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Medical Teams (part 1)

Posted on Mon Aug 8th, 2016 @ 1:36pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm
Edited on on Tue Aug 9th, 2016 @ 2:05pm

Mission: The Undesireables
Location: Memphis Island - Cave
Timeline: Current


When Mercia stepped around the corner, deep in the cave that Lisa and Jonny led them into, she felt the breath leave her. She looked down as the team gathered in behind her. Looking down a massive hall opened below, and hundreds of children moved and worked, stairs cut into the stone, leading to archways went to into other areas of the cavern.

"Who leads you?" Mercia asked Lisa as she'd been named, since the name she gave was garbled by the UT.

Lisa spoke their leader's name, which the UT had trouble translating, before pointing inside the cavern. "Her room this way."

"I'll need you to take me to them, Winterstorm, Taylor, Phelps, with me," she ordered. "Can you take my engineers to these systems you said were failing?" she asked.

Lisa nodded before asking Jonny if he could take the Unfamiliars to their leader.

Jonny nodded and took Mercias hand before pulling her down the stone stairs.

"Thank you... The rest of you... spread out and see if you can't do these kids some good, assess their needs. Zeti, we will need communication with Memphis Island, and a transport method through these rocks or just outside." she said knowing the minerals screwed with all. Zeti would have to figure it out. She followed after the kid knowing the teams would split as needed.

Scott walked into the cave and his mouth dropped as he took in the chamber below. There had to be, at least 50 children ranging from the age of 5 to 17. The older children seemed to be taking on the adult roles of leadership and...probably, parenting to the younger. In an open alcove off of the main chamber, one of the older females sat on a rock with several younger children gathered around her and Scott wondered if that was some sort of teaching situation....a school of sorts. "God in Heaven," he muttered.

Julian, who was becoming attached to Jonny had decided to shadow him and besides, he had reasoned the medical team, needed protecting, and who better to protect them, than the head of security.

Scott went to the top of the stone steps that led down into the main chamber but when he and the rest of the team appeared, the children let out cries of surprise and fear and scattered into various tunnels. Scott cleared his throat. "Ok...that went well," he said. He turned to Jonny and said, "Jonny....can you tell them we are here to help?"

The boy was able to convince the others that the Unfamiliars were here to help and the children began to emerge from their hiding places.

Walking into the cave behind Winterstorm and Stark, Teálati Tusalo stopped in her tracks; the raw fear of all the children at the team's sudden appearance was nearly overwhelming. When she got back to Gladiator, Teá wouldn't definitely be spending quite a bit of time re-centering herself. Her experiences on the island had already stretched her mental walls to their limits and seeing...feeling all those in need here... "Where do we even start?" The Betazoid wondered aloud, not really speaking to anyone in particular as she slung her rifle over her shoulder. Teá wouldn't need it here, her med pack, on the other hand, was probably in for quite a bit of use.

Scott glanced around at the growing numbers in the main chamber below. It would have been so easy to become overwhelmed but he took a deep breath and looked for a place to set up. Pointing to an alcove off to the side, he said, "we'll set up triage over there. Those tables can be cleared off and used as examining tables. We'll need all hands on board. Anyone with medical training." He looked at Tea and said, "you're in charge of triage." With that he headed down the steps and over to the alcove, where he began clearing off the tables in, what appeared to be, a dining area.

"Aye sir, we'll get it set up," Teálat said inclining her head toward the area Stark had pointed out, the rest of the medical team gathering their equipment and beginning to get to work. Honestly, looking around at the different physical conditions the children seemed to have, triage was going to be difficult, to say the least. It was imperative of course, but would be quite different than the kind of MCI that it was developed for. Hopefully, there wouldn't be too many life threatening conditions to deal with. Teá hated when patients were children.

The first patient to approach Tea was a young boy accompanied by an older female...possible teenager. "My brother...he does not walk well. Leg...bent since a baby," the girl said. "Can you fix? Not walking means not working. We must work or no eat."

"I'll do what I can sweetie, can you take a seat right here?" Teá asked the young boy as she pulled out her tricorder. It didn't take her betazoid senses to feel the pain in both of the children; physically from the boy and mentally from the girl. Scanning them both, Teá tried not to frown too much at the result. Both were severely malnourished, not surprising considering the conditions here..., The boy did have a birth defect, a malformed tib-fib and bad connection to the patella. Easily fixed in vitro but at his age, it would require surgery and some genetic modification to grow and strengthen the bone.

