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Delivery to Paradise

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Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Memphis Island Hospital
Timeline: Before the Mission to the Island

Simply put Helena was in love with Memphis Island; the main Island of Kaleb III. The largest populated center of the colony Mi was beautiful and the capitol Summerset City was was truly a hidden gem on the edge of Federation space. Of course she loved her current assignment too, Deep Space Seven was impressive and a great place for a young Doctor to make her bones. But this rotation down to the planet they orbited was truly a treat; she owed Doctor Cadwell a big thank you when she got back. Not that she felt like she was in any kind of rush, working at MIH was amazing. It was so different than the kind or work she'd experienced aboard the station or the Democraties. Even though DS7 had a large civilian population as well, Helena hadn't been assigned to one of the civilian hospitals yet so far she was actually enjoying the experience.

At first she honestly thought it would be tedious. There was no way civilians could get up to the same kind of...hijinx that Starfleet personnel seemed to get up to. Boy had her MIH colleagues set her straight so far it had been quite the adventure. Especially when two officers had discovered that boy washed up on the beach. That had caused quite the stir among the relief. Helena had been lucky enough to be one of the staff to examine him, being on your residency rotation certainly had its advantages. It had been incredible a seemingly indigenous boy found on a planet that wasn't supposed to have anything but animal life. Helena knew that when Asami heard about it she was gonna flip.

But that would have to wait, the boy had been signed out by a group of officers from Gladiator and that had meant it was time to go back to work. It had been an especially nice day out so they'd been inundated by severe sunburns, heat stroke and several 'jellyfish' stings; all apparently regular occurrences by MH standards, and on the light side for a normal sunny day. A sunny day that Helena was eager to enjoy, she'd heard about this great little bay just down the coast from Summerset. Marble Rock Bay sounded magical, clear waters, wide sandy beach and a little stationary bar Cafe Castaway, the only structure for miles around. She couldn't wait for her chance to lie out on the sand and soak up some sun with the coolest fruitiest drink she could get.

Candy materialized in the lobby of the glimmering Memphis Island Hospital, carrying a case filled with medications the ER had run out of. They were class 4 narcotics so they couldn't be replicated and the next scheduled supply delivery was a month away so Borden sent Candy down with the Gladiator's excess. She looked around. After having spent her entire career in facilities encased in steel this was amazing. All of the glass allowed for views of the tropical surroundings and clear blue sunlit sky. She imagined it was equally impressive at night. She spotted the information desk and walked over to it. "Hello. Can you tell me where the Emergency Department is?" she asked.

The young woman behind the counter pressed a button and the counter top became a diagram of the hospital. She used her finger to show Candy the way.

"Thank you," Candy said. A few minutes later she stepped across the threshold of the Emergency Department waiting room and walked up to the triage desk. "I'm Dr. Quinn from the Gladiator," she said, raising the case. "I have a delivery for the D.O.C.," she added.

"That would be Dr. Indrani," the nurse said, and tapped the comlink on her desk. "Dr. Indrani to the Triage desk, please." she paged, then went back to what she had been doing.

Candy stepped away from the desk and waited.

Brought out of her reverie by the announcement, Helena shook her head a couple of times to pull her thoughts back to the present, instead of being focused on a sandy beach. Triage desk, since there weren't alarms going off all over the place, she could assume that this wasn't an MCI or even an emergency. Her curiosity piqued Helena put a bit more spring in her step and headed for the main Triage station. Thankfully she wasn't far away and wouldn't need to cross the entire campus to reach it.

Entering the main lobby of the ED she quickly keyed in on a woman in a Starfleet Uniform waiting at the front desk. Because this was primarily a civilian hospital Starfleet personnel were in the minority and thus tended to stand out. Although Helena was positive this woman would have attracted attention regardless of the setting; tall, athletic, hair almost as dark as her own, but it was the woman's intense gaze that caught her off guard. Shaking herself off one more time, Helena walked up to the desk. "Doctor Helena Indrani, pleasure to meet you...Lieutenant. Was there something I could help you with?" She asked a welcoming smile on her face as she extended her hand to the woman.

