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the undesirable girl part 3

Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2016 @ 6:26pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: The Undesireables


Finding the tossed tricorder, and hooking it to his belt, Shack went back to the camp area. He heard a snort behind him just as he holstered his weapon and the footfalls of some heavy beast. Turning slowly around, head beating torso, he came to face a large horned beast. It was scaly, and the size of a small elephant, with horns that curved around its head like that of a ram. The good thing was the teeth he spotted, flat for grinding and chewing plant life, not meat. But, this one was on about something, probably his puny ass invading what it thought was its territory. "This can't be good," he said in a low tone to himself.

The beast raised its head and gave a roar, which did kinda sound like an elephant, and the snorting and stamping of the front feet were evidence it was going to charge unless he did something to deter that thought process. So, he did what came to mind. "Hey!" He yelled, pounding his chest and walking forward, standing as tall as possible to confront this animal. "You want some of this, come and get it, big boy!"

The Ramaphant, as he thought of it, snorted again and showed signs of ducking its head and charging. Then, out of the blue, as Shack yelled again, it turned and ran off through the jungle. "Uh huh! That's what I thought!"

A deep, rumbling growl came from behind Shack, so deep it sent chills up his spine. Once again he turned slowly to see what was behind him and faced off with another kitty. His breather mask suddenly misted up with quicker breaths. "Whoa, shit!" Taking off at a sprint Shack headed for a thicker bunch of trees, hoping to find some kind of cover before this feline-like monster turned him into bacon strips.


Mercia stood up while others helped M'Gann, she looked around before she lifted her finger and shushed those around her. The birds had gone quiet again. "Masks" she ordered before she finally heard what got her attention. Crashing through the trees, that wasn't a beast, no beat would risk making that much of a noise on the hunt. "Headcount!" she demanded.

The blue man was back to his full stature and shaking his head, "Lixor here." he replied half heartedly before putting his mask back in place. There really wasn't much he could do for M'Gann other than offer his support. He wasn't a doctor and he knew little in regards to mental healing.

The blonde felt a mask get pushed into her hands, and she didn’t hesitate to put it on. It took a moment because her hands were shaking, but she was able to get it into place over her mouth and nose. "M'Gann here," she responded. She took another deep breath before standing, using the tree she had leaned against as support, before looking around for Lizzy.


As he ran from the large feline, Shack spotted a low hanging branch on a tree that was growing at an angle up out of the ground, several trunks all bent like a ramp going up into the boughs. Running, hearing the animal coming behind him and roaring its excitement at pursuit, Shack pointed his phaser at the thinner branch, roughly as thick as his thigh, and fired into it twice. The shots were not perfect since he was running and firing from the hip, but they hit center mass on the bough and it split and shattered with the two shots, Byrnes ascending the ramp-like trunks.

There was the creaking sound of stressed wood, then snaps and cracks as the bough began to give in to the damage taken and its own weight in gravity. Looking back over his shoulder, seeing the feline reaching the base of the trunks and pursuing, Shack jumped down between two of the tree trunks, below, where the bough he had shot was going to crash down to the turf. As his feet hit the ground he did a tuck and shoulder roll, ending up on his belly beneath a tree trunk as the bough gave way with a loud crack-snap, effectively creating a barrier between himself and the beast. It was angry, shredding into the tree as it sought to uncover his little mouse hole. Belly crawling, Shack got further beneath the tree trunks, in the shadows, tapping his combadge. "Byrnes here. Can someone come and distract this damn cat!?"


"Again," Lixor muttered getting his tricorder ready.

"Stay here," he said looking over at M'Gann, "if that pesky feline comes around I want to know where you're at."

The blonde nodded her response. After the panic with the gas, she felt almost too glad to remain where she was.

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"Where is Doctor Stark?" she asked. She let out a swear, "You all need to stop wondering off! Stick together here. Winterstorm, Price, with me!" she said dashing towards the sounds.

Scott and the girl had taken cover behind a tree when all of the thrashing and screaming started. Hearing his name, he took the girl's hand and looked around the tree trunk. "We're here," he responded. Seeing M'Gann run off, he grumbled, "is everyone from the Gladiator nuts?" He was a doctor and not someone who ran towards danger. He felt the girl slip her hand out of his and he looked down as she scurried into the foliage and disappeared. Throwing his hands up in frustration he sulked off behind the others.

Price was starting to get unnerved by the chaos of the away mission. Marines weren't like this, but he followed orders and followed Mercia, thinking Not my circus, not my monkeys. His mask was slightly different than standard Starfleet design as it was geared for Marine combat. He had readouts, scrolling down his peripherals, personnel beacons, he knew were people around him were within several meters. He had his rifle out and charged up.