"So, we can help your brother," Teá said with a soft smile, making a note for the Doctors to take a look at the pair and for them to be put on a rehabilitator nutrition program. "But we can't do it here. The bone of his leg formed wrong and the Doctors will need to care for him to fix it. But we can make him better."

"If not here...where?" the girl asked, looking horrified. These children had never been out of the jungle...some not even the caves.

“We have a place called a hospital, it’s where we take those who are hurt or sick to get better,” Teá said smiling. It was going to be hard to explain how far they would have to go to get help, but they needed to figure out the way. Hopefully, the counselor was having better luck.

The girl looked confused as she hugged her brother, protectively.

Standing behind the girl and her deformed brother was a young girl, approximately 9 or 10, with a raspy productive cough and next to her was a boy in his early teens with a gangrenous laceration on his upper arm....the gangrene spreading down his arm to his hand.

With her first patients sorted, Teá moved to the next in the ever-growing queue. It wasn’t traditional triage but it was the best they could do. Looking over her next two she was already getting ideas about their diagnosis. The girl depending on how long she had the cough could have a form of bronchitis, not serious at this point but it was good they caught it early. It was the boy behind her she could tell was in real trouble, spotting the infected wound right off the bat. “Can you wait just a minute, while I look at this young man.” Scanning the boy’s arm, Teá breathed a sigh of relief that the gangrene hadn’t fully infected his blood. How he had gotten that lucky considering how far it had spread she didn’t know…

“Doctor Stark, I need you over here now,” Teálati said tapping her combadge while preparing an initial course of antibiotics. “Can you come sit over here for me, the Doctor will be here in just a sec.”

Scott gave a few instructions for setting up what equipment they had to the two Marine medics that had volunteered to help then he went over to Tea. "Whatcha got?" he asked with a big smile...mostly for the benefit of the children....then he saw the festering wound. Shaking his head he motioned for another volunteer to join them. "Find some water...preferably clean...and do your best to clean this wound. And get a temp on him."

He pulled Tea aside and said, quietly," that needs surgery. No dermal regenerator in the universe can heal that alone. He may even lose it." He looked at the growing line of children. "This is nuts," he said shaking his heads. "Where's Kavi?" he asked looking around for the Captain. Seeing her on the other side of the chamber he reached into his bag and brought out a hypospray and two vials of Metopharan and one vial of Sterilite. "Give him 5 CCs of the Metopharan for pain and the whole vial of Sterilite for infection. It's a little late but it can't hurt. Sling the arm. I'll be back," he said and handed Tea the medications then dashed across the chamber and caught Mercia just before she went inside a private alcove.

“I’ll do what I can,” Teá said, grasping the hypos tightly in her hands. Frankly, these would only be a stopgap on that arm. Even now that it’d been cleaned, Teá could see the infection was very far along. “Here I’m going to give you something that I hope we’ll help for now, but we’ll need to take further care of it.” She decided not to tell the boy he might lose it, Teá honestly wasn’t sure she could handle telling a child that right now. Not to mention it was only a possibility at the moment. Spirits how were they supposed to take care of all these kids, there was only a hand full of medics and a couple of Doctors here, all without equipment!


"Captain...a moment, please," he said, grabbing Mercia's arm to stop her. "Captain...we can't treat most of these kids here. They need to be seen in MIH," he said. "Some may need to be isolated for infection...some may even be contagious. Just from what I have seen in that line," he pointed to the line forming by the triage tables. "...are going to need surgery. And for those that we can treat, four field medics Tea and a couple of untrained volunteers are not even going to make a dent. We need reinforcements."

Mercia paused and looked over at the group of kids they'd already tried to figure out. "I know, comms won't work down here, so we can't call out just yet. The engineers are working on it, though. Do your best until we get them opened up. At least you can get them prioritized and take a list. I mean... it's going to take forever to get through all these kids, there's hundreds of them here."

Mel, still behind from her sudden transfer, was next to enter the cave, she had been told that there was a problem but somehow a majority of the detail had been left out of her rather rushed report. She'd managed to pack a basic med-kit and a few items before heading out. Looking around the room, it was clear that communication skills needed to increase.

Locating the Executive Officer Mel approached the gathered officers just in time to hear the words, contagious and infection. Two words that no medical personnel wanted to hear used in the same sentence; ever. "Captain," Mel spoke, "Who's heading up Medical down here," she asked, "and what's going on? I'm afraid my briefing was a little short on detail." Mel smiled has she realized she'd interrupted the conversation but she didn't have time for the normal pleasantries.

