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The Undesierable Girl part 2

Posted on Wed Jul 27th, 2016 @ 9:55am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: The Undesireables

COnt from part 1

"Oh, yes!" Zeti exclaimed. "Finally, damn UT software."

Jonny stuttered as he tried to speak, struggling to do so. "I. I. i... h.h.h.. ear"

Taylor smiled at Jonny. "I hear you too."

Scott, slowly, approached the girl and squatted down in front of her, holding his hands up to show he was not going to harm her. He spoke softly and said, "can you understand me? You're hurt. I just want to help you."

The girl with yellow eyes turned and looked at the man who appeared in front of her, keeping her arm protected. "You... you speak our tongue? How??"

Scott glanced over his shoulder to see if everyone else was understanding the girl, then he looked back at her. In a soft, consoling tone of voice and a warm look in his eyes, he said, "it's very complicated but...yes...I understand you. And obviously, you understand me. I am a healer. May I see your hurt arm?" He slowly held out his hand to her...keeping his gaze soft and locked with hers.

The girl looked tentatively at his hand and back up at him, determining that he wasn't a bad Unfamiliar, and cautiously approached him until she was close enough for him to do his work. It was then that she stopped, glanced at him again, and then slowly extended her injured arm toward him. She was visibly tensed, prepared to run if need be, but the comforting tone of the man told her that it was alright.

From beside Scott, Lydia quietly observed. The young girl was clearly agitated and trying to defend herself, and is much as Whitlock wanted to nurture her and reassure her in her own way, she knew Scott would engender goodwill by treating her injuries. If she could trust him, that was.

"It's OK, sweetie," Scott said softly, smiling warmly as he inched closer...still squatting in front of her so as to appear the same height and less foreboding. "It looks like it hurts. I can make it stop if you let me," he said, still holding out his hands.

The girl stepped closer so that her arm was within his reach, looking him over with yellow eyes. "You are healer of clan?" she asked him.

Scott smiled and nodded. "Yes. I am one of them. We have several. Now...may I fix your arm?" he asked, moving closer and, gently, taking hold of the wrist of her injured arm. "This won't hurt. I promise," he said, taking a dermal regenerator out of his kit and moving it slowly over the wound. It only took a few seconds to close the wound. He let go of her arm and said, "see? That wasn't so bad...was it?"

Her yellow eyes stared at the device with wonder, her expression turning into one of surprise when it fixed her injury. When he let go she moved her arm and stared at it, turning it left and right to get a better view. "That... it fix. What else it fix?"

"M'Gann," Lixor said looking over towards the woman had been, "would you like to take a look at this thing?" He motioned towards the still unconscious cat, "never seen anything quite like this." For a moment he was puzzled as his voice lost enthusiasm and took on a more puzzled tone. The half Bolian looked around concerned for the superior.

"Commander Sverch'tel," he began in a louder voice, "where is she?" The blue man's eyes widened as the realization of what could be happening, "the damn gas we've got to find her!"

Sean Patrick Byrnes, affectionately known as Shack by friends and coworkers, had remained standing where he was while watching all around him turn to chaos. A giant, pissed off kitty, alien children with what appeared to be bad temperaments, and then Starfleet officers running off into the jungle hither and thither.

All of a sudden, there was a terrifying scream that came from the forest, followed by a, "no!!! Stay away from me!!!!!" The sound came from off the trail, and from a moderate distance away, as if the owner ran a short distance then stopped.

Julian took hold of Jonny's hand with the scream still echoing off of the jungle canopy and gave Taylor a look.

Mercia looked around quickly, "Where is m'Gann?!" she shouted. "Lizzy!!!" she said as she darted towards the screams.

The girl perked up at the shrill sound and looked around.

Scott stood up and moved closer to the girl, ready to protect her if something attacked them from the jungle.

When the scream sounded, Byrnes pulled his phaser and held it down along his thigh, thumb switching it to maximum thermal, and a bolt setting, not beam. Once it was set how he wanted it, he holstered the weapon again, squatting near to the stack of crew equipment.

Leaving the beast Lixor grabbed his phaser knowing the blonde had was either in trouble or at least her mind was telling her she was and headed off in the direction he thought the voice was coming from, "M'Gann, stay where you are. I'm coming."

Mercia flipped open her tricorder, "M'Gann?!" she cried out. Her tricorder made a negative sound and the irritation overcame Mercia and the chucked the device into the jungle before she followed at Lixor. "Winterstorm, Taylor! Keep a team with the group," she ordered.

