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New mobile home

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2016 @ 11:45pm by Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: various
Timeline: current


Materializing aboard the USS Gladiator, Sean Patrick Byrnes gave a grin to the Ops officer at the console. "Hiya. Permission to come aboard?"

"Granted, Lieutenant. Please step forward for the Security scan."

Shack did as requested, letting them check over his transfer orders and confirming who he was. Not too shabby, he thought, after being treated like so much cargo and having a freighter deliver him to his new mobile home. Once cleared another Ops officer came into the transporter room, this one easy on the eyes as a little brunette woman.

"Come with me, Sir. I have your cabin assignment."

"Lead the way," replied Byrnes, casually and easily, not too ashamed to take glances at the backside of this woman as she led him throguh the ship.

The female ensign slowed a bit, to get beside him. "Are you familiar with the Sovereign class, Sir?"

"Nope," said Shack. "My first time on one, ever." He gave a smile.

"But..." The ensign tapped keys on a PADD. "I swear I read somewhere you were at Planetia. And you never got to work on a Sovereign?"

Shack chuckled, then wagged his eyebrows. "We still talking about ships, hon?"

The woman turned a bit pink in the cheeks. "Yes, Sir. We are."

"Relax, darlin'." said Shack. "Yes, I have been on Sovereigns, and about a hundred other ships in my day. Sorry for my attitude, laughter is good medicine." He then needed to ask. "What about my belongings?"

"They'll be transported over to your cabin," explained the ensign. "As for the conversation, just took me by surprise, Sir. Not everyone is so..casual."

"Had to learn the hard way, did ya?" Byrnes glanced over at her.

"You could say that, yeah." She kept walking, and left it at that.

"Hey," Sean reached out a hand, shaking hers. "Sean Patrick Byrnes. Friends call me Shack."

The ensign returned the handshake. "Nice to meet you, Sean. Shack? I'm afraid to ask." She giggled.

Byrnes chuckled along with her, raising a hand and wagging a finger. "No, no. Not what you think. John Patrick is usually cut down to Jack. Being Irish, one of my co-workers on Planetia took it to the next level, so Sean Patrick became Shack. It stuck." He gave a friendly backhand to her arm. "Hey, you got a name, or do I just start guessing?"

"Samantha Costigan." She slapped his arm back, smiling. "I go by Sam most days." They stopped in front of cabin doors down in the secondary hull. "Here ya go, Sir. Too bad you're an engineer, I think you'd be fun to work with."

Byrnes gave a nod. "I tried for something more, had apirations for Ops at one point, but that department didn't seem to need a leader, so I came here. My true calling. Are you an engineer at all?"

"I am. Matter-energy specialist. Aids in resource allocation in Operations."

"Come on in," invited Shack, waving her to follow as he stepped into his junior officer quarters. Shared bathroom space with a neighbor, but his own small bedroom and living room. Acceptable. In the middle of the main room floor was a pile of bags and two guitar cases, one foe an electric and one for an acoustic.

Costigan's eyes lit up when she saw them. "You play guitar? Epic! I play too, and also love the sax."

Byrnes laughed at her excitement. "Guitar, bass and drums, and I can sing too. But, what I like to hear is a bit off for most. Classic rock though, plenty of that to play when not cranking decibels."

"Nice." Costigan took a step back, toward the door. "I should get going. Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Byrnes. Maybe I'll see Shack later?"

"That's the rumor," remarked Shack, smiling and giving a wink. "Look for me at the local watering hole later this evening." She said she would, then departed. Byrnes turned to look at the pile of mess in his main room, sighed, and started to unpack.



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By Commander Mercia Kavi on Tue Jul 26th, 2016 @ 6:47am

Great opening post! Welcome!