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Science Team

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 9:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: The Undesireables

When Mercia stepped around the corner, deep in the cave that Lisa and Jonny led them into, she felt the breath leave her. She looked down as the team gathered in behind her. Looking down a massive hall opened below, and hundreds of children moved and worked, stairs cut into the stone, leading to archways went to into other areas of the cavern.

"Who leads you?" Mercia asked Lisa as she'd been named, since the name she gave was garbled by the UT.

Lisa spoke their leader's name, which the UT had trouble translating, before pointing inside the cavern. "Her room this way."

"I'll need you to take me to them, Winterstorm, Taylor, Phelps, with me," she ordered. "Can you take my engineers to these systems you said were failing?" she asked.

Lisa nodded before asking Jonny if he could take the Unfamiliars to their leader.

Jonny nodded and took Mercias hand before pulling her down the stone stairs.

"Thank you... The rest of you... spread out and see if you can't do these kids some good, assess their needs. Zeti, we will need communication with Memphis Island, and a transport method through these rocks or just outside." she said knowing the minerals screwed with all. Zeti would have to figure it out. She followed after the kid knowing the teams would split as needed.

Lizzy called out, "Maybe we could build a boat?"

Lixor had already been scanning the area and was rather puzzled by the readings. He shook his head as he performed the same scan for the second time, "Anyone else getting an extremely high reading of Gama radiation?"

His eyes fell on a peculiar rock and he walked towards it, "the amount of radium-226 in the column is very unusually high. I wonder if the presence of the isotope might be at least one of the reason for all the strange things going on?"

Lizzy had been watching M'Gann and heard him say, "Isn't that the stuff they used to paint glow in the dark watches with?"

"Sure," Lixor Replied still puzzled, "we'd have an enormous amount of watches to give off this much radiation."

Lizzy nodded and moved to the large medical kit which had been left with her. Opening it up, she sorted through for the right medicine and loaded the vial into a hypospray. Adjusting it for the right dosage, she put it to her neck and pressed the button.

Lizzy put her fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly to get everyone's attention around her before speaking, "Okay, since there is radiation, I am going to give anyone an anti-radiation & potassium iodide shot with to make sure. It doesn't have much of a side-effect and is standard procedure. And when we get back on the ship, everyone will need to get tested for exposure. If anyone starts puking, feeling nauseous, fatigue, fever, skin ty NPC's..reddening, dizziness, headache or sleepiness, I want to hear about it ASAP."

The blue man rolled his eyes as Lizzy whistled, she was cute, smart but what a hand full. He did his best to keep from laughing and then a question entered his mind, "do you hear a buzzing sound?"

M'Gann, who had been more of an observer, glanced at Lixor before turning to her tricorder. If she couldn't go back to the safety of her apartment, then she might as well try to help. "I hear it," she replied, "but the tricorder is having trouble locating the source because of the interference."

"So am I," the blue man said offering a smile to the blonde. He was glad she was at least trying to be her old self, 'do you think that something may be creating the the material giving of radiation?"

Lizzy moved to Lixor and gave him a shot, "It sounds a bit different to me then buzzing.. Like a little goat coughing. Maybe its my Betazoid half's genetics making it sound different."

She shrugged about the question, "I'm a counsellor and part-time med officer, not a scientist."

Walking over to M'Gann, Lizzy asked, "M'Gann, there is some medicine that you need to take to protect you from radiation. It would be best for a hypospray, but there is some tablets as well.. They can go in either end actually. Would it help if you do the spray or are the pills better?"

M'Gann paused, clearly displeased at the idea of taking anything from a med kit. "Um... whichever is fastest," she replied cautiously. It was another drug into her system to do Rassilon knows what.

Paula looked back at the others and walked over towards Lizzy, she said," looks like I'll take the shot," as she came to stop next to the medical officer, she finished," Give it to me Lizzy," as she waited for her friend to give her the hypospray injection.

Lizzy smiled, "Sure." Making sure it was ready, Lizzy gave Paula one and then went and made sure everyone had one.

She wasn't really sure what to do after that so Lizzy decided to just hover and follow through with the last thing she had been told.