Scott looked at the new doctor a bit taken back by her rudeness. He held up his hands in mock surrender and stepped back. " all means, Doctor. We weren't discussing anything of importance. Go right ahead. My question can wait," he said, not trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

Mercia snapped her fingers and whistled between them, "Look Sally, I don't know what jungle bug crawled up your ass, and decided to make its home there... becoming a symbiont somewhere up in that noggin of yours, and cause you to become a territorial ball of sarcasm, but there are hundreds of children here who need help. So hows about we focus on catching our team members up and taking of what matters." With that, she turned to Mel, who she'd met once before.

"And you Sally number two, who is named Sally because I am too busy to come with another simulation's name that clearly doesn't belong to you. Glad to know you decided to finally join us, and good thing you made it through that hell that is a jungle out there with your security escort. Now that you're here, time to put on your big panties and look around you. Clearly, this place is crawling with sick kids, and you need more resources. We don't have em yet because if you hadn't noticed we can't transport anything in close, nor communicate out of the cave system here just yet. Engineering is working on that. Sally number one you and Sally number two can certainly help each other, or do you need me to babysit you to ensure you can work together without getting in a mean girl fight and rip each other's hair out?" Mercia asked looking between the two of them. Part of her really enjoyed that, but honestly, Mel should have known what was going on, and Scott had no reason to get all sarcastic. Either way, it was refreshing to let loose on someone again. She tipped her chin up and looked down her nose at the pair. "Any questions?" she asked smugly.

Scott scowled at Mercia. "Congratulations, Captain. You just sent Starfleet military protocols back to the dark ages," he said as he turned to Mel and said, "come on, Doctor. We're set up over there," and he headed back across the main chamber.

Mercia tipped her head looking a bit confused wondering how her being a bit sarcastic about the man being territorial was setting military protocols back to the dark ages. Once they left she turned back to her team and shrugged moving towards the leaders again.

"Can we focus on the real issue here?"Julian suggested.

"Tea is handling triage over there," Scott told Mel. "There were five corpsmen, Tea and myself on the team. I have combined the contents of everyone's medkits and set up treatment tables over here." Hearing a couple of children waiting to be triaged coughing he said, "several have productive coughs like that and they have me worried. We're obviously too late to isolate them from the others but none of our medkits have medication to treat them with."

Mel definitely felt behind the eight ball on this one, her standardized med-kit certainly not up to the task of treating each and every child. Reaching into her kit Mel pulled out her tricorder, "Let's get whatever we can out of this," she tossed the kit to the man, "I also want any extra item of clothing from all the staff down here. Belts, shirts, jackets whatever we can spare. Looks like we are going to have to go a little old school in bandages and splints," she turned to the man, "Doctor," she paused.

"I just realized don't know any of your names but we will assume they are not Sally," she cracked a rare smile."

Scott smiled and said, "I'm Scott Stark...Internal Medicine....on loan from MIH." He waved to Tea to join them. "Tea...come meet..," realizing she hadn't introduced herself he said, "Dr. Boss-lady," and smiled, teasingly.

Mel wasn't too big on the whole rank and file bit about Star Fleet, her rank was just a small piece of metal hanging from her collar nothing more. "Doctor Borden, or Mel I don't really care either way," she nodded to Tea.

"Yes ma'am, um Doctor..." No way was Teá going to call the CMO by her first name, she might not care about protocol but others did and with the enlisted, you needed that hierarchy to stay intact when dealing with officers. Medical always seemed to have the most of that, most Doctors weren't the follow protocol types; sometimes it was out of belief that it got in the way of care and others it was simple arrogance. "I've gone through almost a dozen different patients so far just on my own, many have long term care injuries and several are life threatening. The first child..."

"I don't have time to reexamine each child to get caught up, and if resources are limited with no outside help then we need to regroup," Mel commented, "gather the team over by the supply tables, just a brief meeting. I wanna know what we are finding. These kids might be our best hope too. They didn't live down here without learning basic first aid, medicine, or something; it's inherent for all cultures to survive."

Scott stuck his fingers in his mouth and whistled shrilly. When the other medics looked up he waved a circle in the air and the others began to gather around the supply tables. "So far we are seeing a lot of upper respiratory infections...most with productive rashes, mites, scabies, gangrenous wounds of varying degrees, soft tissue injuries, fractures...some I would guess are due to calcium deficiencies but without blood work it is just a guess, dental issues, ear infections...mostly due to lack of hygiene, birth defects, deformities from bones having been fractured and healed wrong, malnutrition and then there are the older children...those that have gone through puberty. I am positive we will find many gynecological issues. These children are scared....they don't trust us but they know they need help."

