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Fathers Falcon

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2016 @ 4:30pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Shattered

Mercia jerked against the restrains, “Stop Frost, Stop.” she begged. She had no desire to remember the next memory, especially now that it had become clearer.

“Hush.” Frost ordered and began the next memory with glee.

As the scene played out in front of Mercia she whimpered. Three months after realizing what she was striving to become she’d had to pass her final trial. She was so young. Too young. It sicked her even now to think that this had been her life. Why hadn’t she killed herself to be done with it?

Her target had been one of the stronger and eldest of Fathers street rats. He was a handsome young man with a little too much pride. Mercia entered back into his world with her new persona and it shocked him. Despite his pride, he’d protected her, saving her live a number of times. It took her a week to seduce him, without raising suspicion he was a target.

Her heart had hammered as she convinced him to indulge in her, lying about her age, telling him she’d lied before and she was far older than she’d made herself out to be. As he did was he pleased with her Mercia was distracted by the fact she had to kill him as soon as it was over….

Remembering the look on his face, the intensity of his eyes was visit to Mercia, even now as an adult. She didn’t want to kill him. But if she did not Father would flunk her, and cast her out on the streets, and put a target on her head. He enjoyed the hunt of a failed trainee.

When the moment in the memory came Mercia began to scream and convulse on the table, trying with all her might to escape the reality that Frost was making her relive, beyond just seeing it, she was feeling every physical part of it due to Frosts test technology.

Mercia sat on the edge of the bed, the boys head tipped upside down off the edge of it, his eyes glazed and lifeless. Mercia had killed in a fight, and she’d killed holograms, but to target a real human being, and one she knew, liked, and owed… She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror across the way. Tears ran down her cheeks and she covered her face with her hands.

The door opened and Father entered. Mercia sniffed and stood up quickly feeling afraid and ashmed. She slapped at her cheeks to pull the tears away as she looked at the floor.

The older man was silent as he walked in, His fingers dropped to the boys throat and remained there for a moment, he grunted, then put his hand behind Mercia’s back and urged her to a chair in the room where she’d face the body.

She stumbled towards the chair and sat down slowly, shaking, unable to look up at Father.

“You did well little Falcon.” he said gruffly.

Mercias head shot up to look at him, he called her a Falcon. Did that mean she passed the test and was risen in rank.

Father stuffed his hands in his pockets, “You lied, you cheated, you used your trained skills to compromise a youth and followed orders.” he said. “You have passed this trial, and I couldn't be prouder.” he said gently.

Mercias mouth opened a little before her eyes shifted to his face, then back at the floor, not certain if she was proud of herself or not. Her loyalty felt torn.

“It was difficult? Tell me about it.” Father said rolling the body to the floor and then searching the sheets until he found particular red marks. Once he saw them he tossed the sheet aside and sat on the edge of the bed looking satisfied. “Speak girl.”

Mercia drew in a shaking breath, “He was a friend. I owed him my life.”

“So why didn’t you spare him?” Father asked gruffly.

She licked her lips, “Because I didn’t want to die in his place. I was selfish.” she whispered.

Father just laughed, “It's not often I find a good Falcon who has strange senses of loyalty. Listen girl, the only person you owe anything to is me. No one dies without my authority, even in the bunk houses among the riff raff that grow up there.” he said. He got up and knelt in front of her and took her chin, “Oh you have such a sweet face,” he said gently. “It's me you owe your loyalty to Mercia, never let anything shake your conviction that it is I who found you, I who saved you, I who sheltered and educated you. I am giving you skills and privileges no other orphans on this planet have unless they are my orphans.” he said. “I am Father. I am everything. Do you believe that?”

Mercia met his eyes, before her own eyes flickered to the boys body. The man had power of life and death, and every word he spoke was true. He picked her out of the crowd when she was 5 and on the cold streets.

Father tugged her chin to draw back her eyes, “Mercia… are you loyal to me?” he asked gently, almost tenderly.

She let out a breath then nodded. A grin crossed Fathers face and he leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Good girl, then you will have no problem obeying any of my orders. I won't abandon the obedient. You can take risks for me and win because you are an excellent fighter.”



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