hands tightening into fists. "No," she strained. It was evident in her voice that she was struggling to remain unyielding to the command, and watching them hurt Lauren wasn't helping in the slightest.

Avrix grabbed M'Ganns chin and turned her face to force her to watch Lauren. "Again, and do not stop until M'Gann complies. Its your fault she is being harmed." he growled.

The internal conflict was evident in M'Gann's eyes, and she looked at Lauren with concerned worry. What could she do? She couldn’t just stand there and watch them hurt her, but she wouldn't dare tell Arvix what she was building. It didn't help that she was unable to fight back.

Lauren's eyes locked with M'Gann's her features softening if only for a moment seeing the conflict there, the worry that was there and the pain most of all. About to reassure her love despite the consequences Lauren's words were stolen from her as the pain stick was once again driven into her body, her nerves coming alight with pain. Her screams bouncing around the room as her eyes clenched tightly shut.

M'Gann winced when she heard Lauren cry out again, her knuckles starting to pale from her fists clenched. "Dammit Arvix, stop this!" She hissed, a hint of pleading in her voice.

"Only you can stop this." Arvix said. "How long will it take you to figure that out and do as I tell you?" he demanded. He made the motion again, and when she did not speak he turned to Lauren, "Ever heard of bamboo shoots pressed under the finger nail beds? I hear its is rather painful. It would be useful to study your pain threshold." he said. "Bring a monitoring kit and replicate me some bamboo shoots." he ordered.

The pain stick only just removed, Lauren was still trying to catch her breath as Arvix threatened her with his next set of tortures. They'd only been here for a few minutes so she doubted this was as bad as things could and would get. Knowing she had to resist, not just for her sake but M'Gann's, the woman was terrified by what he was planning. Pain was one thing but physical...mutilation was quite another.

M'Gann could only watch in horror as the aide left to go get the items before turning her head toward Arvix. "Please... Arvix, let her go," she pleaded. "Do what you want to me, just don't do it to her, please! She has nothing to do with the prototype!"

"M'Gann no!" Lauren called out weakly. The woman had suffered enough, more than enough, and Lauren couldn't stand to see the woman she loved suffering for her.

Arvix turned his head with a bit of a menecing smile. He moved closer to the blue woman and patted her cheek. "Gooooood giiiiirl." he said as if she were just a pet. "A prototype of what?"

Damnit, his hand tricks must be working. She wasn't about to allow him to patronize her like that in front of the woman she loved. The blonde flinched her head away from his hand, and when it didn't go away she turned and sunk her teeth into his hand, biting as hard as she could with the strength she could muster.

His normal calm and commanding demeanor shifted as the pain registered. He yelped and ripped his hand away, looking at the bite. Anger flashed his eyes, "And you wonder why we treat you like an animal." he grabbed the pain stick and shoved it hard under her ribs and held it steady. He began to laugh when she screamed. He held it long enough to nearly cause her to pass out before he let up. He held the sparking end in her face, "Apologize," he said.

The pain came so suddenly that the scream felt forced out of her. M'Gann tried moving away from the stick, but she could only move so much and he was angry. When it finally stopped she slumped forward, the chains being the only thing holding her up, and she felt tears come to her eyes as the pain dissipated torturously slow. "Don't tease the animal if you don't want to get bitten by it," she hissed at him.

Watching everything unfold before her, Lauren couldn't quite believe her eyes. Not only had M'Gann bitten the man but now she was goading him on. Struggling against her bonds, she wanted to break out and stop Arvix from hurting M'Gann anymore.

Arvix took a deep breath, calming himself before he purposely jammed the stick in her side again. "It's your fault her training is failing." he accused Lauren. The aides arrived with the bamboo shoots and he finally pulled the stick from M'Ganns ribs.

"A prototype of what M'Gann? Last chance." he said as he picked up one of the shoots while the aides forced Laurens hand in to a secure position. "Do you care for her more than you care for your secrets? Tell me! Now!" he made the signal again.

M'Gann let out an audible gasp when the stick was removed from her side, the pain forcing tears from her eyes. She saw what was about to happen to Lauren and clenched her eyes shut. "A wormhole to cross dimensions, please STOP!!!!!!" she cried. He had managed to push her to her breaking point. Again. She hung her head, her form lightly shaking as she tried hard not to cry. "Please... don't hurt her..." she begged, her voice cracking.

Arvix smirked, "There there my dear." he cooed. "You could have prevented this had you obeyed me from the start. Take that a lesson." he instructed. A wormhole to cross dimensions, how interesting. "This would take you back where you came from?" he asked with narrowed eyes. "Where more of your toxic blooded kind are?""

The blonde's nod felt like it was forced out of her, as if her head were bobbing on a string. She couldn’t look at Lauren, knowing that she'd disapprove of her sharing the details of the prototype with the man who treated her like she was a lab rat. But M'Gann couldn't bear to see her love in pain.

Lauren had been totally focused on the barbaric torture about to be inflicted upon her, she didn't even realize at first that M'Gann had told him. Really she had wanted to be looking at her, but with the shoot just millimeters from her flesh she couldn't drag her eyes away. That was until Arvix pulled it away just slightly, looking up in confusion she finally understood when she saw the woman's head hanging, her gaze purposely averted from Lauren's. "No...oh nono, M'Gann don't tell him anything! I can take it, don't...don't worry about me!"

"You can take it," she replied, still avoiding eye contact. "But I can't. I can't watch you get hurt because of me, Lauren. I-I just... I'm sorry..."

"I..." Lauren's words died in her throat as M'Gann apologized. "Don't be sorry, I don't blame you love..." Lauren felt so defeated and she certainly couldn't blame M'Gann. Had their positions been reversed she wouldn't have been able to stay silent either.

"How touching." Arvix said, "M'Gann we will speak again, you'll share with me your work." he said. "This is not debatable, or Lauren, the animal lover... will pay the price." he said. With that he turned to his tablet to take some notes on the effect of all this had on M'Ganns mental state.

That made M'Gann clench her teeth. "Don't you dare talk about her like that!" She hissed at him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Simoga simply raise his hand, and when it registered that he had the remote in his hand she flinched, an apology squeaking out to prevent him from using it.

"Atta girl." Arvix commented.



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