Candy switched the case to her left hand and took Helena's hand, giving it a firm but friendly shake. "Dr. Quinn...Candy. From the Gladiator," she said. "Dr. Borden sent me down with some meds, your boss said your ER was out of," she lifted the case.

"Oh thank you, Doctor Lanteza has been trying for days to get a new supply of Medazapan." Helena said her smile getting even wider. Medazapan had proven itself especially effective at battling a nasty fever native to Kaleb III. The last 'outbreak' had cleaned out the last of the Hospital's supply and Deep Space Seven wasn't able to assist them; their stock being contaminated. It was going to take two weeks for the station to get more and MIH had been trying to find a supply just in case there was another wave of fever. "We've been more than a little concerned since out supply ran out."

"There's that and several narcotics," Candy said. As she followed Helena into the ER to take care of the 'hand off' she said, "I am really impressed by this facility. Makes me wish I had been assigned here rather than a ship."

"I can certainly understand that, the hospital is pretty great." Helena said over he shoulder as they headed for the pharmacy. "I'm actually assigned to DS7 Seven but I'm currently residency rotation. The facilities on the station may surpass the hospital in many ways, nothing quite beats coming to work and seeing this view everyday" MIH had been built on a piece of prime real estate in Summerset City, with a great view of the ever-growing city below and the bay beyond.

Once in the pharmacy office, Candy set the case on the desk and uncovered the built in fingerprint pad. She placed her index finger on the pad until the small indicator light turned green then stepped aside to allow Helena to follow suit so the case would open and Helena could take inventory. "Does DS7 have a large medical facility?" she asked.

"Mhm, two main ones actually, not to mention all the smaller satellite facilities scattered around in case of emergency." Helena replied as she followed Candy's lead, inputting her own fingerprint. Once the light turned green and the case snapped open, Helena began poking through the contents. The hospital's pharmacist would be better able to tell if this would be enough to cover their needs, but from what Helena could tell Gladiator had just saved their butts. "We've got a main Starfleet Sickbay, a small hospital in its own right; primarily for our personnel, but we handle civilian complaints if necessary. But those are primarily handled by our civilian counterpart."

Having completed the red tape of the transfer of possession of narcotics, Candy asked, "So how did you get lucky enough to pull duty down here?"

"Honestly I don't know. There are a bunch of us on our rotation but I'm only one of like three of us who got assigned here, most are at the civilian hospital on the station or assigned to the Galen." Helena actually had to think about that one, how had she gotten so lucky? "I guess I've kinda been in the thick of things since I arrived. There was the mission to Alinor, did a little surgery helping with Intel's mission, then there was the time a patient and I almost got abducted by slavers..." Helena trailed off at that last part, calling Sin a patient seemed kinda sterile, the El-Aurian had meant so much more to her than that. But considering how quickly things had ended Helena decided to distance herself.

Candy picked up on Helena's change in mood and placed a gentle hand on Helena's. "I'm sorry. That must have been terrifying," she said, comfortingly.

"It's okay" Helena said with a slight smile of appreciation. "It was terrifying, but I'm doing better, it was months ago. Honestly it all happened so fast it was hard to wrap my head around ya know?" She did have a nightmare creep in every once and awhile and certain times she'd hear steps that sounded like the crime boss who got away. But they were less frequent.

"Besides I gave as good as I got." Helena couldn't help but smirk; remembering the look on 'snaggletooth's face when she laid him out with her own cuffs. Meat head certainly hadn't been expecting that.

Candy was just about to change the subject by asking for a tour of the facility when her combadge tweeted.

=^=Dr. Quinn...we need you back on the Gladiator, STAT.=^=

Candy rolled her eyes. "So much for a break," she said, extending her hand. " was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe next time you can give me a tour of paradise," she added with a smile.

"Pleasure meeting you as well Candy," Helena said with a knowing smile, as she took the other woman's hand. "I hope you get back this way soon, who can resist the opportunity to give someone a tour of paradise?"

Candy shook Helena's hand, then tapped her combadge. "On my way," she said and left the pharmacy to find a more open area for beam out.

"Good luck out there!" Helena called after the woman with a little wave, before turning back to her work. It was too bad Candy couldn't stay but that was life in the fleet. Hopefully they'd cross paths down the road.



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