Mercia looked around and realized she'd misspoken, an engineer that was new to the group was the one who hadn't responded to the call. "The engineer, crap, Shack right? Let's go," she said to her team

The three of them ran for the sounds, weapons drawn and masks over their face, looking for their missing engineer.

Mercia heard the growl and yelling at the tree and the feline clawing and digging trying to get into whoever was hiding in there. Through the mask she could see the creature pouring out more of the mist, "Get ready to fire." she called to Price and Winterstorm. She took a knee and aimed her phaser aiming at the creature who was nearly covered in the mist now, and moving wildly, clawing at the tree.

Taylor went high while the Captain went low. He took partial protection behind a tree of sorts and aimed his weapon off his shoulder. He watched the creature move. "Call it, Captain." He said knowing he was ready.

"Fire," Mercia called. This cat was far larger than the one that had been after her, and it seemed it had hard scales on it. Clearly, the one that attacked her had been a youth. This was an adult, and this creature was terrifyingly big, and the scales made it look like a lion and a dragon had a cub and it grew into this monster.

Shack, seeing the creature exuding this mist, cursed under his breath. Digging in the right thigh pocket of his Starfleet BDU pants, Byrnes brought out his engineering goggles, placing them over his head and eyes, setting them comfortably. He had no clue what that mist may do to him, but being in the Operations Division, he knew that anything that resembled smoke needed to be treated as dangerous. Hearing the beast cry out in pain and anger, the phaser shots from up above heard distinctly, Shack rolled out onto his back. Looking up from below, leaves and foliage debris raining down toward him, Shack got a two-handed grip on his sidearm to aim better and let off successive shots into the underbelly of the animal.

It yowled in pain and anger, then fell to its side onto the damaged branch Shack had blasted earlier. The weight of the creature completely lying on it caused the bough to creak and snap, then begin to bend down towards Byrnes. Knowing it was too late to move he just rolled to his left side and curled into the fetal position, covering his head. The sounds of debris falling all around, roaring, and the snapping and cracking of wood drowned out everything else. Several larger pieces came down on Shack, causing him to bark in pain as they landed on him, but not large or heavy enough to crush anything.

He felt the ground vibrate, an impact tremor, his eyes tightly closed in a purely defensive stance. Shack felt and heard the debris diminishing, and no more roaring. Looking up from his side, he saw the large branch angled down, the beast lying at the bottom as it had rolled down it like a ramp, the smaller boughs on this branch acting as a surface. He watched the ribs of the animal as it lay on its side, breathing once, twice, and then nothing, its underbelly a mass of destroyed organs and flesh from his firing.

Mercia ran forward, the stench of burnt flesh and fur stinging her nose even tough the mask filtering out the mist. She grabbed ahold of the beast and started to pull hard as the creature fell down the semi ramp. She peered down inside, "Stark? Stark? Where are you?" she demanded reaching through the broken branches. "Gets get these off of him," she ordered the security officer and marine.

Taylor pushed his rifle over his shoulder and started lifted branches. He gave Mercia a glance as if to say a please wouldn't kill you or help me get these off him. Instead, it was just a muffled. "Yes, ma'am."

Scott ran up to the group, opening his med-kit. "I'm fine," the doctor said and began helping to remove the branches from the engineer. "Lieutenant... can you hear me? Are you alright?" he asked Byrnes as he knelt next to him and began scanning Shack with his bio-scanner.

Mercia pulled branches and shot Taylor a look wondering what bug was up his butt. In this jungle, nothing would surprise her anymore. The group managed to open up a large enough gap they could pull the man out if they had to, but they allowed the Doc to jump in after him. "Patch him up quick, If I need to get a team to get out of here before we move on I need to know quickly," she said hating having the team currently split in the jungle.

Byrnes rolled onto his bum, then sat up, brushing dust and debris from his face and body. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Just some bumps and bruises." Shack let the Doc do what he needed to, knowing that arguing with a Starfleet medical officer was far less successful than arguing with a raging bull. "Is it dead?" He thumbed to the cat, looking up at the party for an answer.

Scott looked at the animal and said, "yeah. Very." He closed his kit and got to his feet. Looking at Mercia he said, "the Lieutenant's fine."

Mercia nodded, "Good. let's get back to the team." she ordered, "Before this one's mate shows up to find out why it didn't bring home lunch." she commented motioning to the filled Dracat as she coming to call it.

After the Doc finished his exam and ministrations, Shack stood and brushed off the seat of his pants, going over to the beast. He squatted, placing his left hand on the torso of the animal. "I'm sorry. It was you or me, and I chose me. I cannot hate you for doing what came naturally." Making peace with himself and the spirit of the beast, Shack stood, holstered his weapon, and walked back towards camp with a heavy heart.



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