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Sun Set

Posted on Thu Aug 18th, 2016 @ 5:28pm by David Hawkins

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Captain Harrison's Cabin - Memphis Island

Neil smiled and waved as Adira took off for her meeting. Turning his attention to the small deck off the back of the house he took a seat in a lounge chair as he looked out over the ocean. His guest would be here soon and he was glad that the Commodore waiting until Adira left. The last thing he needed was to explain that.

"Your early," Neil stated as he heard the gate latch open.

"Well, it's not like I have anything going on at the moment," Commodore David Hawkins stated as he walked up and held a bottle in his hands. He looked out over the setting sun that allowed its rays to dance across the surface of the large body of water. The view was filled with the dancing waves as the sun slowly started to disappear in the distance. "I see you are settling into your new home planet side."

"Temporary," he stated. "I came down here with someone, who happened to rent this place. Wonder if they would sell it to the Captain of the orbiting station?"

"Well rank does have its privileges. Though I'm not one to really care much about rank, just the perks from time to time," he shrugged back at Neil before handing the man the bottle. "Rum, from my private stash."

"Sure," he stated, "So," he paused, "You called this meetings, let's have it?" He knew Hawkins to be a laid back man and perhaps this was just a get together, but considering he was currently disobeying orders from Star Fleet to report to Earth a part of him wondered if the Commodore was here officially, or unofficially?

"I just wanted to check up on ya and see how you were doing," David admitted as he shrugged as he took a seat and an empty glass. He poured both of them a glass and relaxed as he leaned back.

Neil took the glass, and noted the lack of a uniform and the drink; clearly this was an informal meeting.

"Well I was concerned for you and your crew, but I needed to see how you did before I tried pulling any strings," the off duty commodore stated as he took a sip of his drink. "I'm glad it turned out well, and I know Star Fleet won't be happy that you delayed your return to Earth."

Neil coughs a laugh out, clearly an understatement.

"How are you getting back to Earth?"

"I don't know yet," he stated, "But if we are going to be honest with each other, David," he used his first name. "I am not sure I am going back to Earth, not yet at least." He sipped the liquid, "Something is going on here, and I don't know who I can trust back there."

He sipped the drink again, "I may not have the evidence yet but someone I suspect high up in the Federation is doing something that they don't want the rest to know about." He twirled the glass in his hand, "Someone doesn't attempt to off an Admiral, hire a civilian crew to take that Admiral to Romulus, and then try to cover their tracks without a hidden motive."

Neil wasn't sure what the Commodore knew, or how much of his report the man had read. So he hoped this didn't come off as too much of a surprise. Neil's official report stated that Commodore McCauley was behind it all, but that report was forced not entirely voluntary. It was a sticky situation and one he was getting tired of lying to all the parties. His lies were getting hard to keep track of.

"What? No it happens all the time!" David countered with sarcasm in his voice. Before rolling his eyes and sighing before leaning back and pondering the proper words to say. "For years, I have had issues with leadership. Supervision have all been two different type, for themselves and for their people. If they are for their people, though, which people are they for? It’s very distasteful if you ask me. Hence why I was blamed for the whole actions almost 2 years ago. They wanted to blame me for all the deaths but it turned out that COIL had a lot of helping hands in Starfleet. Now leadership question me and watch me because they know I have no problem standing in front of them and forcing a subject or two. Rank means nothing when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your people."

"Definitely not the Star Fleet you dream about as a child," Neil commented sipping his water, "As you look out at the stars at night." Neil liked his job, but he was slowly learning that things were not as shiny and clean as he had once thought.

"Over the years, you learn to make it what you want it to. It has its own awards, but helping others seems to be much more awarding," David shrugged as he watched before them the sun hit the edge of the horizon. Within moments, the sky lit up in flames that made it another breathtaking view over the planet. "And then from time to time, you get to be blessed with places like this that make resting up for the next round easier... If that makes since."

"If I had more access to this place," Neil grinned, "I think that would make sense. I might have to borrow this and set up something on the holodeck, even the Residential Quarters in the Arboretum aren't this nice."

The only response David could muster was a chuckle and a nod. "Very well. Consider it done. But remember, you owe me. I may need to borrow your star base some time."

"Current surrounds might have to wait," he joked, "I already have enough Flag Officers on my station I don't need to willing give access to another one."

"Your loss but don't worry, it is only myself and Admiral Grayson... and Romulan officials... never mind...." the Commodore smirked as he watched the ocean before them before looking at the new comrade. "So how are you going to handle the situation with Starfleet Headquarters?"

"At the moment I have no idea," Neil admitted, "I can't ignore them forever but I am hoping to gather a bit more information before I am asked more sternly to go back to Earth. I can hold them off for as long as possible, I have people working on it they just need time."

"And what are you hoping to find?" David asked as he looked at the man.

"You want honesty," Neil replied, "I really don't know. Clearly someone else has an agenda, I'd just like something to use before they pull the carpet out from under me."

He took in the thought and took another sip of his drink before nodding in agreement. "I have also been summoned to Earth to oversee a launch of a new starship. I could always join ya and have your back if ya need it," Hawkins offered as he leaned his head over to watch the crashing waves coming ashore."

"I suppose that could be arranged," Neil smirked. "But for now, I am here on vacation and if Adira catches me even remotely looking like I could possibly in some plan of existence be working... well I screwed," he looked to the Commodore and then to the clock on the well, "So get out!"

Neil watched as the Commodore finished his drink, mentioning something about a meeting with someone that he didn't really want to do. Neil just laughed, "Benefits of being in the Brass, aye?"

Hawkins merely laughed and with a few pleasantries headed off to his next meeting.

Neil sighed, perhaps he'd misjudged the man when they first met. He looked around the porch and knew that he had to seriously get this place in shape before Adira arrived. The thing he needed was her realizing he had a work related meeting, while on vacation.


Commodore David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


Captain Cornelius Harrison
Commanding Officer
Deep Space 7 (Starbase Phoenix)


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