"This is a Medical Officer's nightmare and the key is to remain calm," Mel stated, "we need to gain their trust, even a little bit will help. Secondly our exams will only do so much, if we don't have the supplies to treat then they are basically worthless." She jerked a thumb to one of the gathered corpsman, "I want everything from the Away we can spare. Shirts, belts, jackets... anything that can be used to make a bandage, splint, or clean wounds. Modesty is no longer an issues; got it. Secondly if this is all we have, we're going to need some clean water or water we can sterilize," she pointed to the table of supplies. "See if any of the other children would be willing to show us. As I said these kids pick up on first aide as part of their survival, I would bet my life on it. People were practicing Medical long before tricorders, dermal regenerators, and hypos you are going to have to think dark ages here and then put it to use."

Mel looked over her shoulder to the rest of the team who were attempting to work on the non-medical issues, "no one does anything else without speaking to me or Doctor Stark first." She looked at Stark, "I am going to need your help here, I want you running point and coordinating the group teams. I will over see and liaison with the rest of the Away Teams." She didn't have Candy down here so Stark was the closest thing to an Assistant as they came. "Any questions?"

Scott was glad that someone who knew the difference between a bandaid and a 4x4 was taking over. He didn't care much for being the boss. "Not from me," he said and turned to Tea. "You seem to have gained a rapport with the youngster over there," he said, pointing to the boy with the deformed leg's sister. "See if you can get her to help round up some clean water. I hope they haven't been using the swamp water for drinking." He glanced at Mercia and then, out of the corner of his mouth, said, "good luck dealing with Miss Ice Queen." To two of the corpsmen he said, "handle the clothing requisitions. And find us some kind of blankets to string up fro privacy around the tables." With that he motioned for the only two medics left not busy and moved over to one of the empty tables. "Tea....send me patient number one," he said, grabbing the only bioscanner.

"Aye," Teálati said with a nod, moving off to find the two she'd talked to earlier. She was pretty sure that the little girl would stick with her brother until he was done being examined then she would be able to get her help. Hopefully it would give the girl something to keep her mind off worrying about her brother.

"The Miss Ice Princess hasn't met the Queen yet," Mel smirked, "but if she keeps up that attitude she will," the Doctor looked at the gather crew. "Go..." she ordered. "Patient One," she looked at Stark?

One of the corpsmen assigned to rounding up some sort of privacy curtains rushed back carrying several hides, a rope and a couple of the Away Team's security officers. Several minutes later they had fashioned poles from tree limbs and had erected some semblance of privacy around the two exam tables.

Three hours later Scott, looking like he had been in the OR for 24 hours straight, stepped out of one of the makeshift cubicles and rubbed the back of his neck. He glanced over at the children waiting to be triaged and they had managed to treat 25% and stabilize (until more permanent care could be provided) 35% of the over 300 children that had trusted them.

"Dr. Stark?" one of the medics called from the opening to a small alcove carved into the rock wall of the large cave. They had set up cots in the alcove for the children they want to isolate. "His fever is spiking," she said, pointing to the boy with the gangrenous arm. He was one of 6 that had similar injuries that had gone untreated for so long the children were now in jeopardy of losing their limb.

With a sigh of frustration Scott walked into the alcove and over to the bedside of the boy. "Hey, pal," he said, sitting on a log that was pretending to be a stool. "Not feeling to good, hmmm?" He looked at the medi-scanner the medic was holding and saw that the boy's fever was 106. He uncovered the boy's arm and fought the urge to grimace at the site of the blackened and rotting flesh. The smell, alone, was atrocious and the medic had to turn away to keep from gagging. Scott removed one of his pips from his collar and used the pin to stick the tip of the boy's finger. "Can you feel that?" he asked the boy, who shook his head. Scott stuck the pin into the black flesh on his wrist. "How about that?" But the boy shook his head. "Damn!" Scott growled, throwing his pip against the rock wall. Seeing the sudden scared look in the boy's eyes, Scott, quickly, softened his expression and said, "sorry, pal." He patted the boy's foot and got up. "Start wetting him down in cold water. See if we can bring that fever down. Or at least keep it from raising and destroying his brain," he told the medic. "I would sell my soul for some antibiotics. How's he doing keeping fluids down?"

"So far so good," the medic said.

"Good. We don't even have anything to make an IV out of if he stops being able to take in fluids by mouth," Scott said, looking around at the other children in the alcove. The boy was the worst but they were all critical.

"Any word about getting transportation to MIH?" the medic asked.

Scott shook his head. "No. But I'm getting to the point that I would carry them out on my back if I have to," he said. With that he walked out of the alcove to see that another child was being ushered into one of the exam cubicles.



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