It was about a minute before there was a plaintive cry that sounded sad and Lizzy's head wipped up. It came again and sounded quite different to earlier animal ones.

"We should probably check. It could draw in other bad stuff."

One of the security officers nodded, "Wait up, I'll come with you."

"Thanks. M'Gann, stay close to the security staff for a moment."

Heading into the jungle, Lizzy and the security officer made there way towards the sound and came out onto a clearing where there was a large dead giraffe-like creature. Lizzy gulped when she saw that its chest had been ripped out but then, the sound came again from the side.

Looking, she spotted a baby giraffe crying out, laying next to its mother which it nudged. The security officer groaned as Lizzy beamed and headed over.

"Lizzy. No.."

Holding the back of her hand, she smiled, "It's okay, just stay back. Here, little one."

The timid little giraffe made a cry and sniffed at Lizzy's hand cautiously before licking it. Lizzy giggled and after a few moments, she got out a vegetarian bar from her pouch, breaking a bit off, "Are you hungry?"

It seemed to like the smell as she held it out and ate it, "We can't leave him here. He's all alone."

The security officer face-palmed, "They are going to kill me if I let you bring that back. This is a dangerous situation."

"We have phasers, and he's a giraffe. Completely harmless. Unless you are branch."

The giraffe looked around and sniffed some leaves before biting some, chewing.

When Lizzy did a puppy-dog face, the security officer sighed, "Okay, but you take the brunt being a senior officer."

"Good, I order you to let me take Bobo with us."

The security officer gulped, "What?? You named it already?"

Getting up, Lizzy led Bobo using another vegetarian bar along back to the camp.

Entering, Lizzy smiled, "It's all safe."

Paula looked over at the Security officer that had gone with Lizzy and walked over to him and asked,"What in gods name did you let her bring this animal back here?" pointing to the giraffe that was following her, Paula asked,"Well, Ensign, I'm waiting?"

The ensign gulped, shrinking back a little, "Ma'am, she ordered me and it was all alone. Looks like some of those big cats killed its mother but left it. Lieutenant Commander Caldera also is rather hard to say no to when she uses emotional blackmail."

Paula replied," you do realize that I have to notify Lieutenant Winterstorm of this," looking back at the Security officer as she finished," And as you let her bring it back, you can help her look after it," as now she had to contact Julian about this and she knew he was not going to be happy about it.

"Well, Ensign since you helped her bring it here, you can now be it's Security detail," Paula stated knowing full well the implications of it being here, she kept her gaze upon the ensign as she finished," Dismissed,"

Lizzy led Bobo over and sat down, where she could begin fashioning a leash.

Lixor shook his head as he looked around the stone collumn towards Lizzy and her new four legged friend. He drew in a deep breath and continued his scans. Walking a few steps away he crouched down to examine something embedded in the natural stone formation. Nabohn furrowed his brow as he studied the rather peculiar object that appeared more industrial than naturally occurring.

"M'Gann could you come and look at this," the blue man asked, "I'm not sure what it is.'"

M'Gann turned when she heard her name and walked over to where Lixor was with his tricorder. Kneeling down next to him, she looked at the object that peeked out from the wall. She then looked at her tricorder and tried to make sense of the readings before looking back at the object. "Just by looking at it, I think it may be artificial, or at least not a natural occurrence in the formation."

"Agreed," Lixor said tilting his head slightly, "do you think that perhaps something artificial may be responsible for the radiation?"

"Maybe." It was evident that M'Gann's mind was elsewhere, or at least not fully focused on the mission at hand. The blonde glanced around, taking a close look at the children present before turning back to the object and staring at it silently. "But where is it coming from?" She asked aloud.

Lixor looked around letting his face settle into a puzzled expression, "this seems rather old and artificial, do you think that perhaps it been here so long it altered the evolution here?"

M'Gann looked at the object more closely. She was starting to dislike this place more and more, and wanted nothing more than to go back to her apartment. "It may have, or maybe this used to be some sort of ancient base. But in any case it's probably worth mentioning to Captain Kavi."



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