"Oh, hell no," said Shack, watching the thrown tricorder arc through the air into the brush. "Watch my ass, I gotta get that tricorder!" He raised his voice to be heard, pulling his phaser again and going to where the tricorder had disappeared. Searching the ground, working through the undergrowth to try and find the electronic device. Every minute or so he would raise his head and make sure he was still alone and not being stalked by the big kitty's pride.

There was another scream, followed by the flapping of some birds, which helped provide direction. About forty feet from the group's location M'Gann's phasor rested on the ground as if it were dropped.

"Commander Sverch'te," Lixor shouted again hoping to find the woman.

He spotted the abandoned weapon and picked it up then glanced around again, "this isn't good." The blue man Looked to Mercia, "bread crumb trail?"

"Go," said Byrnes, waving Lixor to get going. "I'll hang back here at camp. Find them all!"

Lizzy burst out of the trees nearby, rubbing the back of her head as she carried a tricorder, "Hey! That wasn't funny. I got caught up and then someone tried to knock me out with this."

Mercia glanced back and realized she wasn't the only one who had gotten frustrated with their tricorder, "Yeah well your charge is missing!" she said with frustration, "M'Gann?" she called again.

Lizzy gulped and threw the tricorder away behind her again, "I'll go find her." With that, Lizzy turned and raced back, yelling out "M'Gann!!!"

She didn't know what she was seeing. Everything was going so well, then she felt like she wasn't safe anymore. There was a flash of movement which made M'Gann jump before starting in another direction. She had dropped her phasor at some point, but she couldn't go back. No, they were waiting for her. Her breathing was fast, coming in short pants as she felt the fear in her rising, and eventually, she stopped and turned in a circle. Around her, she heard taunting voices; some she recognized and others she didn't. Everything around her became a blur as she did another spin to try and find whatever she thought was chasing her before backing up against the trunk of a tree. Her whole body trembled, her eyes wide as they took in as much as they could.

"C-can't go back..." The blonde slid down onto the forest floor and wrapped her arms around her knees. She buried her face in between her arms and made herself as small as possible. "C-can't t-take me b-back there..."

The blue man searched moving ahead and using his tricorder, as unreliable as it was, to find the blonde. Then he found the woman mumbling something about not going back. He got closer and crouched down putting his device away.

"M'Gann," he said cautiously, "it's Lixor, you can stay here if you want but you're safe here. I won't let them hurt you."

His words were soft, something at one point would have been hard to imagine from him. Yet M'Gann had found a soft spot in his hardened exterior and now, right now she was more as a child than his superior.

The blonde yelped and started to move away from the voice until she recognized it, and when she finally looked up and opened her eyes she stared fearfully at the person in front of her. She blinked a couple times at the familiar face before running her hands through her hair. "T-the..." M'Gann was still quaking, her eyes wide as she made sure it was really them. When her eyes failed to deceive her, the blonde quickly leaned forward and hugged him as if he were a lifeline, her breath fast and panicked. "They k-killed th-them all over a-again and... and h-he was g-going to t-take me back..." She clenched her eyes shut as the hallucination replayed itself in her mind, clinging to the blue man.

Mercia caught up and knelt down. "M'Gann.. I knew this was too soon. Caldera you take her back to Memphis Island." Mercia said before she tapped her comm badge, "Kavi to Gladiator...." nothing. "Damn it." she was afraid of that. "M'Gann, Lizzy use your emergency transport beacons?"

M'Gann pulled away from Lixor as she forced herself to take deep breaths, and pressed the beacon on her hip to activate it. There was a moment's pause, then several, as nothing happened. "It isn't working..." she said with a hint of defeat in her voice.

She let out a frustrated grow, "Alright, M'Gann I'm going to need you to shape up here. No one is after you, but we need to get to a safe place. The order is gone, I promise." she said. "Remember? I'm alive and the order had killed me, If I'm here then I'm real and you're home right?"

M'Gann closed her eyes for a moment before nodding. "You're r-right..." she breathed. It occurred to her that it must've been the gas that did it, and focused on reminding herself that it wasn't real, it was just the gas messing with her head. "I-it was just s-so real..."

"I know, but it fades quick, its a short lived thing." Mercia said grateful for that, at the same time it was a fascinating hunting technique. She certainly wanted to look in to bottling that mist, it could be very useful. Of course her mind was always looking for weapons and tools to use to win in a fight.



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