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A new path part 3

Posted on Sat Mar 29th, 2014 @ 8:24pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: Flashbacks

Mercia was sitting in a smaller holding room with a table in front of her. A cuff was around each wrist, her movements limited by the magnetic field around the table. She brushed her hair back wondering why she was here. She had already been in the medical wing and healed up from her fight. She smirked at the guard, watching her from the door. “Hey there sexy. I’m bored. want a good time?” she asked with a grin. He ignored her, as usual.

The door opened and an older man walked in with a tablet in hand. He nodded to the guard who left. Mercia smiled brightly at him, “Well hello there.” she purred.

“Ms. Kavi, I’m Grayson.” he said simply sitting down in the chair across from the table.

“You were at the fight.” she said. “Like what you saw Popps?” she said licking her lips.

Grayson chuckled, “You are very skilled Miss Kavi, but your directionless.” he said flatly.

“I can handle myself. And I’m way more than you can handle honey.” Mercia grinned.

“I’ve had enough of that talk young lady.” he said gruffly, standing up. “I’m going to tell about my program, and you are going to decide if you want a chance to make something of yourself, or if you want to keep playing these games, and live in this environment for the rest of your life…”

“Why the hell not? I’ve got friends here, a life I’m happy with.” Mercia laughed.

Grayson eyed her, “Some how I doubt that very much, “Your rehabilitation team says this about you. Rebellious.” he said and glanced up. “Wild. Killer…” as he said each thing she nodded and grinned wider. “You’re proud of these things?” he asked.

“Oh hell yes.” Mercia laughed, “Darling those things mean I am alive. I’m a vivacious, wild, wicked girl.” she grinned.

“Wicked you may be young lady, but I am no one to be trifled with. I’m offering you a chance to have a life, a job, and a career, to take a hold of your own destiny. Does that interest you?” he asked.

He had her attention, and after a moment she nodded. He tossed a tablet cooly on to the table so it slid towards her. “I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll expect your answer, we leave at noon, read up on the program and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” With that he turned and left the room.

Mercia was stunned, no one around here was like that. She hesitated a moment before pulling the tablet closer.

Later that night she sat on a rock with the tablet pulled close to her, reading it intently. The biggest part that was standing out to her was the education. She was forced to take classes here but they bored her, which caused her to see entertainment, which normally ended with her being punished, not that punishments from Admin here were anything to fear. They were laughable at best.

She looked down over the Common Hole it was a natural dip in the landscape beyond the living area. The island they resided on was large and the edges were well guarded. Escape wasn’t possible, so there were several areas where prisoners could go and do whatever they willed in the evenings. This was the one her crowd pretty much owned. They were rough, and daring, a completely wild.

She flinched when a girl with purple hair and cut off horns grabbed the tablet and started to read it.
“Hey! Give that back Dorica” Mercia warned her darkly.

“Or what Mercy?” the girl rolled her eyes at her, “With Project Refit you will find the grand opportunity to be trained by Stafleets best.” The girl yanked the tablet away as Mercia reached for it. She shoved Mercia back, “You’re going to sell out?” she taunted.

“What I do is my business Dorica, I will not warn you again.” Mercia stood her ground and held out her hand.

Dorica opened her mouth again when the tablet was plucked from her hands from behind her.

“Scram Dorica.” a deep voice said. When the girl tried to hold her ground the man stood toe to toe with her and looked down. “I said scram.” he growled.


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