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And it begins...

Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2016 @ 8:14am by Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: main engineering
Timeline: current


After getting his quarters squared away, Byrnes made his way to main engineering. When all his personal belongings had been stowed Byrnes had then sat down and read a little bit about the ship and crew. With some knowledge now in mind, he entered the main archway, seeing a small group of gold monkeys around the main, central console, or 'pool table' as engineers liked to affectionately call it. "Good day, y'all."

When he bellied up to the pool table he got looks from all of them, and he could see they were wondering who he was. "Can we help you, Lieutenant?" Asked a human male ensign.

"I am beyond help, Ensign," stated Shack, grinning. "I take it none of you read the dailies? I'm Lieutenant JG Sean Byrnes, ACEO. Go ahead, check the logs while I begin to see where we are in terms of keeping this boat afloat." Several of them began tapping their PADDs to check his information. Shack allowed them that luxury, tapping keys on the pool table to bring up ship schematics. That, in itself, should have told them he was allowed aboard, since outsiders were locked out of engineering for safety reasons.

"Got it, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard."

"Thanks," responded Shack. "Now that we all know I ain't the bad guy, but the undersheriff, we need to dig into systems and get the little things taken care of. Let's start with the EPS system and auxiliary power. Injectors, manifolds, inducers, displacers, you name it. Get ready to get sweaty."

The engineers around the pool table all nodded an acknowledgement and went to work. It was obvious Commander Zeti ran her engineers well, and they knew their duties, which was always refreshing. Planting his feet for the long haul, Shack kept right on working.



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