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a new path part 4

Posted on Sat Mar 29th, 2014 @ 8:27pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: flashback

“Scram Dorica.” a deep voice said. When the girl tried to hold her ground the man stood toe to toe with her and looked down. “I said scram.” he growled.

Mercia smirked at her as the blood drained from her face and she backed off. Dorica turned towards Mercia, “You wont have Brick to hide behind forever.” she hissed then disappeared.

“I don’t need Brick… Oh whatever.” Mercia waved her hand towards the retreating girl and the five who followed her.

Brick read over the tablet and arched her brows at Mercia. Brick ran this place, he was a lifer, a brutal assassin, who had no problems beating down any one who stood in his way. Mercia got along swimmingly with him. “So what is this Mercy?” he asked tossing the tablet back at her.

“Some stuff shirt old Admiral saw me fighting Marcus today…” she started.

Brick sat down next to her, “Heard he’s going to be in the infirmary for two days. Good job.” he praised her.

Mercia grinned widely, eating up his praise. “Yeah he crossed the line.” she shrugged.

“So an Admiral saw you?” he urged.

She nodded looking over the crowd of misfits gathered here, many of them sparing, others playing games, some talking. A few others were daring each other to do more and more dangerous things, a few others were actually brawling. As pretty as the Federation made the penal colony to be, there were still places like this, and Mercia knew that would never change. Brick had people to keep the actual fighting to a minimum, so long as he controlled it the guards didn’t come here, even though they had frequent fly over observation drones, always buzzing around keeping an eye on things.

“Yeah, guess he liked what he saw, after they cleaned me up they stuck me in a private visitors room and he gave me this. Told me he’d give me the chance to make something of myself.” she said with some hollowness. She snorted, “Like I need Starfleet to make something of myself.” she laughed cynically.

Brick turned to face her, “You listen to me girl. Think long and hard about this.” he said tapping the tablet. “StarFleet ain't all that bad, and you have skills they can use. You keep your nose clean and I’m willing to bet this Admiral is on the level.” he said. “I heard about Project Refit.” he said. “Just before you got here three kids from the Hole joined up. Only one of them is back, the other two, according to messages they sent friends here are moving on to career training.” he said.

“Once I get out of here I’m going to…” Mercia started.

“What? Steal? Find a job where you have to beat the shit out of people just to ensure you’re getting paid? And that includes your co workers? Kill? Girl I know you can kill.” he said darkly. “But you don’t want my life.”

“Oh now you’re going to tell me the rehabilitation people got to you.” she rolled her eyes.

Brick laughed, “Hell no. But I killed for a job and because that was what I knew, that was what was offered to me, my only choice.” He leaned a bit closer, “You can’t look me in the eye and tell me you enjoy being a killer.” he said his face inches from hers, his big hand on the wall just behind her shoulder.

Mercia took a deep breath, not liking how close Brick was to her.

“Well do you Mercy? Do you enjoy being a killer?” he asked.

She broke eye contact and she shook her head, “I'll be what I have to be.”

Brick grunted and grasped her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Then be more than a two bit killer, who will end up in a whore house someones play thing before long.” he said. “You’d never survive in the real world missy. You might act tough and you might be well trained, but you barely have a shot at being a successful assassin. Let alone living.” he said forcing her to meet his eyes.

The scars across his face and tattoos to match bore into Mercias mind. Her heart pounded, as she rocked between the urge to deck him and the instinct to submit to a powerful force she respected.

“Use your skills for something that will make you better Mercy. Because if you don’t, you’ll be dead with in six months of getting out of here.” he said. “And thats if you’re lucky. If you’re not then you’ll be nothing more than your mother.”

“I’m better than that.” she countered.

Brick shook his head smirking at her. “You might think so, but I know better.” he grunted. “Take the offer.” With that he pulled back and let her go, leaving her still pressed against the wall, and strolled off into the crowd, everyone making room for him.

Mercia closed her eyes and took a deep breath willing her heart to slow down before she picked up the tablet she had dropped and brushed it off. She rubbed her chin roughly, glaring towards the direction Brick had disappeared in.


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